Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I once had a dress
I had no clue how to address.
They said, “It’s body-conscious,
And you’re quite voluptuous,
So wear it with pride -
You’ve got nothing to hide.”

But I was humble, I was modest and shy –
Till forty, I wore sensible clothes on which I could rely,
And things much less obvious
Used to make me self-conscious.

They said, “Well, silly goose,
Now you’re forty – you’ve nothing to lose.”

I tried it with a denim jacket -
It’s a classic after all.
I put tasty food in a basket
And some drinks too, as I recall.
And nobody gave me a hard time.

I then looked at the dress again
And decided it was too vain,
I better donate it to Goodwill
And never wear it - someone else will.

But they said, “Give it another chance -
It’s such a lovely dress,
It’s just body-conscious,
And you’re quite voluptuous.
Go on, wear it with pride -
You know you’ve got nothing to hide.”

They said, “Imagine that your dress won’t find a wearer,
Will be transported straight to the incinerator,
Treated like some real garbage or waste,
And all ‘cause you felt self-conscious ‘bout your waist.

Just think how your so-called modesty
Hurts the planet, oh my!
How it’s even legal to be shy?
Wear the darn dress! So what if you’re a bit chubby?
Just go for a walk with your hubby –
Isn’t it his favorite dress on you, by the way?
So put it on, enjoy and play!”

I hope you enjoyed my little poem. :)
In fact, I did think about getting rid of this dress (I showed it last year here) - but I was reminded about it by Alice's stripes+denim outfit, dug my dress out and just played with it!

Everything, except the hat, is old/remixed.

Dress - ASOS Curve 
Cardigan and hat - Lane Bryant
Stilettos - Sam Edelman
Sneakers - Converse
Purse - via TJ MAXX
Necklace - charity shop
Pearl earrings - gift 


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  1. You look incredible in this dress! I never knew you had such an hour-glass figure. I can certainly see why your hubby likes it best. Do NOT get rid of it! But I do understand. I'm shy about wearing such things now I'm "thick" from front to back. Maybe you can help me find the confidence to wear more body-concious clothes too.

  2. Thank you, Charlotte! I'm very touched... Have you tried ASOS Curve? They have plenty of similar choices, and their prices and shipping policy (free both ways if you decide to return) seem reasonable. I bought this dress as an experiment, on sale (pretty sure under $20). Justin loved it from the very beginning, but I felt, well, shy, so I did not wear it in public much. But blogging helps - I'm much more relaxed and playful now, and there is still room to grow. :)

    I think this works for me because of the flowy cardigan. I don't know why I did not put these two old items together before, but today I did, and loved it. I will be looking for more dresses like this one, only preferably in a better fabric (this one is flimsy, but for wearing around the house or to the beach, just fine).

    1. One more thing: shapewear, it really is a great help for such dresses!!

  3. Such a cute dress, and works beautifully with the long cardi! One of my favourite outfits of yours, absolutely. And a cute little poem, too.

  4. That dress looks wonderful on you, I'm delighted you gave it another go. The poem is fantastic. What a cheery start to a wet Wednesday morning, thank you! xxx

  5. Such a nice poem... And not only poem. And the dress? I know all these rules very well: do not wear horizontal strip, do not wear very close-fitting dress and so on. Why? This dress looks beautiful on you. I like the hat too.o)

    1. Thanks, Anna! Stripes are a great pattern - for anyone, I agree!

  6. This looks great on you -- the variations in line width are nicely proportioned so it's flattering even if it's not flattening (and who cares if it's not flattening!) :)

  7. Wow Natalia, you look fantastic. You better werk!!!

  8. Hi...I just read your interview on 40+ style and I am going to be your newest fan!! I love your love of color. I also sincerely appreciate your body shape as many of my friends get tired of seeing the skinny, 20 year olds as models!! jodie
    ps...Love, love, love that dress!!!

    1. WOW! I have a fan! :))) Thanks, Jodie, I'm happy to have you as a new friend!

  9. Ha ha! Loved this poem! Will be posting on my FB page : )

    The dress is gorgeous on you!


    1. Now that made my day (along with the interview)! Thanks, Suzanne!

  10. You're so good with words Natalia, just like with colours :-) To think you nearly gave this dress up, what a shame. It looks amazing on you! And it also proves that horizontal stripes are for everyone!

  11. I love this poem and so glad you gave this dress another chance. It looks incredible on you!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  12. BAM!! Natalia you look amazing!! this dress is divine on you, just gorgeous!!!! I'm so glad you kept it as it shows your beautiful hour glass figure perfectly - it's my goal this year to wear a fitted dress, I'm determined to do it! p.s your poem is brilliant x x x

    1. Sooo great to see you, mu dear Sandra! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I'm so glad you liked the poem. And I'm very much looking forward to your first fitted dress! You are a beauty, you'll love them I'm sure!!

