Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All Your Pretty Purses

...and necklaces!
These pictures were taken in February - the very last day of it. It was such a beautiful, Spring-y day! This sort of outfit is my "go-to" these days. I love elements of military style in women's fashion - although I prefer gold and brass to a camouflage print (triumph and parade vs. hardship and sweat - I guess my associations are something like that). What about you? How do you like your military inspired clothing?

The jacket is by Chico's, and it was shown earlier with simple jeans and clogs here.

I also have worn it with leopard print and rain booties on a wet day which we have a lot (but apparently, not enough this year). These photos are also from February, I just didn't get around to posting them till now:

Back to sunny weather!
I wanted to introduce you to this pretty little purse (which was briefly shown in the previous post). I found it in one lovely boutique on Bainbridge Island which is unfortunately closed now (the boutique, not the island... phew!) I don't know much about this brand - Nicole Lee, but just a quick look at their web site ( tells me it's worth exploring. Fun imaginative designs, vibrant colors, reasonable prices - what else do you need in a good purse?

That's right - quality! I personally love them nice inside and out, with quality hardware... it's a pleasure to not only look at them, but feel and use them - this one is really well done, it's even fun to look on the inside!

The back side has a zipped pocket which can come in handy for things like keys or a cell phone (or a lipstick - everyone has their own idea of what stuff is the most useful in life and deserves to be placed in the prime spot for easy access). I have only one problem with the purse - the sequins on the back. Even though I adore the idea (and love that this little purse has a few different textures), they rub my skirt as I walk with the purse hanging over my shoulder - it's not a biggie, as I can just use a sweater shaver to clean the fabric later, but it's just a bit annoying.

And another detail I wanted to share with you is my necklace. Some of you might have already noticed that I have this chunky pendant which sometimes magically changes color. The secret is actually very simple! The pendant itself is metal, and I change the magnetic inserts to suit my preferences for each individual outfit. Pretty clever! 

These are just a few of my inserts. You can see some of the others in my previous posts here, here and here.

I bought this pendant a few years ago, and now I just get the inserts when I run into them in stores.  Their web site is - you can either buy directly from the web (or even become their dealer), or find a store near you if you are in the US (store prices seem to be cheaper than on the web). They apparently do rings, bracelets and other stuff with this cool magnetic inserts these days. It's a small local business, and if you like the idea of supporting your neighbors, then it is definitely a good case. The story behind the business is pretty touching too. I learned about this unique jewelry from Lita who used to teach my daughter (and me for a short while) hula dance, and who happens to be the mother of one of the Magnabilities' creators and owners. They are a wonderful family. Lita is an amazing woman - very warm, kind, talented, beautiful and just fun to be around. We used to go to her dance studio in Magnolia, but it just got to be too much driving at some point (over 1 hour one way), otherwise I would probably still be dancing hula. :)

I couldn't find a photo of me in my hula skirt, but here are a few pictures back from those days when I took Anya for her weekly classes to Lita's beautiful home studio. On a sunny day, they practiced in the garden!

Lita's dance studio web site is - and the doggy (one of MANY  of their pets!) is actually their mascot! :) They are a very nice, warm and fun bunch of people, so if you are in Seattle, do check them out!

It's an unusual post for me. It's not an advertisement in any sense - I just really enjoy sharing what I love! :)

Jacket - Chico's. Sweater, leo print shirt and purple skirt - Lane Bryant. Shoes - Dansko. Rainboots - Hunters. Purse - Nicole Lee. Pendant - Magnabilities (local Seattle small business). Statement necklace - Talbots on sale. Malachite necklace and ring and Italian glass ring - festival and boutique finds. Umbrella via Target.


  1. The purple skirt and shoes with the green is pure delight.
    You and Anya are just fabulous.
    Have a grand day, dear friend

  2. The gold jacket is a really versatile piece, I bet it looks good with everything. Love the green/fuchsia mix, and your bag is lovely, but I have to confess it's your interchangeable necklace that has me drooling, what a fabulous idea!
    Anya looks so pretty, and I would love to see both of you hula-ing! Lita and her garden are beautiful. xxx

    1. When is your birthday? :) I think I know what you'd be happy to see as a little gift! :)
      Thank you for such kind words, Curtise!

  3. That green and pink mix is gorgeous, the thumbnail of you leaps out of my Bloglovin' screen and looks incredible. Love the idea of that interchangeable choker, what a great piece.
    Anya is an absolute doll! xxx

    1. I have to explore Blogloving! Glad that you liked my pics! Two chockers will have to go to England some time in the future!! :)
      Thank you for your compliments, my dear!

  4. Anya is totally adorable! and I love your use of colour, print, pattern and texture in your outfits - the inter-changeable necklace is awesome and very useful, have a wonderful weekend x x x

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sandra! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!