Saturday, April 29, 2017

First Post in Russian // Мы и по-русски могём!


I wore this outfit yesterday for a lunch date and a bit of shopping with Justin, but its prototype was born a day before it, and as I hung it on a curtain rod to work my magic, I wrote a letter to my dear old girlfriends in Russia. It was such a light and inspired letter that I decided I would post it here (shortened by just a bit). And since I have been considering the idea to write in both English and Russian in this blog, I thought I'd post both the original in Russian and English translation.

Этот наряд я носила вчера на обед и небольшую прогулку с мужем по магазинам. Однако прототип наряда родился на день раньше: я вешала вещи на карниз, чтобы еще малость над нарядом поколдовать, и писала письмо моим старым добрым подругам в Россию. Письмо вышло таким легким и вдохновенным, что я решила опубликовать его здесь, чуток укоротив. И поскольку я уже давненько раздумываю над тем, чтобы вести этот блог и по-английски, и по-русски, я решила опубликовать и оригинал своего письма на русском, и английский перевод.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Birkenwald at the Seattle Art Museum

Last weekend, we had a rare opportunity to spend all day together as a family, and since it was rainy outside, I picked a trip to a museum. I wanted to catch the last chance to see the Jacobs Lawrence: Migration Series exhibit offered by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), and it was absolutely worth it - if you're interested, you can check out my Russian article about this exhibit HERE and see the whole series which contains 60 panels telling the powerful story of the Great Migration in the album I shared on my FB page HERE (the album is public). But it wasn't all we wanted to see in the museum, and while we loved the Lawrence exhibit, it is closed by now, but the other unique temporary exhibit we visited, called Seeing Nature, is open till May 23, so if you're in town, get your tickets now, I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Friday, April 14, 2017

New Friends for Old Friends

This bold jumpsuit is a good old friend, one of my favorite pieces, and I showed it twice on the blog (HERE and HERE). I tried to pair it with my long ivory vest (THIS ONE), but it didn't look quite right - you see, due to the uniquely cut sleeves it's not easy to find the right jacket to wear with it. It's a picky number, it likes to be a star and shine alone. Coupled with most partners it just looks random and goofy ... or plain ordinary. But if you find the right pair, then they both will shine, and so will their union - the whole ensemble will sing even more beautifully. It is true not only about this jumpsuit, of course! With other clothes too. And even with people! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rare Gem: Teresa Maccapani Missoni for Eloquii

All the photos are from, and you can shop this amazing collection HERE.

I don't write fashion reports or anything like it, ever, but today I'm making an exception, because I almost EXPLODED with joy and excitement when I saw this collection! I think I actually was jumping up and down and promised my husband I'd be the best wife on the planet earth if I can have some of these pieces (uh-oh). So of course I decided to write about it because I just have to share - and Justin heard it all, twice, or rather three or four or five times by now! Created by Teresa Maccapani Missoni, granddaughter of the famous Missoni founders, especially for Eloquii, the plus size fashion forward company, it offers 22 pieces (24 if you count two different colors for a couple of pieces in the collection) for women wearing sizes 12 to 28. 

Monday, April 10, 2017


I believe it's our very first April photo session, even though I've posted a few times this month already, but those were all March outfits. It's a subtle difference, but it's there. There is a little more sun, even on rainy days. The temperature is a little warmer, even if evenings are still cool. And days are a little longer, so we can enjoy walks later in the day.

Friday, April 7, 2017

On the Sunny Side

Time flies when you're having fun, they say. I guess we've been having lots of fun lately, because I didn't even noticed when March ended and April began. We've been busy reorganizing, both our cottage living and our inner living, and while I am not ready to share my thoughts on the inner part just yet, I can tell that the latest house project is repainting Anya's room and getting a few new pieces of furniture, which we haven't done in years! So it is very exciting, and I hope to share some pictures soon.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

We'll All Become Mushrooms

It was a sunny, yet breezy day in Seattle, when Justin, Anya and I were walking through the streets of downtown which with all the tall buildings became wind tunnels, and I was wishing I had three, or better yet four hands to keep my cape that was trying to escape, and keep my floppy hat and flowy skirt down while also holding a purse and umbrella, in case it rained. We were walking to the most unusual event about which we got a recommendation just a week before, to see a presentation about bees and mushrooms - two subjects that we were curious about, but in a very separate-from-one-another way. I think that by now, many of you are aware of the critical situation with bees for the past several years, and you also might have heard that in January 2017, the first species (the rusty patched bumble bee) was officially declared under the federal protection (more about it HERE). Several more types of bees are potentially endangered in North America. Bees are the essential pollinators of wildflowers, fruit and crops, and it is pretty obvious that scientists are concerned and looking for ways to help the bees, and therefore plants, planet and us, people. But what does it have to do with mushrooms?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Modish Matrons: Take a Clue from That Painting


