Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Accessory

It seems Fall stepped into its full rights only by the end of October this year. We are having a mix of wonderfully sunny days with some heavy rains here and there, which has a good effect on foliage I suppose. It started getting colorful just recently, within a week or so. Justin and I took an opportunity to visit the Arboretum up in Seattle once again, and we think the peak season is only beginning! So if you're in the area, you have a great chance to enjoy colorful leaves for probably the next couple of weeks or so.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Autumn Textures

Thank you, my dear friends, for your warm, heartfelt comments to my last post! Please know that your sincere words and our friendship mean a lot to me. I will keep it short and sweet today. As Fall progresses, I continue with my explorations of boho/folk style, the Writer's Closet version. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Replace with Goodness

Sometimes, I get into a particular style (or rather it gets into me), and I just can't stop experimenting with it. This time, it's boho. I often hear that boho looks very organic one me - in fact, they say that it feels very me. To tell the truth, even though I love boho, to me it isn't very me, really. I appreciate its free-spirited vibe and whimsy, which does indeed feel like me. But I crave for a little more structure in clothes. And I think it is not only visually or how it literally feels on my body, but also emotionally, or spiritually, if you will. I think it's my inner craving for more structure in my life lately. I think that I am looking for a balance between freedom and structure.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Northwest Does Southwest

On my recent thrifting trip with my daughter, I was immediately drawn to this vibrant Southwestern inspired jacket. I inspected it thoroughly: it was well made, 100% cotton, thick tapestry kind of weave. It looks very 1980s to me, and I'd say that the boyfriend jacket cut and especially shoulder pads are a dead give away, but I must admit that the label looks completely contemporary, as if it was produced just yesterday. So I really couldn't say how old the thing is. It is in excellent condition though, no signs of wear whatsoever, and the price was $7.99. I held on to this find until the very end of our shopping, and then...I put it back on a hanger and left the store.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Berries

I believe that I mentioned before that recently I fell under the charm of feminine dresses offered by Old Navy. The colors, the patterns, the cuts - everything was spot on, so much so that it was difficult to pick only one dress. But my dilemma was solved quickly with a 50% off offer, and I bought three! All of them are in heavy rotation in the writer's closet this season. One of these irresistible dresses you've seen in my post HERE, another one is in the post that's coming soon, and the third one, in rich Fall berry colors, is in front of your eyes right now.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #16: Tomboy / Dandy / Garçonne

Welcome to the October style challenge with MODISH MATRONS! 
Beate is leading the way, it was her turn to offer a theme, while Tina and I followed. Do not miss the fanciful and creative interpretations of my dear friends: BEATE und TINA

Talk about a challenge! 
This one was perhaps the most challenging over all for me, starting with pants.