Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Off With Your Pants

This Summer, I think I understood something about summertime and its meaning which I haven't understood before. And it is so simple! It tickles me how simple it actually is!
Summer is meant to be for REST. For relaxation. For having fun. For not doing much. For taking it easy. For enjoying ourselves. For silliness. For ice-cream. For sweating on the beach, only to dive into cool water after it (if your water is warm, that's fine too! dive right in!). You don't swim? Go fishing, go sailing, go exploring - just go! And then repeat! Silliness, sweating, ice-cream, diving, fishing etc. Right until Fall. Summer is not meant to be serious. I know, I know! I only turned 41 when I understood it! I am practically a genius!

I finally understand that heat is actually great! Just don't try to miserably stay at home - get out! Be smart, drink water, find shade in which to hide, but please get out to the woods, make a camp fire, make s'mores or whatever makes you happy (shashlik for most Russians), get to a pool if you dislike swimming in sea or lakes, but feel it - feel the heat, feel the sweat, feel the oh so desirable chill from diving into water, get your feet dirty, forget about make-up, forget about all your worries (but don't forget sunscreen) - the sun will energize you for long winter months to come. And they will come, you betcha! With all the winds, and rains, and snow, and clouds, and layers of clothes.

After I gained weight, I started wearing pants in Summer. I don't know what got into me for a few years. Maybe I was afraid of chafing (using deodorant now the same way as I use it underarms - no problems so far), or maybe I just did not feel pretty, or maybe I just did not feel deserving, who knows what I did not feel. Pants are so miserable in hot weather. Off with the pants! A shirt will do nicely. Especially if it is a linen or cotton, or linen/cotton mix shirt dress like the one I found at Goodwill (a couple of them, $5.99 each). It's so easy and comfortable, and I styled it in a few different ways (and even with pants when the weather was a bit cooler), but this time I wanted to fancy it up a bit with a mixed metal necklace from Chico's (at $12 it felt like a bargain) and a silver bracelet from a Turkish shop.

I kinda look like a career girl here a bit, don't I? 
I am actually nothing of the sort. 

Truly yours,
Beach Bum, present and correct!

Point No Point Light (1880) - the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound

The US Lighthouse Society Headquarters - Point No Point, Hansville, WA 

Tell me - what is your favorite memory of this Summer so far? Have you dared to do something you've never done before? :)

Shirt dress - Lands' End (via Goodwill)
Shoes - Born via Nordstrom Rack
Clutch - Urban Expressions via TJ MAXX
Necklace and earrings - Chico's
Bracelet - via Turkish shop
Swimwear - Chico's and Crocs


  1. tiger-lily at the beach! wow! you look fabulous in a swimsuit!
    and your shirt dress is perfect, like you say it can be dressed up or down. your up-dressed version here is trés chic!
    love your beach/sea pics and the snow on the mountain. one more reason to visit you and your area. snow in summer is the best thing ever! :-)
    nicest memory this summer until yet: a gorgeous sunday at the homestead of a friend where a little fair was going on, we had very nice company, all girls dressed in colorful dresses (not usual around here), yummy food and drinks, pretty things to admire...... and it was hot!!! but we sat in the shade of an old sandstone wall, or walked under trees :-)
    enjoy the summer my dear!!!!!!

    1. Snow year-round on those tall mountains of ours! It's waiting for you! :)

      I noticed this year sooooo many girls and women wear dresses - I am amazed! Dresses are back!

  2. Goodness me, that photo of you in a swimsuit has made my day, you look incredibly gorgeous and to think you used to make yourself miserable in trousers.
    Love your cool shirt dress and those fabulous sandals.
    Funnily enough Jon and I were walking back from town this morning saying how easy it is to take our Summer for granted, to not worry about taking a jacket or carrying an umbrella.When the weather's glorious you lose sight of those long, dark days.
    Long may bare feet, no makeup, that delicious feeling of a sheen of sweat caressing my back. I just need your beach and it will all be perfect! xxx

    1. There will be plenty of time for jackets and brollies - you and Jon are so right about it! Winter always comes, there was no exception so far. It feels great to really enjoy what we have right now. :) Thank you for your words, Vix - they are much needed and appreciated! :)

  3. Natalia, I love this post and your spirit. You are a beautiful woman! What I love about summer...EVERYTHING!! My most fondest memories are in summer and they're all centered around fun with my family. I suppose I can share last year when we took our first cruise ever. We went to Mexico and it was awesome. I remember when we first docked in Mexico and we had to pose with a Parrot on our shoulders. The bird was fine with my hubby and sons, but with me, he sensed my fear, and turned to look at me. I thought he was going to poke my eye out. The photo is hysterical.
    I hope you're enjoying yourself. Your state looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Glenda! I'd love to see that parrot photo! :)

  4. Gorgeous! I love your animal print bathing suit and all these stimulating photos. Now you've got me inspired for a road trip, which I do have 3 coming up one weekend after the other. Canada, Idaho, and Ellensburg.
    I'm with you on the dress/skirt thing in the summer and I just discovered it really for the first time at 54! I mean, sensibly so, I've known that dresses could be cooler but I haven't really shopped much specifically for summer dresses, until now. And making some skirts helps too. I love your shirt dress!! I've been looking for one myself.

    1. Joni, believe it or not, I was thinking of you when I found this shirt dress in Seattle's Goodwill! I though that it's in your spirit (just like the tiered skirt with floral and vases print from the last post, I though, was very much in Sacramento's spirit - I always think of all of you guys these days :).