Don't let April Fools fool you! Just listen to what the wise BEATE suggests for our April link-up party - take a clue from that painting, cool and lovely Modish Matrons! What painting you ask? Read on!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


While I'm waiting passionately (not so much patiently) for the return of my fashion muse, I thought I'd share a few more or less recent outfits as well as some of our latest adventures - that should stir things up in the meanwhile, right? It better! Modish Matrons are coming in only a couple of days!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Boho Chic My Way

If you think it always rains in Seattle, think twice! We had a whole FOUR mild sunny days since the beginning of October. Wahoo! (Read HERE - please note that even though the article declares 3 sunny days, we managed to squeeze another day and a half just after this read!) To be fair, it is the first winter like this in our 10 years living here. Previous years were sunnier and milder, and I noticed that we get especially nice winters when my folks are visiting from Siberia, so we intend to bring them here again soon - you're welcome, Seattleites!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Let the Sun Shine

It's raining practically every day here, it seems, for weeks. Dribble, dribble, all day long. We didn't have much time or photographical weather, for that matter, for an artistic shoot lately, but whenever there were 5 or 10 spare minutes, we snapped pictures of my daily outfits, and on that particular day last week, we even got sun! 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Surprising March

Happy International Women's Day to all my women friends and readers!

March surprised us with the weather even more than February did - we had snow again! Not a big snowstorm, but it was snowing on and off all day long just a couple of days ago, even here by the sea. The pictures are from this weekend when we went grocery shopping, and it was a cold and windy (notice the upright flags!) day out, so even a fur collar did not feel or look out of place.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Winter Boho

What is there to say about my outfit? I was charmed with this bohemian dress - its gentle floral pattern and lace make it stand out. The reversible wool poncho with a tribal pattern and fringe has been a favorite for some time (shown HERE, HERE and HERE; more ponchos, wraps and ruanas HERE). I also love the juxtaposition of the two garments. I called this outfit Winter Boho, but of course it's perfect for Fall and early Spring as well. And I just know that this dress will be in heavy rotation year round, with the exception of hot Summer days.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spirit of a Place

I had lots of fun creating and wearing this outfit. For a brief weak-kneed moment, I wanted to change into a different coat, but decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and over the top with this furry thing (previously shown HERE), playfully marrying Winter with Spring in my attire. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Modish Matrons: Layering


For our March theme, Tina offers LAYERING and leads the way! We never discuss with one another what we're going to wear for our link-up party (we often don't even know ourselves until the last minute, ha-ha!), but not for the first time serendipity strikes Modish Matrons - and we pick a somewhat common color scheme. If you wish to join our party, you're very welcome - just find a link-up button at the very end of my post. We encourage your interpretation of our themes, if they sound inspiring to you and move your imagination. Please visit my beautiful co-hostesses TINA and BEATE to see their gorgeous interpretations!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Iconically North American

I usually share more or less elaborate outfits on my blog, but on those days when I feel overwhelmed and crave simplicity, I am drawn to loose dresses in natural fabrics, much like this chambray number. I wore it quite a few times lately, enjoying the modern lines, pockets, high-low hem and of course polka dots! Polka dots just make everything better, don't they? 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Anya and Her Wings: Books & Games for Fun Family Time

My dear friends and readers,

I usually open my posts with a photograph of my outfit, but this time I wanted to tell you about another creative child of mine - the BILINGUAL BOOK SERIES and INTERACTIVE WEBSITE that my brother and I have been working on for many years now. Come and meet our awesome team who tirelessly work on this fun educational project! Since we are not only the authors, but also makers of our books, we do all the promotional stuff ourselves. We are at the very beginning of a long journey, there are lots of things unknown to us, and we learn as we go. Your encouragement and friendly support mean A LOT to us! If you have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or if your friends and neighbors have kids who might enjoy our books, please consider purchasing them. Books are a wonderful gift! On our website you can enjoy our FREE GAMES and COMPLIMENTARY COLORING PAGES - gifts to all our readers. If none of the usual retail options I discuss below work for you, contact me directly, and I will figure out a way of delivering our beautiful, heartfelt books, made with lots of love and humor, right to your doorstep - signed by me of course! If you are signed up with such websites as Amazon or Goodreads, you are welcome to leave your honest feedback about our books. We were over the moon to receive our first review (5 stars!) from lovely and thoughtful Ivana (read it on her blog HERE and on Goodreads HERE)!

