Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cosmic City, or What Animal Are You

It's been a while since I posted my outfit - and it's been a while since I dressed up. The flu or whatever Justin and I caught is such a persistent bug, it's been two weeks now and we feel almost normal, but still cough. But after staying in bed for many days and loosing interest in pretty much everything we love (food, fashion, writing, etc), as Justin mentioned, normal feels kinda ecstatic!

These photos were taken on January 25. We had a couple of gorgeous days here (once temperature went up to 67 F). We took my parents for a nice walk in Seattle Center, short monorail ride towards downtown, leisurely stroll to Pike Place Market and then again monorail ride back to Seattle Center. On a day like this, Seattle is completely irresistible! I do enjoy visiting the city once in a while, and Seattle is very unusual for a big city - very friendly and warm, you'll feel at home there even as a first time visitor.

The most famous of city landmarks, the Space Needle, was built for the World's Fair in 1962. The construction is fairly simple, but attractive, fun and very recognizable. Can you guess what's on the right picture? If yes, great! You have vivid imagination (or good knowledge ,which is great too)! If no, don't worry - I'll tell you later in this post. 

Seattle has some fascinating examples of futuristic architecture (I use the term loosely), one of which is Experience Music Project - museum of sci-fi, rock music and pop-culture (I can't believe that we have not visited it yet). The organic shapes of this building blows my mind!

On the left, another landmark, a giant industrial sculpture Olympic Iliad (1984) by Alexander Liberman, who is a fascinating figure himself, both successful artist and businessman - a Russian immigrant who might also be known to many Russians as husband of Tatyana Yakovleva, a famous Russian beauty, addressee of a couple of love poems by Mayakovsky (who was the greatest Russian futuristic poet, by the way).

While Papa and Justin enjoyed a sunny walk through Seattle Center, admiring the International Fountain (built, just as the Space Needle, in 1962), Mama and I visited the absolutely gorgeous Chihuly Garden and Glass which was opened not very long ago, within two or three years as I recall. You probably all heard of this glass genius who revolutionized (in the most beautiful and peaceful way) the art of making glass. He is Tacoma born and raised, and still lives in his hometown, and of course living only 20 minutes away from downtown Tacoma, we have visited his exhibitions numerous times. If you ever have a chance, please stop by Tacoma Museum of Glass - it's one of my favorite. Tacoma Art Museum also has Chihuly's glass on a permanent exhibit. You can see his sculptures outside as well - in downtown Tacoma. But Garden and Glass in Seattle is something very special, and I heartily recommend you to visit.

Among other things, I admire the art of museum display - breathtaking!

So those yellow and red sculptures, as you probably guessed by now, are a part of Chihuly's collection - whimsical gigantic glass flowers grown in the midst of this futuristically cosmic, funky sci-fi-ish part of the city.

The dress struck me at first as fantastic leopard, but when you look closer, you see peacock feathers (of course colors are a clue too). So at the end, I don't know what animal it is, but I love it! It's very comfortable to wear (basically a long T-shirt) and well, no doubts quite noticeable too. If you're feeling visible, then that's your number. I don't even remember when I was last openly complimented by men in America - in my festival years perhaps? In general, from my personal experience, men are pretty reserved here. But that day I was complimented by total strangers a couple of times, which took me totally by surprise. I do not dress to be noticed and gather compliments, but I think it's pretty universal that if intentions are pure and the words are beautiful and sincere, anyone would like to hear that, both men and women, in blogs or on streets. I'm for being a little more down to earth.

And I worried about being overdressed! Ha! Do you know this guy? I kinda know of him. A little bit. But if you ask me what's his name, I won't be able to answer. Justin says, I need to learn American culture. I just thought he was cute. And hey, he called me a princess - who wouldn't like that and what else do I need? We also saw a couple in beautiful bright costumes of Captain America and Wonder Woman. Definitely no fear of being overdressed when you meet people like that on city streets.

Waiting for monorail... trying to get a picture... while Justin is taking a picture of me taking a picture. :)

That's about it for now. I can't wait to dress up and go somewhere, and photograph, and post again. This weekend perhaps? I certainly hope so. For a dessert today, flowers which dance at night! We haven't see that. Apparently, they are on solar batteries. I can see another trip to Seattle, after dusk some time. 

Dress, glasses and jewelry - Chico's
Coat - Ashley Stewart
Purse - B Makowsky (almost Mayakovsky)
Boots - Born



  1. I'm glad you are feeling better now. The pictures are truly amazing. So is your dress.

    Jasmine ♥

  2. So happy you are feeling better.

    That dress is stunning and you look fantastic in it. I'm not surprised you garnered compliments.

    Seeing Seattle reminds me of when we were there last. It is a fun city. You've been having a warm winter lately. Lucky you!


  3. Good to know you are feeling better, and that you had a great time in Seattle. It certainly does look like a good city to visit, lots to see and enjoy. Loving all the Chihuly glass (which always reminds me of sea creatures), and of course your stunning blue leopard print dress - double leopard, with the addition of the coat! Of course you got compliments, you deserve them. And Darth Vadar and his storm trooper agree! xxx

  4. so good to hear that justin and you feel better after that heavy flu!!!!
    and do you look fabulous in that futuristic scenery!!!! that dress and the coat was meant together! interesting informations about seattle and all that gorgeous art. this glass!!!! (what happens if it comes a hailstorm btw?) so if i ever come to your area i´ll book you as a guide!
    and no - i don´t want sell the winterbirds on etsy - to much work for to less money. i made them only for gifts for friends :-)

    1. It's not an especially fragile glass, and Seattle rarely has heavy storms, so I think the sculptures are safe, but if there is emergency, I'm sure they have a good plan.

      I would love to be your guide, my dear! xxx

  5. What a great trip! Indeed breathtaking. WOW! Thank you for sharing these photos. You look beautiful and good you both recovered. I hate having flu cuz my sinuses are bad enough without it:)
    Have a wonderful day!


  6. Glad fo hear you're feeling better. It can take a while to recover, I recently had the flu for almost two weeks! Ans that is quite an amazing dress, beautiful colour.

  7. I'm glad you are all feeling better and you got out for some fun. I have been to Seattle a couple of times but of course there is still so much to explore. Thank you for sharing this tour. What amazing sculptures those are! They remind me of corals and sea weeds or exotic things one might find in the ocean. You dressed perfectly for the location and this outfit looks fantastic on you. It is not at all surprising that you got compliments though I think North American males are afraid of being accused of harassment or sexism if they offer a compliment. It doesn't take Darth Vadar to recognise you are a princess! I have not crossed over to the dark side but I see it too. Don't push yourself too hard in the excitement of feeling better. You don't want to relapse. Of course I rarely take my own advice. ;-)
    Love and hugses! xoxoxo

    1. I agree with you about North American men. There is an expression to throw out a baby with the bath water - well it's how it is with all those strict public regulations.

  8. Glad to hear you are both slowly on the mend. As a animal print fan in all its guises,I love you in that dress and the terrific coat.I so enjoyed your tour of Seattle as I visited there many moons ago(1983 in fact).The gardens and glass sculptures are absolutely amazing.Seattle might have to be on the agenda if ever a return U.S. visit takes place. Take care.

    1. I will be so happy to meet you here in Seattle some day, Jill!

  9. First, dearest Natalia - I'm not surprised that you received several compliments on your outfit!! That teal, peacock-feather-patterned dress is divine...and I love that you weren't afraid to wear it with a leopard coat and tomato-red bag!! You look so chic and confident!! Next - definitely adding Chihuly Garden and Glass to my next Seattle trip itinerary...those sculptures truly ARE breathtaking!! XOXO