Friday, August 29, 2014

Change of Focus

There is this Russian bard song by Oleg Mityaev which has such words, "Summer is a little life." I think what it means is, Summer is like a separate life, life within life, when whatever happened before it, as well as whatever comes after it, won't affect anything that happens now. And I find it so easy to fall under the summer charm, and I even think that it is necessary for us people to disconnect from the past and to not cling to the future, just take a summer as its own little life, separate from our memories or dreams.  

Now when this little life is coming to its end, there is a mixed bag of feelings. On the one hand, as always, it felt so short - despite the fact that it was probably the longest hot Summer in my few years in the Pacific Northwest. On the other hand, I am anticipating a fresh start which Fall brings - change of season, change of focus, a bunch of white pages to write on. I love this vague time in between. Not summer already, not autumn yet. Harvest time - time to decide what to bring with me from my "before Summer" life, and what to leave behind. Creative time - deciding what will go onto the new pages of my life.

I did not plan my "radio silence", it happened naturally. To tell the truth, I even wrote a couple of posts, but haven't published them - you probably know how it feels at times, sort of like you are out of it. I did not want to push it and decided to take it one day at a time. I felt inspired today - probably because the temperature dropped. 

Not a big fan of beer, but enjoy having a glass of house brewed beer at our local chain Rock Wood Fired Pizza - there are locations in a few different US states and Canada, apparently. If you are a fan of rock and a fan of pizza, check this restaurant out, they are worth it!

I might return to the idea to post a few of my hot day outfits (though they are quite simple, I am really all about "the less the merrier" in the summer), but for now, I am just saying hello to old friends, with my cooler day inspired outfit.

Linking up with Sheila's Shoe Shine!

Shirt via Goodwill ($5.99)
Boots - Born via Nordstrom Rack
Everything else is old from my closet:
jeggings by Hue
hand painted enamel necklace is traditional Russian finift & filigree
silver Celtic necklace and malachite ring - boutique and festival finds years ago
and I am so happy that I dug out this old Fossil purse - it was perfect for my outfit today


  1. Lovely to see your face again!
    You're looking cool in both senses. :-) I'm glad your summer was lovely and warm. We dread summer!
    I often think Winter is its own little world, time to hibernate and settle in front of the fire with warm food and family. We have had a lovely hibernate and now we are emerging, blinking in the sunlight!
    Xo JJ

  2. I think I saw your post on google+ at the very moment you posted it. You've been missed! I even tried to translate one of your posts on one of your other blogs. ;)
    I love your thoughts about the seasons and summer being it's own little life. It brings back memories of childhood and all the summer freedoms that came with it but at the same time unique all by itself, like an Island. It takes a bit more effort in our adult lives to see summer as a sweet, restful, carefree time. Everyone is so busy with their lives.
    Born makes great boots and I'm happy to see them here ready for fall. I enjoyed wearing my boots in today's cooler weather too. But then my feet got hot later when it warmed up. ;)

  3. So good to see you again and glad you're feeling invigorated and ready to take on Autumn.
    Your boots are gorgeous and I'm more than a little in love with that beautiful embroidered tunic. The pizza joint sounds like bliss - great food, beer and good tunes, ace! xxx

  4. The boots are sweet! I have a couple of pairs of Born shoes and they are so comfy! These have great classic style, too.

    Great purse, lovely accessories. I love your style! Thank you so much for linking up to Shoe Shine!

  5. I love the embroidery on your blouse! U look fantastic and those boots rock!!!
    Happy weekend!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  6. There's something so liberating about the switch from one season to the next … I'm always ready for the change by the time it's due.
    That necklace is just gorgeous … I love it :0)

  7. i missed you sooo much!!!!!
    your description of late summer is totally what i feel in late august..... a german writer (tucholsky???) said that this is the 5. season. season of slowing down, relaxing.......
    love your blouse!!! and the pic in the restaurant! beautiful!

  8. I think it's only natural to take a break from blogging sometimes, especially in summer. I'm not posting often these days as well (getting ready for our so long waited vacation). You look amazing as usual! Love the embroidered detail on the shirt! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Welcome back Dear Natalia. You were surely missed. Yes, officially summer is coming to an end. I agree, it has its own separate life, and that is why I savor it so. My happiest of times seem to always be in summer.

  10. I am so glad to see you back! You look fantastic in that outfit and I just love the green of the pants and those boots! I love the sentiments expressed here about summer. While I don't romanticize summer it really is like a separate little life and I find I am always as glad to end it and get back to regular life as I am to embrace the little life when it finally comes around each year. I think the heat wore me out too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you take on this fall and what you wear! So happy to see you back, my friend.

  11. How pretty you look in that blouse and your smile! Your thoughts on summer are so true. It is a life within a life, time for being outside and clearing things out. I love the break from my computer now too!
    Great to see you again!

  12. Как же я люблю "Лето - это маленькая жизнь"! Правда, всегда немного плачу, когда слушаю эту мелодию и Митяева, но это не важно. x

  13. You look soooo great! I love the outfit and especially the boots. They are so awesome. Your jewelry is great too and the bag is totally fabulous.

  14. What a fabulous way to describe summer! Your optimism is contagious, and I agree an new season ahead a an be exciting I love your embroidered shirt, and those boots are worn in all of the right places!
    Welcome back to the blogosphere!
    XX, Elle

  15. So lovely to see you again, Natalia - I have missed you!
    I know what you mean about summer feeling like a discrete time all of its own. I think it's about the holiday from school, and the routine being different - it feels as though the rules don't apply!
    Still, like you, we are back to reality (well, the autumn version of it), the kids are back at school, and like you, I am wondering what the next few months will bring.
    You look as gorgeous as ever, love the embroidery on your shirt and those fabulous boots. And the Russian enamel necklace is really beautiful. xxxx

  16. Welcome back, so lovely to catch up again, you have been missed. Your thoughts on summer are so true, our lives take on a much different attitude. Hope you enjoyed the final days of summer as it sounds like you are ready for a new you in Autumn. xx