Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seattle Meets Liverpool


This outfit was created for a very special occasion - Justin and I had the lucky opportunity to meet a wonderful visitor from Liverpool this past Sunday. The weather was perfect - sunny, warm, though slightly breezy as we met at one of our favorite places, Fishermen's Terminal in Ballard (read more here). I had in mind a funky, happy, a bit tomboy-ish, or rather sailor-ish look, so I paired my striped moto jacket (also worn here and here) with a T-shirt for reverse double stripes fun, and added citrus green jeans. Anya suggested the snake print sneakers, smart cookie! I am very happy with the mix of patterns and colors, and the general idea, but not especially happy with the fit - a bit too boxy. Though for a "one of the boys" effect, perhaps, just right. Who cares for a sailor's waist? Ahoy!

You can take a better look at my sea life inspired necklace in this post. To funk up my outfit a bit more, I grabbed my cat pouch by Laurel Burch ($4 at TJ MAXX). The ring and bracelet are beads (the bracelet also has pieces of corals woven in it), $5 and $9 respectively. These are the only photos of my outfit we took that day, because we were seriously distracted, in a good way... by whom you ask?

By this charming man who traveled all the way from Liverpool, just to meet us... I wish! Well, hopefully, some day, he will travel all the way with his beautiful daughters and wife, about which he speaks with so much love, respect and admiration. Dave, a.k.a. Mr F, is the husband of the most adorable Sandra of Peaches McGinty. She is not only a gorgeous woman with her own, unique sense of style - she is also kind, genuine, smart, witty, warm and just absolutely lovely. Reading her blog, I always had a feeling that she and Mr F share an amazing connection together, one of those happy love stories, when a couple grow together, support and continue adoring each other. So when I learned that Mr F was in Seattle, I thought that Justin and I simply had to meet him!

So that sunny Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Seattle to have lunch with intelligent, kind, down to earth, fun, funny, insightful and non-judgmental Dave who apparently was very much smitten with Seattle. And we were rather smitten by him. We had lunch at a local seafood restaurant, chatted and didn't noticed how hours went by! Can you spot a bottle on our table? How sweet of Sandra and Dave to present me with a bottle of my favorite red! 

I ordered Cioppino - one of traditional American seafood dishes, originated in San Francisco.
Typically, it's made of different kinds of fish and shell fish (therefore, I was given this funky little fork and a bib which was quite amusing, but indeed useful).

The view from Chinook's at Fishermen's Terminal

Justin went for fish soft tacos, and Dave had a bowl of Boston clam chowder (another famous American seafood stew) and a crab meat omelette, and he seemed to really enjoy both dishes. We were surprised to learn that Liverpool is not known for seafood, being a port and everything. But apparently, historically it's more of an industrial port rather than a fishing port. 

So what we were talking about for almost four hours?
Blogging and how it changes our perspective on ourselves and ultimately changes our life. I have to say that both Dave and Justin's perspective on this is very insightful. Food, of course, as we all seem to be foodies. Men's fashion. Thrift shopping. Children. Travel. Accents. (We loved hearing Dave's Liverpool accent, and he was probably pretty amused by mine.) There was some work-y stuff for boys to discuss, and they also found that geology is a common interest. It does not happen too often that we can talk for hours with someone we've just met, but somehow it felt like we knew each other already, like we had a meeting with an old friend. It's all a little unreal, or better yet magical that we are able to meet such amazing people thanks to Internet and blogging. There was only one thing that was not absolutely perfect - Sandra was not there. But I have a strong feeling that she was there in spirit. Our waiter asked if someone's joining us soon, and if you look closely at the photos, you'll see a ball of light in a couple of them... What are you saying? A smudge? I know, I know - we really need to clean our camera lenses, and we will, promise. But I like the idea of Sandra joining our warm meeting so much better!

We wish Dave a safe trip home and wonderful time with family back in Liverpool. 
Lots of love from Seattle to you, guys!

My outfit:
Jacket and shirt - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Ashley Stewart 
Shoes - Born
Pouch - TJ MAXX
Necklace and sun glasses - Chico's
Ring & bracelet - boutique and gift shop finds


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And please read Sandra and Dave's wonderful post about our meeting here!


  1. this is a whole new level of blogger meet up!
    sounds like a wonderful time! i envy your seafood lunch - thats whats missing here in the mountains: fresh seafood!
    i was often thinking if "our" men would have fun together while all we girls have a "blogger meeting" with chats and giggles and some 2.hand shopping :-)
    oh - and your outfit is just the right one for that occasion/environment - fresh, fun, sporty, marine themed. we not have to show our waist by law! ;-)
    hugses! xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh you met Sandra's hubby, how fabulous xx

  3. How exciting! As I've already had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Dave its thrilling to see you and Justin with him, too.
    The seafood lunch sounds wonderful and your nautical-but-nice outfit was a brilliant choice. xxx

  4. How fun! And you had beautiful weather for your meet up. One of my favorite restaurants as well. You really got creative with your sailing inspired outfit. I love it!

  5. How lovely for you all to meet up! I met Dave briefly when he dropped Sandra in Sheffield for our blogger day out last year. Great photos of the three of you, the food sounds divine, and you are suitably nautically dressed for a sea food lunch at the harbour!
    Now, you and Justin need to get yourselves over to Liverpool, it's a fab city, and I'll pop over on the train to meet you! xxx

  6. Hi Natalia and Justin!! Sandra and Dave here!! we sat here and read your post together, Dave cites lunch with you both as his highlight of his Seattle experience, he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his time with you. He has excitedly told me all about it (and even now while I'm typing haha!) like you said, he felt immediately at ease, he says he felt like he has always known you both! and I missed it! it's not fair!!! thank you so much for our gifts, the girls and I are thrilled (they will be on my post!) you are both amazing and wonderful x x x

  7. What fun day! And what a great nautical look!

  8. Totally love this fun outfit! You're making me want to take a drive over to the beach today and have some Cioppino! Thanks so much for linking up with FUN FASHION FRIDAY and hope to see you back every Friday to more fashion FUN! Have a great weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  9. Natalia,
    I love the pairing of mixed stripes with sunny yellow; nautical and fresh and yes, who gives a fig for a tiny waist, you have visitors to entertain, and you sure did that well. I DO love this look and how it looks on you. I also love that coral bracelet and bag.
    The images of the fishing terminal are grand, too!
    xx, Elle

  10. It's exciting to meet someone from blogo-sphere for real. And to have seafood lunch together with a bottle of your favourite wine is even more exciting. You look perfectly dressed for such occasion. I simply love the colour of your pants, so cool!

  11. Stripes are never a bad idea. Isn't it fun that you showed Dave around one of the most beautiful cities? You Rock!

  12. wouuuauu, first, you look absolutely gorgeous, love all those stripes on stripes and citron pants!, cool!!
    and last but not least, such an amazing meeting!, love love love that you met somebody from so far away and found a friend!, it would be even more lovely to met Sandra!
    once more, wouuauuuu

  13. How wonderful. I met Dave too when we gals met up in Sheffield and he's such a lovely chap. It's great to see you together. Isn't blogland brilliant?