Friday, May 15, 2015

Where Is My Driver?

Fancy a little time travel with me today? 
I'll be taking you back to the 1930s which seem to resonate with me lately. 
Do not expect pure historical research and accuracy though, just go with me, pretend! 
What should we take as our time machine? Something like this beauty, perhaps? 

Oh look at the driver! Isn't he a dashing young chap? Allo Captain! 
Oh but I have to wait for my driver, you see. 
Temptations, temptations...

So where was I? Oh yes, of course. I'm meeting my friends for a fascinating little play at the fabulous Lakewood Playhouse - a new hot spot in town, founded just recently, in our crazy 30s. I told you about it once, remember? It was the classic Little Women last December (boy it was cold that day, brr!). The play we're going to see tonight is called The 39 Steps, and it is set in 1935 and based on the Hitchcock film. I heard it is hilarious - Monty Python meets Hitchcock. Imagine: four actors in the play, one of which is an actress who plays three different roles, and two are clowns who play the remaining 150 roles - nothing quite like you've seen before I bet. Laughter never stops! 

So where is my driver? He's being late again...
Oh, bonjour, monsieur. Your car is tres chic. Oh merci, you are too kind. 
No, I'm not alone. Yes, what a pity. Bon voyage, monsieur!

Sorry for this bit of nonsense. So where were we? Oh yes, my attire.
The skirt is genuine antique, from monsieur Frank Usher, a perfectly British gentleman. My antique dealer found it for me the other day. It's in excellent condition, considering its age (I'm younger than the skirt, I was told). Much younger, you say? Oh thank you, so kind. I had my maid fix one little thing (you know how it is with antiques) - the old elastic band was worn out, and to keep it in place, the previous owner made a few stitches over it, obviously in a hurry. My maid had to carefully remove the old stitches and the broken elastic and replaced it with a new one. Oh yes, it's such a relief to find a good maid, you know how hard it is nowadays.

Oh just look at this couple - so fresh, so madly in love! 
Looks like they're going on a nice picnic in the countryside... that's making me hungry...

Well, now I am both hungry and a bit chilled in my fine chiffon blouse, waiting for my driver to pick me up. Let me fetch my jacket... that's much better. Oh, how sweet of you to say so. I bought it years ago, it came in handy so many times. I adore the collar, isn't it so chic? It has its secrets too, just you wait...

See how it transformed into another collar and almost another jacket? C'est magnifique!

I see my driver has finally arrived. He is 12 minutes and 27 seconds late. I shall ask this naughty boy to my library and give him a good wigging. O tempora o mores! Well, heading to the theater now. So nice chatting with you! Let's meet for tea soon. Au revoir, mon ami! Muah, muah!

Photos by Justin. April, 2015.

Antique cars (late 1920s - early 1930s) from LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. 
You can read about our trips to the museum here and here.

Fashion designs and film characters' photos from Internet. If you are interested in the cars Bertie Wooster as well as Captain Hastings actually drove in the famous movies, I found a great article here.

Skirt - vintage Frank Usher (1960s/70s), found at Goodwill -
HERE is how I styled it for Winter
Blouse - Layne Bryant (HERE styled with white jeans)
Spring coat - J.Jill (7 years ago)
Shoes - Josef Seibel
Purse - old, via TJ MAXX
Necklaces - from a charity shop and boutique


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  1. I sense a bit of 30s (the shoes), with a touch of the roaring 20s (the layered necklaces), and a tad bit of bohemian with the soft blouse. Just goes to show us that fashion comes and goes, doesn't it?

  2. Bravo Madam! Vous êtes très élégant. Je aime l'élégance des temps passés. Ils étaient tellement intelligent, n'est-ce pas?o)

  3. Hilarious, milady! Thankyou for sparing a few of your valuable minutes with we plebs, and sharing your wonderful knowledge to expand our limited horizons. You are looking lovely today as usual, if I may be so bold? ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Amazing skirt, you look great. I love to time travel. interesting and wonderfull post. Next weekend I start my timetravel
    anno 1235 ;)
    Wish you a nice weekend, Tina

  5. Be sure and tell that dashing Captain to slow down, I hear he likes to drive rather fast. On second thought, don't even get in his car, you'll end up embroiled in a murder mystery and you might miss your play!

