Monday, March 31, 2014

Moments of March 2014

March was about adding more patterns and getting into shoes. Not that I walked barefoot before March (though, barefoot is actually my favorite kinda footwear). But I discovered extra interest in shoes and got a few wonderful pairs, some of which I have already shown in my blog, and others I haven't yet. Floral patterns are on my mind a lot. 

On the non-fashion note, my old computer decided that it is time for him to start pushing daisies. I tried to make the most out of its life. It was inexpensive with the body and hinges made of plastic (big mistake on my part to purchase it since I am not the most careful person on the planet, or even in this room). So I got a new computer, with the body and hinges made of steel. My computer and I are not going anywhere, guys. We plan to stick around. :)

Weekend Dress II

I noticed that very often when I pack for our weekend away, I take somewhat "formulaic" approach to my travel wardrobe. Last weekend, for instance, I packed two maxi dresses with two blazers. I remember packing two pairs of colored jeans or pencil skirts with two bright sweaters in the past. I understand why I do this. It allows me to mix and match my limited on-the-go wardrobe the way I like, and it really is not a bad approach at all. But I'll be honest, it bothers my spontaneous soul. When I am at home, I never plan what I am going to wear the next day. Whatever mood I am in (of course, considering what the weather is doing too) - that's what I prefer to wear. I do not have an office to go to - my office is where I am. The only person I have to please with my outfit is ME, since Justin and Anya seem to like me just the way I am, no matter what I am wearing.

WARNING: lots of travel pictures in this post.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silk Story

I really like the way this outfit came together. Effortlessly - that's the word. I will admit that it is my favorite of all possible ways.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Dress

Last weekend, Justin and I took a trip, as usual, to a couple of small towns northeast of where we live. The pier on which I stand in this photo very well could be the longest wooden pier in the whole state, and the houses behind me are the cutest little community called Indianola, which started as a community of summer homes and is now a census-designated place with its own post office (again, probably one of tiniest in the state, if not the whole country) and a club house.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On The Edge

Thank you for your kind comments to my previous post and your recognition of Anya's photography! Yesterday was not the first time when I posted her pictures of me, though. You can see more of her photos in this post: BOLD. I decided to re-post it for one simple reason. Anne The Spy Girl has a new topic at her 52 Pick-Me-Up this week, which is Go Geometrical. It resonates with me - I love bold geometrical patterns and could add even more of my old posts to her link-up (stripes are geometrical, aren't they? I wear quite a few of those!).

But there is something else to this post...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Floral Finds

For someone who has been craving floral patterns for this Spring, I'd say I definitely hit a jackpot when I found a few gorgeous floral pieces in two wonderful consignment shops in one completely charming old town this weekend. (I will write a post about it soon.)

Monday, March 24, 2014


Shhh! Guys, please don't tell anybody, but I do wear skinnies sometimes. 
Some might find it daring, to wear a bright colored skinnies for a 40 year old woman who, shall we call it, a little bit overweight. But I decided to give them a try last Summer, and I came back to wear them some more this Spring. Not to be daring exactly, but as I started paying attention to fashion and style again, it was like learning a new language. I remember this feeling when you start understanding something which mainly has existed as white noise in your world before. Modern lines, including skinny jeans, were this sort of white noise for me up till last Summer when I decided to learn and understand this "white noise". I have to say it pays off. I like the youthful, energized, modern vibe skinnies have. And sometimes, this is exactly how I want to feel - youthful, energized and modern.
But please don't tell anyone you saw me in skinnies, so they won't send a fashion police squad after me. Promise?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Journey In Time

I am sure that at least once in our lives, many of us have wondered how we would look had we been born in other eras. Even our adoration of vintage clothing, jewelry and furniture speaks about it. But have you ever imagined what you would look like if you lived 300 years ago? And 600 years ago?.. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cheers from Spy Girl

Yesterday morning, I woke up to an UNBELIEVABLE surprise! 
You all, of course, know Anne Bray, the talented Spy Girl, and her fun, inspired and inspiring Digital Catwalk where you can find so many of your favorite style bloggers and dear blogging friends. I loved Anne's fun sketches, and I have to admit, when I looked at them, I thought to myself that maybe some day... just maybe... I'm not saying it's gonna happen... but wouldn't it be wonderful if some day... (Yeah, I am a dreamer, what can I say.) But of course, I did not expect anything. And especially that some day will come so fast! Anne took me absolutely by surprise when she sent me this beautiful sketch of my modest red wine loving persona last morning. I was laughing and jumping, and I adored it! I still can't believe that it actually happened! I am amazed! 
Anne, you are AMAZING!  

