Saturday, October 3, 2015

Inspiring, Exhausting, Wonderful

One of our most favorite weekends of the year - the writer's conference. We'll have another full day tomorrow. Inspiring, informative, refreshing, reassuring, stirring up so much all at once... If you are passionate about writing and attended a similar event, you know exactly what I mean.  All in all, it's wonderful and exhausting - another reason to wear energizing colors!

Wide leg pants - Lane Bryant
Blouse - vintage 
Sweater vest - very old Lane Bryant
Hat - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Aquatalia 
Purse - vintage


  1. You look amazing in this colours. Love the pants. Wide leg is very confortable ;)
    very nice autum Outfit. Have a wonderfull day, kisses Tina

  2. I delayed registration and now am on a wait list for a blogging conference. I hope I get in for the reason you state. Loving that fall tone yellow andcthe wide legs look stylish and comfortable.

  3. Great pants! Are you in down town Edmonds? You will no doubt be inspired in all kinds of new ways on your return.

  4. wouuu, those pants look comfy and cool!, and such an amazing color!, love how you're embracing yellow shades, I think their color is very similar to your fabulous yellow skirt which I adore! And love that 70's vibe, the vest, the hat, you rock!!
    Glad that you're enjoying an inspiring time with colleagues!

  5. Love these pants, love the energy. Clearly you are up to something joyful and inspiring based on these photos - not just facing the world but changing it in wonderful ways.I'm glad the conference is so inspiring.

  6. love love love that outfit on you!!!!
    it totally shows your energy, passion and artistry (is that the right word for "künstlerwesen"?)
    and combined from vintage and long loved pieces with that fabulous new trousers!!! just gorgeous!!!
    what a great conference for you!!!
    hugses!!! kisses!! <3

  7. I love this boho look on you! I hope you had a wonderful time at the conference and was inspired by it.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  8. Natalia, you love just super in those wide leg pants, top and floppy hat, perfect for your creative endevours. Hope you have enjoyed your conference.

  9. What a fantastic outfit, a real nod to the 1970s!
    I really love Cheryl Stayed writing and recently discovers she's run a series of writing workshops in Greece. I'd definitely be up for that. xxx

  10. Beautiful energy, colors, smile, style. The next time I come to the west coast, we'll have to connect. XXOO

  11. Such stunning colours, they really do give off a powerful and positive charge!
    Love the hat, but I love your passionate enthusiasm about writing even more! xxx

  12. You always have such great patterns for sewing. It is obvious that you really devote a lot of thought and effort into getting the details and the look perfect.
    You are truly an inspiration.