Friday, March 13, 2015

Same Day, Same Skirt

Philosophy and culture no more. Let's talk about skirts. And vests. Philosophy? Phooey! Skirts and vests, that's the important stuff. And shoes. OK, maybe also purses, kind of important too. 

Skirt+Vest+Shoes+Purse  #1

When I bought this red lacy skirt, I had no idea how versatile it could be. I've already shown before how I wore it with a peplum top here and Asian inspired silk top here.

Little did I know! Earlier today, I created this fun looking vintage inspired and almost folkloric looking outfit. Folkloric look with a pencil skirt!? Who knew it's possible! I guess it's the color. And the texture. Anyway, I'm pretty surprised that it works. I just need a flower wreath on my head - and ready to dance gopak!

I bought this linen vest a while ago at Goodwill. I'm in love with vests of all sorts lately. I find that they complete an outfit, add depth, sometimes polish, other times just fun. This one I love because of the color and uneven texture. My earlier antique mall find - the vinyl carpet bag - adds to this colorful, multi-textured combo. I did not dance gopak or any other dance for that matter - I just took my big family (my parents and daughter) shopping this afternoon. The speed and rhythm we had to complete our shopping before Anya had her acting class tonight, was rather reminiscent of gopak though.

Skirt+Vest+Shoes+Purse  #2

Now, with Justin, there is never rush. He just does not do rush. He had done a lot of rushing in his earlier bachelor days, cruising in his cobalt blue Firebird and managing factories, and now he is a very laid back kinda fellow. For a little outing with my relaxed fellow, I wanted to test this new pair of booties. I thought that the green goes well with the red, so I wore the same red skirt, but changed everything else.

I played on different shades of olive in this outfit and only added a basic black tee to green and red. (Note to self: do not wear black tee with dark blue jeans when going to the beach unless you want to meet a dozen other people dressed in the same combination. I bet we beach combers all thought that we invented that combo. We and another billion people, more like.)

The booties are by Ecco and have super comfortable sole. If you look closer, you'll notice the reptile texture on the heel. The jury is still out on whether the shoes suit my wide feet, but at least they are not painful, that little I can tell.

In all the years living in this area (since 2007), we only tonight discovered that Burien actually has a lovely town center with little shops, restaurants, Bikram Yoga, a natural medicine center, and even two bakeries, one of which specializes in Australian pies (if you, like me, didn't know what's the difference with American pies, it's in the dough - flaky, buttery dough in Australian pies). So while Anya was studying improv (it's her second semester in this class, and she just can't have enough of it, I think she'll just move in soon), we took a nice stroll in town, tried custard tarts and cookies and saw the most adorable faithful doggy waiting till his owner finished his dinner in a fancy Italian pizzeria.

See? No philosophy at all. Just important stuff. Skirts, vests, shoes and purses. Told ya! And pies, can't forget pies.

Outfit #1
Skirt - Lane Bryant
Top - thrifted (Goodwill)
Vest - thrifted (Goodwill)
Purse - thrifted (antique mall)
Shoes - Dansko (via Nordstrom Rack)

Outfit #2
Skirt - same
T-shirt - Lane Bryant
Vest - Chico's
Purse - B Makowsky (via TJ MAXX)
Shoes - Ecco (via Nordstrom Rack)

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  1. You were in Burien? I grew up there and it was almost Mayberry like back then. I use to ride my bike all over town, even super late at night when I got older. My favorite street was 152nd where you were, even a bit farther west, if you made it down that way too where the older buildings are and a few sweet little shops. If you keep going on that road all the way over to the water it goes down a hill and into 3 Tree Point. A super nice drive through gorgeous woodsy neighborhoods and then along the water. I learned how to drive along that road. ha!
    I love your expression, "folkloric" and I think you hit the nail on the head with the color and texture of that skirt. I have those exact Dansko shoes! They are some of the most comfy shoes I've ever owned too. Love that bronze color.
    I really really really love that purse!

  2. Love red with olive green and that's a great vest! Good for hubby for not rushing anymore. ;) What a cute little town ... I'm a sucker for a cute little town! thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday! See ya next week!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. Natalia,
    I am marveling an your wonderful eye for color texture, and details! I adore the print of that blouse, yes, I can see how versatile it is. It looks wonderful with the red lace pencil , and that carpet bag is magic with it.
    The next outfit is so totally different and it works equally well. The the greens , love and fern, with it and the lovely detail on the jacket.
    The booties look chic, and I do know that brand- true comfort!
    You look beautiful in both outfits... well done, of course.
    Love the photos of the town, too!
    xx, Elle

  4. All those rich colors and textures. Oh that purse!! You look so beautiful. I remember when my daughter danced the solo Russian Dance in the Nutcracker so said it was one of the shortest most exhausting dances she had ever done. This from a young fit dancer! You went shopping en masse? You are a brave woman!!

  5. I love those booties! They are a great shape on your feet. And who knew a red lace pencil skirt could be so versatile?? Thank you for playing along at Shoe Shine!

  6. That's looking great!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  7. Loving the gopak video and the marvellous folk costumes. Your version is fabulous. You know I love that glorious vinyl bag so much. The ankle boots are lovely. Isn't it weird that we share a language but some of our descriptions for clothing are at odds? Booties are what us Brits call those knitted socks with a ribbon threaded through that babies wear while vests are underwear. Madness! xxx

  8. you really rock your vests!, love the layering and the interest they add!
    Actually, love your red lace looks and printed blouse combo, and also love how the colors in the blouse match perfectly your bag!. And loving your cute comfy shoes, that bronze shade is cool!
    Your new olive booties look very versatile indeed. Really love olive-khaki shades, it's a favorite neutral!, and looks so nicely with red and black. Once more, you look gorgeous!

  9. I don't think you would be at ease to dance gopak in this red pencil skirt, Natalia! :) You are such a creative person, in everything I guess. Both outfits featuring the same red skirt look absolutely different. And you look absolutely gorgeous in both of them.

  10. Ha, I'm chuckling at Vix - I'm with her on the bootie/vest thing!
    Love that skirt on you, it's chic and sexy, yet surprisingly versatile. It looks lovely with olive, but I think the russet tones and print of the first outfit have my vote, especially with that fantastic tapestry bag.
    I can just imagine Justin being a laid back, no rush kind dude! xxx

  11. Kind of - though I know he is very kind too! x

  12. Both outfits work quite well...and in both the star is that lovely lace pencil skirt. I need to get hold of more pencil skirts because they sure come in very handy!

    Red colour is for me the colour of love, so I guess that is another reason why I really like this pencil skirt. Wedding dresses used to be red because that was considered the colour of love....well, at least traditional ones. I know for a fact that Croatian folklore wedding dresses were red...and in many parts of the world they still are.

    The first outfit reminds me of folklore as well. I supposed Croatian folklore dresses aren't that different from Russian ones, I think most European traditional dresses have a lot if common and in some sense all traditional attires in this world because they hold quite a bit of history in them. I love them all because to me there is nothing more beautiful than traditional dresses! I'm absolutely fascinated by the diversity and richness of them.

    Your colourful (folklore inspired) blouse is really lovely...and that vest is nice. I love to wear vests too... I think this outfit would also look good without the vest, it seems more optional in this one while in the second one the green vest seems essential. However, both vests are really stylish and well styled...and both outfits are great!

    Intesting how perfectly the red matches the military green...I have to remember that and try to use these two colours in some outfit myself.

    thank you for your comment on my blog dear...I try to hold on, do those jobs that I can get the best I can....and hope for a permant one some day.