Please feel free to ask me whatever you're interested in - 
I'm open and eager to talk, and I encourage your curiosity. :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ferry to Bainbridge


A couple of months ago, I shared pictures of two dresses on my FB page, mentioning that at that point I liked them both equally, though I purchased only one, and at the time of ordering I had a very strong preference. The intriguing part of my story was that I couldn't remember which one of the two dresses I picked. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Local Language

This coming Spring marks 15 years of my making the US my home - and 10 years of our family making the Pacific Northwest our home. When you relocate to a new place, there is always a lot to learn, including learning a new language. And I don't only mean a national language - English, in my case. Justin is a born and bred American, but for him too there is a need to learn to understand locals from time to time. Let me show you just a couple of examples of how and why. One occasion would be simply spelling and pronunciation that don't go hand-in-hand. While it's often the case with the English language, there also are other languages that get involved - like French or local Indian tribal languages. For instance, if you're driving I-5 visiting from out-of-state, you might read the name of the city Puyallup as PY-all-up, as in "pie", or perhaps POOY-all-up as in "pooh" (Winnie the, of course), and good luck asking about it then. The locals pronounce it PYU-all-up. Tricky, huh? Yet it's just one example, and every place has plenty - something that only locals know like the back of their hand, and what takes a lifetime for newcomers to learn.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tender Transitioning

It was a rainy day in Seattle, and when I looked in my closet, I felt like I had nothing to... well, you know. Until I spotted this Spring-y dress under another dress (storage issues!) and thought to myself, what the heck! It isn't Spring yet. But it is coming. Camellia in our yard started opening its very first buds at the end of January. Birds are singing in a very Spring-y voice! It was snowing later, but so what? The snow melts here quickly anyway. It knows Spring is just around the corner - not behind the mountains, as we say in Russia.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Modish Matrons: Folk Art


Welcome to Modish Matrons - a link-up that once a month offers you a theme to play with and an opportunity to get together to share our diversity and love of fashion and style! Add your link in a special place at the very end of my post, and please visit my beautiful co-hostesses Tina and Beate to see their interpretation of the theme!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Fine Art and Science of Being You

When I started this blog back in 2013, the very first height of my styling abilities was color blocking. It was what I felt drawn to when I observed other style bloggers, and it was something brand new to me as a concept, so for a long time, I had a good fun playing with it. Now when I look back, I see how simple my outfits were. But for someone who for a few years lost her interest in style, coming back can be quite overwhelming, to the point that you just give up and go back to your routine (in my case, it was dark blue boot cut jeans & some kind of cute top or jacket). I spent a few months mostly just reading about style before I pumped up the courage to start experimenting and created my blog. Color blocking was a good place to begin, and I think I did pretty well.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bohemian with Fringes & Hipster with Records


When I introduced you to my genuine suede fringed skirt in THIS POST recently, I mentioned that I had an idea of a more bohemian looking outfit with that same skirt, and now... voilà! I present you another outfit featuring the skirt, a more relaxed and a little bohemian one (a bit pilgrim-ish even), though it isn't exactly what I had in mind at first.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Khorovod in Yellow Skirt

One thing that happened this passed holiday season, I did not have the chance to share with you yet. I received a postal slip that said that a parcel was waiting for me in the post office. I was puzzled because typically, they deliver all packages to our home, and I for sure was home that day. The only explanation was that it was some special parcel. I suspected it came from abroad, which doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I usually know in advance and expect it. When we finally made it to the post office, the intrigue continued, as they couldn't find it at first. The situation became even more mysterious, and I was at a loss. But my face lit up when they finally found it - oh yes, of course, the mystery parcel with colorful stickers all over it, came all the way from exotic Singapore! I knew it was on the way to Puget Sound, I just didn't know when it would arrive.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yves Saint Laurent: Love Me Forever

 “Without an elegance of the heart, there is no elegance.”
~ Yves Saint Laurent 

During our winter break in December, I claimed one of my Christmas presents, a trip/event of my choice, and chose to spend a day in Seattle and visit an exhibit that intrigued me ever since I first heard about it - Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style at SAM. I did not know much about this world famous designer, so I spent some time reading about his life, but the impressions about him as a person and artist, really came to life after visiting the museum. I have to say it was one of best museum exhibitions I've seen - very detailed, educational and simply enchanting. I selected 17 photos from well over a hundred that Justin took at the museum, feeling inspired by the exhibit as well. If you'd like to see more photos, I created a video (photo album) on YouTube, which you can find at the end of my post, where I also posted a few of my outfit pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Harmony: Dreams and Life Coming Together

The color green in its many shades and hues has been a strong favorite of mine for many years - to the point that it was the most represented color in my home and wardrobe too, until just a few years ago. I wasn't quite as obsessed with green as The Green Lady, but when I discovered her, I sure felt like we were soul sisters. Green has been a very happy color for me too! (Find proof in my old post The Color of Your Soul with photos from May 2013 - before this blog.)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Modish Matrons: Russian Winter Fairy Tale

Happy New Year!
Here at In The Writer's Closet, we begin it with a new, updated version of our monthly link-up that will start on the 1st of every month and stay open for a whole month. If you are on Facebook, we'll appreciate if you like our new page MODISH MATRONS, and thank you to all who have already liked us! Our team - Tina, Beate and myself - would love it if you get inspired by our themes, but feel free to join us as you are, too. Other than a new date, we also arrange our themes differently now - we take turns, so each month one of us presents a theme that inspires her, and it is represented in our collages too: