Wednesday, March 29, 2017


While I'm waiting passionately (not so much patiently) for the return of my fashion muse, I thought I'd share a few more or less recent outfits as well as some of our latest adventures - that should stir things up in the meanwhile, right? It better! Modish Matrons are coming in only a couple of days!

Last weekend, the Real Adventure Man (a.k.a. Justin) and I visited Edmonds, a lovely little town north of Seattle with the most charming atmosphere, some interesting small shops and restaurants and a strong arts community. We parked our car and went for a walk, then the RAM did some art supply shopping for his projects, and I went on a mini photo safari (an almost forgotten feeling that brought me so much joy!). We then walked some more, and to my surprise the RAM agreed to taking a ferry to Kingston rather enthusiastically. Only on the way back he mentioned that he could swear I had said "Would you like to go to the Copper Pot?", and when to his eager "Yes" I said "Are you sure?", he said "Yes" again, and that was our conversation. It wasn't at all "Would you like to take a ferry to Kingston?" - "Yes" - "Are you sure?" - "Yes". I don't remember when I laughed so hard! So with completely opposite intentions (me - joyful anticipating, him - utterly confused), we took a round trip to Kingston, and after all indeed finished our evening at the Copper Pot, Indian restaurant back in Edmonds (and their lamb samosas were simply divine). 

When we were walking on some of small streets in downtown, I spotted something extremely unusual and of course wanted to know what it was. Here is what we discovered... Wild, isn't it? I can imagine how breeze plays with these colorful macrame made of... plastic tablecloths!

Justin took a couple of pictures, and when we returned home, I found out that this unique (temporary) art installation by artists from Dallas, Texas was on the back of a little guest house called The Santa Rosalia. Thank goodness for the Internet! Check out the guest house Instagram HERE, and the artistic collaboration called The Color Condition HERE

Another day, another art, or to be more precise another way to decorate an otherwise plain back wall. This wall of a mini shopping area in downtown Bellevue made me smile. Simple idea, but it works! Instead of staring at dull blocks, you look at hearts of different sizes and colors, and feel as if they lift you up just like a bunch of colorful balloons! This was about a month ago, in late February. The weather hasn't changed much since then! It got just a bit warmer during the day, and from time to time we do have sunshine... sometimes even a whole day of sunshine! A whole day! of! sunshine! It's hard to believe, I know! We live dangerously up here!


And just when you thought my post couldn't get any better, ta-daa! We took another ferry! This one was from Seattle to our beloved Bainbridge Island - the Real Adventure Man booked a hotel, and it felt so good to get away. The last time we did it was too long ago to remember ('twas back in the olden days, our Summer vacation - 1 and 2). The getaway was most lovely, despite the stormy weather.

It wasn't all pleasure, a little bit of business too. Since we published all three books of our Anya and Her Wings series this past December (available HERE), we've been gradually building connections with independent local bookstores. It's been an interesting journey. There are some shop owners who are very open about meeting a newborn local indie author and eager to offer something new and unique in their store, promoting local art, and that is very exciting.  

We also connected with some wonderful people who are amazingly gifted and innovative in their own fields of expertise, and who are extremely appreciative, supportive and encouraging not only of our books, but of Justin, Anya and me as individuals. I can't tell you how much we've been longing to meet our soulmates, our tribe if you will. It's been too lonely for way too long. To me, life is all about connecting, about seeing each other with the eyes and souls wide open, about embracing all the wonderfulness that's in each of us, about celebrating one another, about sharing love. I am so ready for true, genuine friendships. I am so ready for creative, artistic collaborations that make our hearts sing. I am so ready for long walks in nature and deep, meaningful conversations, and for understanding without words.

Outfit 1: 
Jacket and sunglasses - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant
(bought it at the end of season sale last year)
Shoes - Dansko
Dress, tights - old
Scarf - gift from my lovely blogging friend Elle

Outfit 2:
Dress - Melissa McCarthy
Coat - Lands' End (old)

Outfit 3:
Skirt - Eloquii
Blouse - Lane Bryant (clearance for only $11)
Vest (a part of a cape jacket) - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant 
(bought it at the end of season sale last year)
Coat - Simply Be

Photos by Justin

* * *

You can find out about my books and see the list of local indie bookstores that proudly present Anya and Her Wings HERE. I am really looking forward to meeting my books readers and new friends!


  1. ohhhh, so much fabulousness!!, love your outfits (all of them!!!), love first one, black&white with a touch of color (and those cool&comfy shoes!), love second one, the lovely orange coat and denim/chambray which create a lovely warm color combo, and love third outfit, all those mixed prints, and the beautiful blouse!. You look adorable!!!
    And I'm glad that you connected with those wonderful creative people! that's one of the best things in life! sharing, innovating, creating!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, always, dearest Monica! I learned so much from YOU, as well as from our fellow bloggers, such a creative force and source of inspiration! Blogging and connecting with you literally changed my life! :)

  2. Oh Natalia, what an adventure. I smile aboud RAM... soooo cool! :)
    You look great in all Outfits, I especially love the skirt with flowers.
    Enjoy life!
    Many hugs to you and your RAM :), Tina

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend! It was a fun and unexpected twist to our outing. :)

  3. Wow, your outfits are getting really really cool. Went back a few posts and am quite envious of that winter boho floral maxi dress. I miss fashion. Must retire my blue jeans and hiking boots and dress up a bit.

    1. Thank you, Marea, you touched me! I love dressing up, it brings me so much joy! I am so happy that dresses made a come-back - there are SO MANY OPTIONS these days (for me, as a plus size girl, mostly online, but I don't mind that - I love browsing Internet and try new brands). I see more dressed-up in fun ways people in the city - and less in suburbs, it's mostly casual and pretty relaxed here. But things are changing rapidly, and I think in many ways thanks to bloggers.

  4. I do love that orange coat, it always looks fabulous on you!
    The yarn bombing is brilliant, isn't it? It's creeping into many of our towns and cities and always puts a smile on my face. xxx

    1. I haven't thought of it, but I guess you can consider it a form of yarn bombing. In any case, it is wonderful - so joyful!!

  5. you´r waiting for the return of your fashion muse??? she was never away it seems by looking at the totally fabulous outfits here!!!!!
    all 3 are chic and gorgeous in a own, special way - reflecting your mood and what you did this day. wonderful!
    i´m totally with you about meeting soulmates - i´m craving for that too. and i hope that we will gather new strength/power to start again with creative and fun events......

    1. Thank you, Beate, so kind! I think that like me, you would be happy to meet artistic and caring people with a strong sense of community. We are not meant to live our life feeling lonely - we need to connect and honor each other!
      Much love to you, my dear!