  13. Wonderful outfit. You look mega sexy in these heels! Every single detail matches. With Converse it's also really cool.


  14. Lovely poem, made me smile! I guess we all heard about horizontal stripes making the figure look larger. But as I know from my own experience, it is not always like that. And once again I see it here; this dress looks wonderful on you. Combination of stripes of different width and the length of the dress create the right balance.

    1. Thank you, Olga! These stripes are especially fun because of the variety, but all stripes are great, and I'm going to just enjoy them all. :)

  15. Natalia, I love your poems and the dress is gorgeous! The long cardigan is a great match and I love the elegant version with nude heels (I am a huge fan of nude heels!)

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thank you, Annette! I lately wear nude shoes a lot too. :)

  16. I'm so glad you gave the dress another try, it's fabulous on you! Yes indeed, wear it with pride, it's a shame to hide that wonderful hourglass figure of yours. Great poem, great outfit! xxx

  17. OH what a fun little poem! Of Course that is Justin's favourite dress. It's gorgeous! I love it-the shape, the colours and you look amazing in it. Something I have learned, and still struggle with because I am not comfortable in body conscious things so I understand what you were feeling, is that we really can't hide our bodies. We can wear something shapeless or even too big and we look just like someone who is probably hiding so it makes people look harder to see WHAT we are hiding. Clothing big or shapeless enough to hide in will not diminish but will probably add to our overall dimensions and the first impression we give people will not be what we are intending. Perfection doesn't exist, but of course we will always see other bodies we think are better than our own. It's not easy to ignore that but we must. We must realise that variety is the spice of life, beauty in the eye of the beholder and any other cliche that is popular for a reason. You have a gorgeous, hour-glass chubby figure. You know it and anyone looking at you knows it. It is your own, it is unique, it is beautiful and trying to hide would detract from the gorgeous hourglass part and leave us with chubby woman trying to hide something-the message is oh she thinks there is something wrong with her so that must mean there IS something wrong. You exude so much 'there is something right' it is so inspiring. You are my role model for self acceptance because I am terrible for only seeing the negatives about my own body and forgetting what looks good, what works, what I like about living in this body. None of us are perfect and we all have so called flaws but I am sick of that word-flaws. I look at you and I see gorgeous. I see that your particular package of gorgeous comes in a certain shape and size and is wrapped in your own amazing style and I just keep seeing GORGEOUS. So now I look at myself like I am looking at you. I look for the gorgeous part and I tell myself there are no flaws, there is only what makes me unique. Loveses and Hugses to you, ravishing friend. Definitely keep that dress!
    That may have been both verbose and awkward but it was heartfelt.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, my dear Shawnochka! Yes, you understood perfectly well what I wanted to say. I think self-acceptance is hard for everyone, we just have slightly different reasons to not fully accept who we are, but in the core, it's all the same. We all want to be loved, need to be loved and deserve to be loved, and the very first person we need to be loved as grown ups is... us, ourselves. Then it gets easier to accept and love others for just who they are. It all begins with us. Including our bodies. :) Much love to you, my dear friend!

  18. Hi Natalia, Such a pretty dress, I love the color of the stripes and how it goes perfectly with your hat! Great pairing with neutral accessories!
    jess xx

    Would love for you to link up your style next week at Turning Heads Tuesday linkup!

  19. You look fab, Natalia … curvy and hot! So glad you kept this cool dress!
    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be FUn

  20. That dress looks beautiful on you ! I absolutely love it :) have a lovely weekend :) x

  21. your little poem put a smile on my face, and your cute striped dress too, because it's lovely and you're gorgeous!!, you look so cool wearing it with colorful sneakers and a hat!!, fabulous!!
    I'm not a huge fan of 'body conscious' clothes on myself, but I'm also tired of cover my curves and pretend they don't exist!, curves are beautiful too!!

    1. That's my point exactly - no need to hide, we exist and out bodies exist, and they are beautiful the way they are.

  22. Dear Natalia, you look so amazing! You inspire me to wear feminine dresses. Yesterday I bought 3 ! Dresses on my Mother-Doughter- Shopping - Tour. Thank you :))
    Have a nice day, Tina

    1. Yay!! You made me so happy, Tina! And I'm so happy for YOU - dresses are so fun to wear, and so easy to style! Enjoy them!!!

  23. such a fantastic poem...the rhyme, the rhythm..the words, I love it!
    The dress is phenomenal...I noticed it when I read the interview and this outfit was my fav look of those featured there so I think that explains how I feel about it.

  24. Love your poem. Your dress spoke and I'm glad you listened! The red and white is so cheery and fresh!
    Thanks for linking up. xxox