Friday, July 3, 2015


Such an unusually hot Summer we have this year - I just have to document it. The thick hot air brings back memories of a few years living in the Midwest, only both the heat and the humidity were even stronger back there, most of the time, from May till October... You'll probably be surprised, but a typical July in Siberia where I am from, is also hot and sticky, and from time to time we have Summers where the temperature is 90s F and even 100s F for full three months. I am a mild weather person, but a week or two of hot sunny days feels good to me. I love how heat gets into my skin, granted - as long as there is an air conditioner to come home to and the house doesn't feel like sauna. Yesterday was lovely. I spent it with Justin running some errands and enjoying a walk by the sea after all. It almost felt like a vacation in some southern country, partly because of my outfit.

This sundress was love at the first sight. Everything, from the colors and pattern, thoughtfully placed, to the lovely details, makes this dress stand out. I'm still mad about dresses and browse them constantly. I have to say, this year designers are coming up with especially lovely ones, and I want to buy them all (they have to stop doing it, at least for a while!). So when I fell for yet another dress, I asked myself if it feels special to me - and if it's not special enough, I pass. This one will become a favorite for years to come, I think.  

The hat is also new, I found it, browsing the local mall. I had a wide brimmed hat in mind for a while now, and wanted to find something less common looking - in other words, special. This one fits the bill with its striking black and white pattern, and I believe will go with many outfits. Accidentally, it was the only one in the store, and my size (it's one big head, let me tell you - not so easy to find a hat that fits me). 

I picked old beloved jewelry with a rustic, natural feel: metal, wood, leather and stone. Most days in Summer, I don't wear any jewelry, but these pieces worked for me. The necklace is so lightweight, I barely notice it.

And finally, shoes! I took my daughter to buy her sandals earlier this week... and found these beauties for myself. They are super comfortable, very light and soft, with a good supportive sole, but what mostly matters to me, is that they are made in wide width. You people with regular width feet probably feel just like I feel in these sandals. Most shoes feel from snug to way-too-snug on my feet, but these sandals are even a little loose, which is not bad at all as my feet tend to get swollen in hot weather. I love the soft tan color. Great find. Finally I can wear something other than Crocs in Summer! :) I mean, my favorite Crocs pair is quite stylish, but real leather sandals are so much classier. And they'll go with everything. Me happy.

I'm still sorting out my Summer fashion preferences. Here is what I learned so far:

I think the key to me is to wear something interesting on its own, without necessary additions of layers or jewelry. It can be a maxi skirt with a comfortable, brightly colored top, or a dress - with not only beautiful lines, but also great colors and patterns, so it sort of becomes an outfit in itself. 

I skip jewelry most days - and if I wear them, I tend to reach for pieces that are lightweight.

Comfortable shoes are the key element. They must be easy to wear all day long without me thinking of taking them off. 

This outfit is definitely the winner in my Summer wardrobe.

What are your style secrets for hot days? Do share!

Dress - Lane Bryant (available online)
Hat - Old Navy (available online; when people comment on stiff material, I think they comment on another color hat - I don't find it stiff at all)
Sandals - Clarks, via Nordstrom Rack (all those items bought on sale)
Clutch - old, via TJ MAXX a few Summers ago
Jewelry are collected over the years

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  1. this is really a lovely sundress!!!
    its flirty without being sweet - the earthy colors and unusual print make it elegant! you look fabulous! and gorgeous new hat!!!
    comfy leather sandals are a must in hot weather, i can´t wear closed shoes if its more then 20°C and "pleather" feels much to sweaty even as flipflops. sundresses or a wide cotton skirt without a lining + a airy top are my to go clothes for the dog days of summer. or hotpants - but only on a "slim day" :-)
    and wet hair in an up-do to cool my head!
    sweaty hugses (we have a heatwave too)

  2. Heat.... oh yes! In germany too. Our house is like a sauna. Outside sunny heat days. Puh, I don't like it.
    You look sooooo amazing in this dress. ♥️ I can understand that's your favorite. Enjoy the summer, enjoy this weekend.
    Kisses Tina

  3. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style and sharing this interesting dress. I love that it has vertical and horizontal lines at the same time. The photos are also great. Such a nice scenery and vibe. Love them! Have a nice weekend

  4. :-) Soft, cool beauty! Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. It is a beautiful dress, a keeper for sure. I also think lightweight jewelry is the way to go, and keeping things simple is tge best way to cope with hot weather.

  6. Love the details on this dress. Special from every angle! This summer I have a new appreciation for light weight linen even thought it wrinkles. It just feels weightless.

  7. I think the hankerchief hem is so perfect for a sundress!! Love this one you! jodie

  8. I adore the details on this dress. I can see why you were drawn to it.

    I agree with all your points for summer dressing. The less fussy the better.


  9. The dress is a stunner, as are you in it. And the hat! It frames your face to perfection. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack. And the yellow nail color is killer!

  10. Head to toe fabulous, Natalia! You look gorgeous in that amazing dress! Love the ring and necklace too! Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

  11. You are managing to look cool and comfortable in this wonderful sun dress. I love the colours on you. Your wide brimmed hat , the perfect finishing touch. I agree that a leather sandal is definately a must . I have read about the heat wave in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, maybe out turn Summer. Keep cool. xx

  12. Beautiful dress, Natalia! Such a striking pattern with the shade of summer sunset orange in it. The back detail is awesome. As always, perfect choice of accessories. When it is hot I prefer to wear dresses made of natural fabrics preferably, minimum of jewelry and open foot sandals.

  13. you look fantastic! such a pretty summer the yellow mani ! cute sandals and bag<3

    Here it is also unbeliveably hot...I sort of enjoy it even if it is tiring.

  14. A dress made in heaven for you to alk by the water.I do hate the heat, ahhhhhhhhhEverything sticks to me, hahhaha
    Love the pop of yellow and everything about you.
    Tons of love.

  15. The dress is definitely a keeper - what fantastic detailling at the back. And I love the ombré and the unusual hemline. Gives a feeling of lightness about the outfit. And yes, I too prefer lighter jewellery when it's hot. Big and or heavy pieces feel sticky against my skin.

  16. Beautiful outfit and I'd love to walk by the sea to in this heat we have here. The dress plays fantastic with the purse. I also don't usually put a lot of jewelry when it's hot and go for a lot of sun block and possibly a cover up shawl or something so I don't have to lurk in the shade:)

  17. Such a pretty dress! Style on a hot day? LOL Not me. I wear a dress, preferable loose and not terribly figure flattering and I shun accessories. I flap the dress around often and sit with the electric fan aimed up my skirt. xoxo

  18. Absolutely a gorgeous dress and hat. What wonderful finds. I love the back detail of the dress. Yes, I am surprised by the heat up here and will turn to simple sundresses. No jewelry. Minimalism--that's the way to beat the heat!

  19. such a gorgeous dress, and you look summery, fresh and comfortable, absolutely adorable!!!
    Your new sandals look really comfy, and stylish too!.
    And it's lovely to read about your summer preferences, as you look pretty elegant!

  20. What a gorgeous dress from the pretty back to the hemline. I can't imagine that it gets hot up in the Northwest, I thought it stays cool all year round. Enjoy the warm weather!


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