Sunday, March 20, 2022

Help Ukrainian Refugees

Dear friends and readers,

I am grateful to each of you who read and reached out to me with comments and messages, sharing your feelings, thoughts and stories regarding my last post STOP THE WAR IN UKRAINE. I know that wrapping one's head around politics isn't everyone's cup of tea at the best times, not to mention the times of darkness and true tragedies, when unthinkable things happen, such as now. I understand the desire to look the other way, but the naked truth is that whether we look at this horrible wound done to Ukraine and humanity by greedy, bloodthirsty politicians of Russia, or not, the wound is still there. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Stop the War in Ukraine: How We Can Help Ukrainians and Things to Know about Russians


Hello my dear friends and readers,

Never in my life could I imagine that the reason and circumstances I write in my peaceful creative blog will be WAR. Not war in the past (in which many of the older generation of my own family members fought, were wounded or killed), but the war here and now. Let alone, the war my beloved home country started against our brothers and sisters (we were raised to think of each other as brotherly people) in Ukraine. And the first thing that I want to say on my blog is:


Friday, March 11, 2022

My Personal Message to All Friends: Help Ukrainian refuges and stop the war in Ukraine!

Dear friends,

You've known me for many years. I've always been the one to support and inspire you in different ways - to be creative, to live in harmony, to wear what you like, to be accepting. Today, I ask for your help - for the first time in all these years. Please be aware what a horrible regime Putin set in Russia, my beloved home country. People do not have any freedom to express their opinions any longer. A lot of us are against this criminal regime and war in Ukraine! Millions are suffering right now. Please help Ukrainian refugees and please help to stop the war in Ukraine. Join me on Facebook (link above)! I regularly post about the ways to help financially, by signing petitions and other ways too.

Love and Peace,