Sunday, October 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #16: Tomboy / Dandy / Garçonne

Welcome to the October style challenge with MODISH MATRONS! 
Beate is leading the way, it was her turn to offer a theme, while Tina and I followed. Do not miss the fanciful and creative interpretations of my dear friends: BEATE und TINA

Talk about a challenge! 
This one was perhaps the most challenging over all for me, starting with pants. 

I wanted to create an outfit with some kind of trousers, of which I have a few pairs. The theme is La Garçonne, right? I diligently tried on all pairs of pants I considered, and would you believe that none of them fit? Darn dryer! It shrunk 'em all again. Oh well. I realized I had to be la garçonne without pants. (When Beate sent me her photo, in a skirt instead of pants, I almost thought I was a genius.)

I sorted out my outfit all right, but then we were crunched on time, and our weather changed drastically. It was 82 F one day, and 62 the next day, with unpredictable rain. So we ended up driving around and waiting in a car for the rain to stop, for about two hours. Luckily for us, it did stop just a few minutes before sunset. Now looking back at the photos, I feel satisfied - I think that the dramatic clouds and wet sandy parking lot and wood pallets on the back of Home Depot (a home improvement supplies store) only added to the ragged-ish tomboy-ish vibe I was trying to create.

You could have seen the outer dress (denim shirt dress) on my blog on a couple of occasions before (ONE, TWO). The inner shirt dress hasn't been featured on the blog yet, though I wore it a lot - at home, out and about and even to travel, it is very comfortable, soft, lightweight, but warm. My earrings are vintage - a $1 antique mall find. The silk scarf is gorgeous, in my favorite colors, found at Goodwill, in like-new condition. Finally, these cool embroidered velvet sneakers are from one extremely fortunate Nordstrom Rack rummage this past summer. (I have more exciting new shoes to show soon!)

I think this outfit is as tomboy-ish as it gets for me. It's rather "tomboy meeting dandy" or better still, "tomboy meeting French painter" or something like it. And I must admit, even though I got a bit stressed out (totally self-inflicted), I am pleased with the results of this challenge. Not only I learned that I need a new dryer, but I also invented an outfit that I wouldn't otherwise. Remember I told you about my poorly chosen outfit for our whale watching tour (HERE)? It actually wasn't that bad, I wore this plaid shirt dress, but with a short denim jacket. If only I thought of layering these two dresses then, it would've been a perfect travel outfit! Live and learn.

I love our style challenges! I love that my girlfriends' ideas force me to think outside of the box!
If you crave for a challenge, join us! The link-up will stay open for the whole month of October. (Here is hoping that your pants didn't shrink! ;)

Both dresses - Melissa McCarthy (old)
Hat - Charlotte Russe (old)
Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction (via Nordstrom Rack)
Silk scarf - thrifted via Goodwill
Earrings - vintage via antique mall
Purse - Cole Haan (very old)

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  1. soso - the dryer ;-D
    of cause you´r genius!! you borrowed the shirts from a huge lumberjack and wore they as dresses!! totally love the look!
    its a misconception (cool word btw) that tomboy/dandy/herrenstil has to be with pants. esp. in this times were pants are the usual womens wear.
    waiting for the weather payed out - fantastic light and such a gorgeous sky - sunning photos of you and a warehouse back never looked better :-D
    hugest hugses!!! xxxxxx
    p.s.: why must i to think on alexander wolkow???? ;-)

  2. It's a cute look, and a bit Scandi Cool, rather than garconne, I would say. You definitely put your own spin on the look, it suits you so well.

  3. I like your outfit, you created a "Tomboy-Hobo-Girlie-Boho-Scandi"-Outfit of it! Whatever you may call it, it suits you very well!

  4. By mine trousers it wasn't the dryers fault.;)
    Natalia I love your french painterboy style. And I think a little bit Waltons John Boy.
    It's your style, perfect Natalia and Beate said right, no disguise! ( hope the word is right, I use google translator for german word "Verkleidung"
    Your pictures are a wonderful light show. I love.
    Natalia thank you for your collage and linkups, you do it soo well.
    Much love and a veery big hug, Tina

  5. Piękna sukienka i fantastyczne buty:))jak zawsze wyglądasz ślicznie:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))))

  6. Of course you can be a tomboy without wearing trousers. Indeed, I would have been surprised if you hadn't come up with an altogether different look! French painter look just about sums it up. I would have really struggled with this theme, but you came up with a true to style solution. I love the backdrop of the wood pallets, which really seems to catch the light. Well done, my lovely friend. Huge hug xxx

  7. Great idea for a theme. I've shared three older posts. They all deal a bit with queer history and gender theory, topics I studied a lot in university, and lived too. Women in Suits is my third most read post.

    I know all about that dryer and pants! Except most of pants drip dry, but I'll blame the dryer anyway. In fact, I notice my dryer has shrunk an awful lot of my clothes since I made these posts. :/ Regardless of your dryer's failings, you look lovely in that light.

  8. What a look! I love your painterly vibe and those incredibly moody skies! xxx

  9. You have executed the theme perfectly in your own style . The pairing of the dress and long shirt does indeed have that painterly vibe. Well worth perservering with the weather , the light is quite magical.

  10. You've done well, Natalia! The outfit is so creative and the hat really frames your beautiful face perfectly.

  11. lovely challenge, and very inspiring too!, you rock your outfit!. I love that fab layering, dress over dress!, it looks stunning! and I like your dress, the beautiful plaid, the casual look, the lavender and green colors, everything is so appealing!
    (I have to think in something to join this challenge!)