Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mountain Peaks

Yesterday was the day to admire and conquer some snowy mountain peaks. To complete that challenging task, I started with my bimonthly visit to Erica which always makes me feel like I'm on the top of the world. Erica is my hairdresser and one of the first people I got to know after relocating here from another state. We know each other for almost 10 years now, and I can't imagine my life without her. As usual, I had a fresh pixie cut, great chat over a cup of chamomile tea, and waxed my eyebrows and upper lip where I have some random hair. I also returned to my favorite and I almost want to say natural copper red (after a side trip to brown for the last couple of months) - I was born a redhead, literally, but then changed into a blond, and finally dark blond as I grew up. So it really feels like coming back to myself when I color my hair copper red. Thanks, Erica! I think everyone needs their own Erica in their life.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rock On!

This was a couple of weeks ago, on a warm sunny Sunday, when we went shopping for The Real Adventure Man (a.k.a. Justin) and found, to our delight, colorful shirts and a few pairs of shorts just to his liking and in his size, and since there are semi-annual sales right now, the prices were good as well. Later, we planed going to a park and at first had something particular in mind, but when we were passing Steilacoom, a charming old town on the way to our destination, I noticed a beach park that we haven't visited before, and spontaneously decided to stop there.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Indian Spice, American Revolution and Soviet Clown

I don't wear boho often, but I have a few pieces and love playing with them from time to time. Neither the blouse nor the skirt are new to my closet (showed previously HERE and HERE), but until just recently, they sort of lived in the same town, but on different streets, and didn't have a chance to cross each other's paths. Then they bumped into each other during a town meeting so to speak, went on a date once, and what do you know - pretty much immediately decided to get married. Kids! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

111 Years

One of the most admirable qualities about Americans is the way they treat the history of their young country. I'm not talking now of the famous historical figures and events about which we all can read in school textbooks, and it isn't only the pride they take in the Declaration of Independence and feeling of good fortune to belong to a powerful nation. I'm talking of the sincere interest in researching and preserving their "small homeland", starting with a family history and continuing with the history of small towns and neighborhoods where they live. They treat their small communities with care and respect, and the people who have built or are building these small communities remain true local heroes. I'm a bit of an outsider here as you know, and I have both the privilege to be a part of it and the privilege to see things a little bit from a distance, being able to compare with what I know about different cultures and countries, mostly of course with my own. Today, I invite you to take another walk in my 'hood, enjoy the laidback atmosphere and learn a bit about 111 years of its life. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dainty Flowers and Big Reveal


Dresses are and quite possibly always will be my favorite garment to wear - I dream of a closet full of dresses in every possible color, hue or shade ... some day. This wrap dress in the 1950s style with dainty flowers all over it was a Spring find earlier this year and became a very welcomed addition to my growing dress collection. It's made of lightweight breathable cambric, with a lightweight breathable cotton voile lining - perfect for hot days! In fact, so perfect that I got a little lost waiting for the hot weather to arrive, and when I realized that it's already mid-July, I put the dress on without hesitation, even though it wasn't a hot day, but rather cool and breezy. But I thought I'd wear it anyway, before the Summer is over.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

On Bottomless Closets, Childhood Flavors and Infinity

This time, I wanted to take my green dress for a walk. I didn't know where exactly we were going, other than grabbing a bite in our favorite local cafe. After we filled our bellies with yummy club sandwiches (that would be me and my dress, though come to think of it, Justin and his shirt too), we decided to go to the movies, and then for a walk in the nearby park where we took these pictures, and then...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Walk in my 'Hood

I am not very big on "thematic" dressing, as in wearing green and red for Christmas, pink or red on Valentine's Day, and red, white and blue on Independence Day. While I don't have anything against this idea, I guess it reminds me too much of uniformity of which I had more than enough when I was growing up in the USSR. Still, I like to incorporate some elements of the common symbolism as a nod to the history and my own ties with the country I love living in. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

On a Whim

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends and readers!
Last Saturday, on a whim, Justin and I went to a park that we love for its awe-inspiring views and small crowds. The park is sort of tucked away from the main traffic, and the public rocky beach isn't big enough to attract many visitors. So even during this busiest weekend of the year, we were able to enjoy the tranquility and solitude of this rare natural setting.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #13: Safari

Our July theme was offered by Beate, and it sounded like this:
Heia Safari: What would you wear if you only could shop your closet for packing that suitcase.
Now, that's a challenge! Anyone could feel puzzled if not defeated by this theme! Anyone but fierce and fearless MODISH MATRONS (insert drum roll here)! Tina and myself followed Beate's lead and created our own versions of African travel worthy outfits. As always, I cannot wait to see the girls' interpretations. Please join me - let's go visit BEATE und TINA