Friday, August 29, 2014

Change of Focus

There is this Russian bard song by Oleg Mityaev which has such words, "Summer is a little life." I think what it means is, Summer is like a separate life, life within life, when whatever happened before it, as well as whatever comes after it, won't affect anything that happens now. And I find it so easy to fall under the summer charm, and I even think that it is necessary for us people to disconnect from the past and to not cling to the future, just take a summer as its own little life, separate from our memories or dreams.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

High On Life

Did you know that the artichoke is a thistle (чертополох)? 
Well I didn't! Until Justin pointed out how similar they look. 

I think I am a bit of a thistle artichoke myself. 
Not just a flower. Not only a vegetable. 
Big, bright and bold. 
Surprising. Unexpected. Unusual. 
With a myriad of tiny flowers
and a big heart.