Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hidden Village


Last Saturday night, feeling exhausted and a little chilled after the whole day spent outdoors, we stopped at the closest restaurant we could find, which happened to be a vegetarian and pescaterian Thai place in Bellevue, WA. We are neither, but sort of naturally leaning that direction in the last couple of years, and we love Thai, and our dinner was amazing! Anya got wide rice noodles with "veggie meat" (you wouldn't know the difference, honestly), Justin had pineapple rice with prawns, and I had pad thai with mixed seafood - delicious! No wonder I look as pleased as punch in these pictures! 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Caution: Fire and Smoke

I asked myself why I chose this particular outfit today, what influenced my decision? And the answer came quickly - this sundress with its hot colors and flame-shaped edges has always reminded me of fire, and forest fires is what's on our minds a lot lately. Of course, summer heat can bring forest fires pretty much anywhere in the world, and I hear there are such fires in Germany, Siberia and other places. What we experience here is rather an outcome of such fires in British Columbia, and we have the heaviest smoke which just hangs in the air and doesn't move for a few days, a very unhealthy air quality that is, they say, at the moment the worst in the world. As we are calling for rain to set out the fire and ashes in the atmosphere, I just couldn't help but create this rather expressive clothing duo.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Our First Festival: Flavor of Federal Way

Hello my dear friends and readers,
First I want to THANK YOU for all the love and support you gave me here on the blog as well as on my social media, and via personal messages! I deeply appreciate your kind words and wishes - I read them all! I am eager to tell you everything about my experience of Flavor of Federal Way, the Multicultural Festival that we were honored and excited to be a part of.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer Patchwork and Back to Who We Are

Just as quilt makers collect various scraps and fabric pieces which may or may not end up being a part of a quilt, as a style blogger I am also left with a variety of "scraps" - pictures of my outfits which were sometimes created purposefully and thoughtfully, with an intention to become a "quilt" - a post about a particular ensemble; while other times happened almost unintentionally, randomly, on the way to an event (or sometimes at the event), with very limited time and/or lighting for a decent photo shoot. I collect such picture "scraps", Justin's photographs of my outfits (my form of art) and from time to time combine them to create a post-quilt with all those lovely scraps... And so I've done with this post, showcasing 5 outfits which will tell you a few more stories of my Summer. Many pictures and words!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Woman Who Runs With the Wolves

I have some exciting news to share, but first let's talk about this amazing dress! How happy I was to find it at my local Target! A short back up story. It's a part of the Who What Wear collection and comes in the whole range of sizes, regular and plus, which is great, but typically there isn't a lot of that collection available at my local store. I prefer shopping online anyway, but oddly enough, even though the dress just screams my name with all these bold colors and various stripes...I was indecisive for too long - the dress sold out in all plus sizes online. Oh well, I thought, maybe it wasn't screaming my name after all. But then...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Modish Matrons #26: Blue & Green

Hello dear friends and welcome to Modish Matrons!
In August, we follow Beate's steps into the beautiful sisterhood of two summery colors - BLUE & GREEN! We wear them together, just as we see them together in nature, and especially in abundance during Summer peak.