Monday, March 17, 2014

This Side of the Border

Last Friday, Justin and I had some urgent business in downtown Seattle, and we decided to make an outing  of it. We got so lucky to be there in between two pretty big storms, and even though it was quite windy, the sky was of a blue color, and the sun shined rather cheerfully. Seattle is irresistible under the clear blue sky. It always is to me - I remember when we first came here, I said in amazement, "Do people really live here?"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Picnic

Spring is here!
On Monday, we had sun and clouds, and thunder, and hail, and lightening.
On Tuesday, it was lovely - sunny, about 60 F.
On Wednesday, it was glorious - 63 F which felt more like 73 F, with sun and very high blue sky all day long.
Lucky me, Justin took a day off, and our daughter had a short day at school, so we were able to go to our very first picnic this year. Now, that must be some sort of record. In the previous years, we started having picnics in April. Very, very unusual. Spring is very mild, very slow here, with average temperatures in 50s. It actually felt like Summer to me in the past two days!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Washington Secrets

Love this picture. In my imagination, I am staying in a small old town somewhere in Europe. It's raining. The Old World is about to uncover some of its wonderful secrets in front of me. Then, I go to my hotel room - in an old building with very thick walls made of stone. I have a cup of something cozy, so I don't get sick after all day walking in the rain. I also start a fire in an old brick fireplace. As I hear the crackling sound, my body suddenly feels relaxed and very heavy. Maybe I snooze for a while. Maybe I get a notebook out and start writing.

Monday, March 10, 2014


And some more pattern playing.
This outfit was actually from the same day as the one from my previous post, so it might seem a bit repetitive because of the blazer. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


A few things happened in the last few days. I dropped my laptop, the body of which was already partly broken, and now it seems like something got messed up where the power comes in, so my computer can only work on batteries. To recharge it, Justin sort of babysits the whole thing almost every night while we watch movies together - he holds my computer's hand to recharge it, so I have a little time to write or browse online the next day. Very little though, because after a couple of hours, the computer needs babysitting again. That's why I haven't been posting and reading and commenting much lately.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All Your Pretty Purses

...and necklaces!
These pictures were taken in February - the very last day of it. It was such a beautiful, Spring-y day! This sort of outfit is my "go-to" these days. I love elements of military style in women's fashion - although I prefer gold and brass to a camouflage print (triumph and parade vs. hardship and sweat - I guess my associations are something like that). What about you? How do you like your military inspired clothing?

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Color Of Your Soul

We got a warm and sunny day here in the middle of what supposed to be buckets of rain - a true marvel! I did not take any new pictures, but as I went down to the beach to enjoy sunshine, I suddenly caught myself thinking of one Spring day last year - actually, it was my birthday. I don't know how you guys like to celebrate your B-days, but I in the last few years learned to enjoy spending this day with just two people - my husband and my daughter, and even though I love gifts (and yes, I do love stuff), my favorite present seems to be "an event", and above all sorts of events I in a heartbeat would pick a trip to a new place.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Come Out To Play!

It's no secret that I started my blog to learn, - I mean, that's not the only reason I started the blog, but it is definitely a big part for me. So how do I learn? I try things on, mix them up, buy more, mix more, Justin takes pictures of my "so-to-speak" learning, I pick the ones which I like best and edit out those which are repeatable, then I write a text (whatever I feel inspired to write about in that particular moment), often I ask Justin to proof read and correct only if I made some serious mistakes. I really don't mind minor mistakes or "eccentricities" which I think make any blog more real and alive. I have not probably told you yet, but I worked in a newspaper for a few years - I was a proofreader and used to clean up texts, sometimes pretty radically. I am over this sort of cleanness now - it sort of makes anyone's language too universal, too proper, if you get my meaning. Writing is very similar to style, really. Eccentricities are what make our style individual, interesting, intriguing. Same goes for writing.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Moments of February 2014

Second Row: 1. Genius. 2. Quirky. 3. Flirty Filosopher.
Third Row: 1. Asian. 2. Exposed. 3. Warm Neutrals
Lower Row: Lighthearted

It was an interesting month here, in the writer's closet. A month of bright colors, stripes of all kinds and some quirky shoes. Outside of the closet, it was also an interesting month - we've got a very beautiful snow day which is extremely unusual for February in this part of the world. And now we are ready for Spring. Chirp! Chirp!