Friday, June 5, 2015

Wild Traditionalist

With all my love of experimentation, change and finding new ways, I do not wish to deny the beauty of traditional things. Take dresses for an example. What could be a more traditional item of clothing that defines femininity? I'm not a fashion historian by any means, but I don't seem to see a more obvious answer - I think it's pretty much dresses. And I admit that they fascinate me. It's dresses that I always open first when I enter my favorite online stores (brick and mortar stores do not have as wide a selection of them as online stores). So that way, I am very, very traditional - I adore dresses. But even a conservative sheath or shift dress can be done with an unexpected twist - like this one. Isn't this design just wild? I could just stare at it - a fascinating cacophony of a design!

I showed this dress before, paired with a very feminine jacket, in the post Dress, Play, Explore (October 2014), and also my Mom modeled it in the post Mama & Papa Play Dress Up (November 2014). I have finally found this beloved green cardigan when I Spring-cleaned one of closets (I was wondering where could this cardigan be for probably a year or so... does it happen to you too?) - I was eager to pair it with this dress, even though the stripe on the bottom of the dress is rather electric green, and not chartreuse as my cardigan, but I thought they worked together rather well. I love how these wild colors emphasize the wild design.

I don't think I showed this long jacket on the blog before, though I own it for a few years (3 or 4). The thing is, I have never thought of it as a perfect Summer coat. It's a very light fabric, one of the modern wrinkle resistant fabrics that are so convenient for packing. But while the material is wild, the jacket is made in a solid, traditional style, with the herringbone pattern, cape details on the front and back, fabric covered buttons, and lovely details on the sleeves (hard to see them on photos due to the busy pattern) - all of it makes it a fine piece of clothing, and I am only now discovering that it works well worn over dresses - in the past, I always paired it with either pants or jeans. Silly me! It's a perfect length and shape to wear over my favorite types of dresses - sheath and shift dresses (even though I mix these two terms up all the time, why did they have to give similar names to similar types of dresses, do you know? I think to confuse us all, that's why! and they succeeded!).

And what about you? Are you wild? Traditional? Or maybe a wild traditionalist like myself?

Photos by Justin

All items are remixed and worn many times:
Dress and jacket -  Chico's (old)
Cardigan - Lane Bryant (old)
Shoes - Rockport and Sam Edelman
Purse - B Makowsky
Jewelry - gifts and boutique finds

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  1. Dear Natalia, what an amazing dress. I love it with the lime green cardigan. Stunning !
    Maybee I wish I was a little bit wild ;). I would like to wear more feminine dresses, like you Natalia.
    You are a great Inspiration for me. Thanks dear Natalia :)

  2. Va va voom! This is totally you! It suits your personality and your amazing body.
    I love both jackets with it. Interesting when we see an item jump out of its box and land in another :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Thanks 4 linking up 2 Top of the World Style. The dress is awesome. Have a nice weekend

  4. That dress is such a fantastic shape on you, flattering and sexy and stylish! Love the print too, with the flashes of colour.
    I suppose I am a traditionalist like you, since I like dresses too, and I am not in the least avant garde about my wardrobe - no bras worn as hats or dresses worn upside down for me. But my love of colour and vintage clothes and willingness to look a little different is a reflection of a wild side of sorts, so yes, I'll join you in wild traditionalism! xxx

  5. Natalia, I love this dress. That is mix of wild and classic together. I am wild in my heart, but I don´t show this in my personal style yet.o)

  6. lovely dress and it fits you like a dream!, gorgeous!, love it with the chartreuse cardi, and love it also with your long jacket which is a very nice summer coat, it looks amazing over your dress!
    you look so elegant than usual, with a twist!

  7. wild traditionalist - of cause :-)
    i really like that dress! if i ever came across a fabric with a print like that i will sew me a shift/sheat dress like yours. a bit longer maybe....
    the cardi is fab with it, but the rediscovering of that herringbone mini trench is the best of all!!! nothing breezes more elegance then a sleek dress with a little coat over it!! very glamorous.
    hug you!!! xxxxxx

  8. As a lover of dresses I must say I love this dress ! And you look so elegant in the dress it suits you so well ,I like both looks but I love the dress with the cardi. Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my little blog it is such a pleasure to hear from you ! Best wishes xxx

  9. Wild traditionalism, I like it! That dress is fab, love the contrasting hem and how well it fits your bod!
    I love a dress, as you know, it's the first rail I explore in a charity shop. I don't know what I am but I'm happy to be me. xxx

  10. As a lover of dresses I must say I love this dress ! And you look so elegant in the dress it suits you so well ,I like both looks but I love the dress with the cardi. Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my little blog it is such a pleasure to hear from you ! Best wishes xxx

  11. What a fun dress! Looks beautiful on you, Dear! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & I hope you're having a fab weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  12. Pzazzz!!!! It's a fantastic dress Natalia and great colors too. I think this is my favorite dress of yours that I can remember.

    Is this sunshine awesome, or what? But I've lost my mojo for blogging! ;)

  13. dear Natalia, you look wonderfully wild and beautiful in this combo. The dress is heavenly, it has a great cut and the design is fabulous. I also really like the addition of green and purple (stripes on the bottom of dress and on the sleeves), but I equally admire how you paired this lovely dress both with that green cardi and that jacket.

    You got me thinking...I will say that I'm a wild traditionalist too...I do love dresses, I admire folklore and traditional clothes...but at the same time I like to experiment with clothes. Feminine looks are usually the one that are most to my liking, but I tend to always add little something to make them more fun. Is that what you mean when you say wild traditionalist!

    It was very fun exploring your wild side, I must say. This post is so lovely it brought a smile on my face...and you do look stunningly beautiful!!!!

  14. Love your tern wild traditionalist , so very apt. This dress is a wonderful fit and of course I love the black and white with its splashes of colour. Works equally well with the lime cardigan and the coat. Enjoy exploring that wild side.

  15. Traditional or not, a dress is by far the easiest, simplest outfit ever. True one-stop dressing! Just add a cardi or coat if it's cold and you're all set. And this is a pretty, versatile dress which goes with many different coats and always looks perfect.

  16. Hehehe, I like this words combination "wild traditionalist". Perhaps, I am the one, too. And I love dresses, too. This dress of yours is such a great piece. You are right, one can just stare at its amazing design. White nail polish? Very cool!

  17. I love that you are a wild traditionalist. This dress looks wonderful on you and I love the sleeves. I don't think wild or traditional would apply to my dressing style-lol-probably the opposite. Tame unconventionality? IT doesn't have the same appeal as wild traditionalist does. xoxoxo

  18. I am a huge fan of dresses since they are so no brainer. I love this pattern and cut of this dress on you. When it comes to clothes, I am pretty traditional and not that daring but that's my personality too.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.