Thursday, August 27, 2020

Transition Made Easy: 7 Outfits for 7th Blogiversary

It's hard to believe at times that I've been writing this blog for almost exactly 7 years (the actual anniversary is in early September). When I look back to these 7 years, I remember them with a fond heart, and I feel a little sad that I don't seem to find time for blogging these days. I certainly didn't loose interest in dressing up, and hopefully I'll continue taking pictures of my future outfits and posting them on a regular basis some day. But before I can do that, I'm in a transitional period - I'm not where I used to be any more, and not where I want to arrive yet. Which is an interesting place to be! Today, in honor of my upcoming 7 year Blogiversary, I went through my blog to find some of my favorite transitional outfits which I'm happy to share with you just as a reminder to myself and my readers that transitions don't have to be hard or boring. Let's see how we can play with them!