  5. Natalia! Bathing Beauty! You look amazing in your animal print costume, sexy and confident and fabulous! I must say, I can feel your passion and happiness radiating from this post, I know you are having a great summer, and have found the way to enjoy the heat and dress beautifully for it. Off with the pants indeed! A skirt or dress is so much cooler and prettier in warm weather, and yes, absolutely we should be making the most of it.
    These are wonderful photos of the coast, especially the lighthouse and the driftwood, just beautiful. And your shirt dress is perfect for keeping cool yet looking stylish - loving that Turkish bangle too.
    My favourite day of the holidays so far has been a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I haven't done a blog post about it yet, but I have plenty of photos, and it is one of my favourite places to visit. Xxxx

    1. Yay! Off with the pants and off with our complexes! We all are beautiful - just have to remember it! :) Can't wait for your post about that sculpture park, it sounds gorgeous!

  6. Cute shirt dress! But I m in love with your swim suit! Soo flattering. I need one like yours :)
    This summer for me is different, because we now live in Texas. It means that I need to adjust to new weather, culture, life style and so on. It's exciting, but at the same time it's stressful. I hope next year will be easier for me.
    Thank you for your post!

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  8. Look at you gorgeous girl! I love your bathing suit and you look stunning, beautiful and confident in it! Your summer attitude is just perfect and maybe we value best the lessons we learn that take the longest. As a teacher, with summer off, I used to really treasure the last three weeks of July and first week of August. I would spend the first week in a sort of coma and most of August I spent preparing for the new school year, but that month where I just enjoyed reading a book outside in the shade in my garden was heavenly. I am lucky that now, with so many windows, an ocean breeze and lovely views, even if I am housebound I can enjoy some of the loveliness of summer.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your summer and finding it renewing your spirit!

  9. That snow covered mountain in the Summer! We have barely that in Winter! Our Summers are too hot at 40 degrees, but still gloriously relaxing.
    But I also think Winter is a time for relaxing, but in a different setting. For fireplaces, knitting and playing board games with good warming food. Coming through the darkest days together in hibernation, and then rise again with the Sun :-) XO JJ

  10. You are gorgeous! your swimsuit pic is beautiful, love the pose too (I have just bought my first swimsuit in years the other week, I missed swimming) your dress is effortlessly cool and chic and perfect for the summer heat, pants? me neither, I find them a litle claustrophobic (a bit dramatic but true!!) - I loved this post Natalia, utterly inspiring and absolutely motivational, you are absolutely right about summer, Dave finishes work today, we will all be together for a whole month, the first time in years, we don't intend to waste any of this precious time!!! x x x

  11. Wonderful Natalia, you are beautiful inside out, I do hope I can hug you tight one day
    Tons of love.

  12. Фото серий дышит летная жизнерадость - я так мечтаю о летных каникул, о плаваниие и об этом всём...
    Мы проводим все лета в тишине в нашем садочке и никуда не пойдём. Мне так хочется на озеру, но это слишком далеко и никакой поезд или автобус идёт туда... если нету автомашиной, поедешь никуда... вот такая жизнь.
    Всё-таки люблю лето, конечно... люблю эти жаркие светлые дни и все летные краски...

  13. Off with the pants!!!!! You look amazing Natalia in that t-shirt dress and dang in your swimsuit you are smoking HOT! I love all the things you mentioned about summer! Watering my garden late in the evening, wearing nothing but a cotton dress, summer fruit, no make-up days, dirty bare feet, and finally a trip to the ocean where I can soak up the sun and the sound of the waves! I love crafting outside, feeling that sun on my skin. Where you live looks so beautiful, I promise to reach out to you and give you plenty notice when I head to WA. It will be so nice to meet you darling!

  14. Look at you all kinds of fabulous in your bathing suit! How confident and amazing you look!

    I have so many wonderful memories of summer. We have a hammock in our backyard and just kicking back in it, looking up at the sky and trees with my pug resting at my side is one of my favourite : )


  15. Lovely post Natalia, you look gorgeous xx

  16. Hi Natalia....your writing is brilliant! Thank you for the reminder that summer is truly our time to feel like kids again! I may have to go and dip my toes in our frigid waters, LOL. But we are lucky to have the most stunning scenery, and you've showcased the PNW beautifully with your photos! Lovely! And speaking of do look all kinds of fabulousness, both in your pale blue shirtdress and also in your va-va-voom maillot. (Swimsuit doesn't do you credit.) Gosh, you look radiant!

  17. First of all, I just LOVE this dress - so beautiful and perfect for summer in every way. I wish I could have a bit more free time in summer, though so far it's more about work than fun... x

  18. Present and correct. Indeed!
    Love the dress , and I agree, off wth anything remotely hit in the summer season. Genius! Love the swimsuit too, and a womderful bargain on that tunic !
    XX, Elle

  19. Oh dear I meant hot and not hit. I'm so sorry about my typos. Kisses,Elle

  20. you're gorgeous with your pretty shirt-tunic and fabulous accessories, such beautiful colors!, and even I'm not a huge fan of summer and hot, I realize you're right and it's all about fun and relax!!. I'm used to wear pants in summer, linen or viscose, and they're ok for me, very comfortable! But you look gorgeous showing your pretty legs, and particularly fabulous in your swimsuit!, really magnificent!
    besos & summer