Saturday, April 24, 2021

Ms. Moon, Mr. Lamp and Other Stories

It is cool and drizzly out as I'm writing this now, but just recently we had a stretch of glorious sunny days which felt like Summer. To celebrate it, Justin and I went out a few times and even ate at a restaurant, on a patio to enjoy sunshine and be safe. With gorgeous weather and opened restaurants, it felt as if there was no pandemic, even though we all still wear masks. It's hard to explain, but driving down a busy highway, coming home after a day of adventure, I caught myself thinking that for brief moments life seemed just as it was before, as if there was no long weird year of isolation and anxiety... Have you had such a feeling lately or is it just me?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Spring Epitome & Vintage Desk

Every Spring, with no exception, the world of fashion explodes with floral dresses - mostly in soft pastel colors. I confess, I am tempted to join the fun, but pastel tones don't work that well with my pale freckled skin. I am more of a jewel tone and warm earthy color girl who blossoms in bold pattern and strong color dresses. But this frock, I thought, offered a beautiful balance of fresh soft pastels and strong bold colors on a dark background reminiscent of the bareness of early Spring. I appreciate the comfy style of it while also being so striking. So you understand - it had to be done!