  6. I just love the way you put this post together!! I had such a good time pretending. That banana cream yellow car goes perfectly with your ensemble for the date. The play sounds fantastic too. We could all use a good maid/seamstress couldn't we? Ahh, just the thought of it is a dream. That vintage skirt is lovely and such a great color for you too. A wonderful find!

  7. The Frank Usher skirt is lovely, I reckon it's 1970s (early 70s styles took great inspiration from Art Deco design).
    I think The 39 Steps would work well turned into a comedy a la Python, and I love the Hitchcock film version. The John Buchan novel itself is earlier still, of course (we had to read it at school!)
    Soft pretty colours, glamorous cars, and some cheeky time-travel - so much to enjoy here, Natalia! xxx

  8. Ha ha! This was fun.

    I do have a hard time keeping a maid. The one I have right now is utterly useless. She sleeps all day, wants me to take her out for walks and only cleans the floor if some food falls on it. I guess I get what I pay for.


  9. What a lovely post. I must say I am glad your driver was late because that gave us a chance to chat a bit..and to discover the secret of that gorgeous collar.

    This outfit is stunnigly beautiful...the skirt is divine and the blouse is wondetfuly accessorized with those necklaces.

    This trip to 193o was quite enjoyable my dear. I love retro and vintage looks, both original ones and those inspired by fashion past.

  10. Glad you invited us along on this glorious outing, enjoyed every moment. Your attire just perfect for such an occasion , love your vintage skirt and it works so well with your chiffon blouse and the very interesting coat. Love the vintage fashion page, one of those hats would work perfectly on you. Hope you arrived safely , vintage cars can be so unreliable!

  11. Thirties-inspired outfit perfection, dearest Natalia!! The bag, the shoes, the collar of your butter-coloured jacket...they all work so well together to give your look just a touch of the "vintage" vibe!! And that layered necklace was MADE to go with your Frank Usher original skirt!! XOXO

  12. hihihihi!!!!!
    such fun to read that!!! :-D
    over here it´s hart too to find good staff! everytime i look my gardener is lying in the deckchair.....
    fabulouse ensemble you´r wearing - love the butterflies in the necklace!

  13. Fun!!!!! That was a delightful read and this outfit-or ensemble as Beate prefers-is just gorgeous! I love thirties inspired clothing and your skirt and blouse are among my favourite styles. Your maid did an excellent job fixing up the waistband. You are so fortunate to have found good help, though your driver may need a little disciplining. I'm looking forward to seeing the dominatrix outfit next. ;-) xoxoxo

  14. Great time trip:) Thank you for taking me with you:))

  15. Brava! Perfect! So fun. Thanks for linking!

  16. Hahaha! Sorry, Natalia, I "borrowed" the Captain for those 12 minutes. That's all I needed. !!!
    I love this vignette - no wonder you came up with it - look at the inspiration. Fantastic vintage skirt. I know, the standards of maids these days is appalling! I keep firing mine and when I wake up in the morning I'm still here.
    The coat collar is magic.

  17. Great post Natalia :-D Those vintage cars are so lovely, and a most perfect backdrop for your lovely outfit! The skirt is a fantastic find - and such a lovely combination with your beautiful shirt and the coat. Glad the maid made it :-D It would be most unfortunate dropping one's skirt in public!

  18. Natalia ! :) :)
    This was superb! I laughed and smiled the whole time reading this. I adore your writing.
    The cars were tres chic, too.
    Your outfit is stunning, Nothing like a vintage find, worn beautifully. Love the color!
    The tumble of necklaces is very CoCo you know who.
    Sorry I am late to be reading this, but boy oh boy, was this fun!
    xx, Elle