Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sister! Happy Birthday, Book!

This is the way Andrei, my beloved brother greeted me on my birthday this year. :)
Now I can tell that I was born twice, both times in May. First, in 1973, in a far away town in Siberia, as a little girl named Natasha, with long red hair and blue eyes (as mama describes me). Second time, in 2016, in America, as a book author Natalia Lialina, though my red hair is now short, and my eyes became green.  

A one-minute video dedicated to my very first book. 
If you speak/understand Russian, check also the Russian version of this video on my channel.

Andrei and I worked on this book for several years. From my heartfelt fairy tale that I sent him back in 2007, to his inspired illustrations, when the characters came alive, to AnyaStories, the web site for children that we launched in 2012, add finally the book. I don't want to give away too much information all at once, but we are working on an English translation, as well as companion books, bilingual books and fun new stories.

Anya and Her Wings (Russian Edition) is available on Amazon and Amazon UK
I started a Facebook page for our book series:
If you are on FB, please help us spread the word about our book, Andrei and I appreciate your interest and support!

My birthday was wonderful. I'll show you my birthday outfit in another post soon, but today I wanted to share this fun large polka dot dress. I bought it this Spring and wore it a couple of times. It's another eShakti dress. I think I changed a couple of things from their original design. I chose a Peter Pan collar and longer length, the more polka dots the merrier. I absolutely adore eShakti dresses and sincerely recommend that you give them a try. Keep in mind that you can not only modify a chosen design, but also pick your own unique measurements over a generic size. It fits well, it's made well, it's unique, it's affordable. In my book, it's heaven. And I am not even paid to say these words. :)

The dress is pure cotton and fully lined. Such an easy piece to style. This time, I just added a cardigan, my pearl jewelry and cat's eye sunglasses. Sweet and feminine.

And of course topping off an outfit with a sequined red hat never hurts...

... nor does topping it off with a red nose!

Dress - eShakti
Cardigan - Lane Bryant (old)
Shoes - Josef Seibel (old)
Purse - practically ancient
Pearls - gifts
Red hat and red nose - Walgreens 

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  1. happy birthday natasha!!!!! let me hug you and kiss your cheeks!!!!
    <3 <3 <3
    and congratulations to the book!!! soooo gorgeous! andrei´s illustrations are so cute. and i bet your story is very warmhearted and full of fantastic ideas! exactly like you my friend :-)
    you look stunning in that dress!!!! well done to choose peter pan collar and the tea-lenght. the polka dots are very cool!!
    love your oleg popow accessories!!!!!!
    more hugs! xxxxxxx

  2. Such an incredible accomplishment! Happiest congratulations and birthday wishes, sweet Natasha!

    Giant hugs!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Happy birthday, Natalia! And congratulations on your book! How wonderful that you collaborated with tour brother, and named it after your daughter!
    Oh, and the dress is fabulous.

    1. Thank you, Tiina! It was a great adventure to create a book, and a true labor of love for all of us! Justin is a behind the scene genius in all of that.

  4. Congratulations on the book! O'm so excited for you. Beaitiful dress-love the nose too.

    1. Thank you, Sam! Here is to more books! Champagne!

  5. Happy Birthday Natascha. Great news about your book. Great changes in your life. congratulation.
    You look amazing. This dress is adorable and so cute with this collar and the dots.
    Kisses and hughs, Tina

  6. Happy birthday dear friend and many congrats on your book. The illustrations look incredible, and so do you!

  7. Happy Birthday, Natalia! Wonderful news about your book. Loving the massive polka dots, that dress fits you beautifully. xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Natalia. That's fantastic about the book. You must be so proud.
    And wow, that dress is the tops! Stunning on you. And I agree, the more polka dots the merrier and the peter pan collar is just so sweet.

  9. Happy birthday my friend! And congratulations on the birthday of your wonderful book, too. I am loving those polka dots and sequined hat. xox


  10. Happy birthday and congratulations on your book! You look great and genuinely happy!


    Tamara -

  11. I love your dots and stripes, your hat and silly nose!
    I can not wait to open the you tube on this, but everyone here is napping. I am sure it will be outstanding.
    I love the first paragraph of this post, how you described your two births. You are gifted!
    I will comment again later!
    xx, Elle
    for now Happy Birthday, and congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Elle, your are so sweet! Books are an important part of our life. So are naps. :)

  12. Congrats on your book dear Natalia...and congrats to your brother as well. From what I have seen on youtube, his illustrations are outstanding. I also love that painting of you he did based on your daughter's child drawing- there is so much life in that painting. I always look at it when I visit your page. You are both truly gifted.

    I'm sure that Anya's story is absolutely wonderful! I'm sure that the English version will be fantastic as well.

    Happy birthday to you, I wish you all the best. You look so dreamy in this polka dot dress...fabulous striped cardi to match. I love this subtle mix of prints.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! So kind of you. We are a good team, Andrei and I, and Justin, and Anya. :)

  13. Happy birthday Natalia! And big congratulations on your book!!! It's beautifully illustrated.

    This dress and hat combo is great.

  14. This post is pure joy!! First to see you looking so lovely and happy, secondly to hear about your book!! I studied Russian for a year in high school and we had to choose russian names to use in class. Guess what my choice was? Yup, Natasha! :-) I remember the alphabet, I can count to 11, say hello/goodbye and thank you, and I can sing an old classic folk song. I hope to see you someday and share that with you!! Do you ever go to Portland? I will be there with my son and family from 7/6-7/12. I'll be busy with my grandson and new granddaughter but I'd LOVE to see you if possible.

    Send me an email at Love you. xoxo

    1. Hello, Natasha! :)
      I am impressed how much you remember after just one year of studying Russian, Jean. I really am. I studied German for a few years and I think I remember less. They say, if you don't use it - you loose it. I find it so true about languages. Though I think we can gain it back if we are in the right environment.

      I will email you! Much love!

  15. I guess you've figured out that I'm catching up on my Natalia Lialina! First let me tell you how much I love seeing you in black and white. It really shows off your beautiful coloring. And polka dots? Stop it already. Too too cute. I think it's wonderful that you have already had two lives. I wish you many many more.

    1. Thank you, Connie! I like it - two lives, it feels like maybe even more than two at times!
      I am drawn to black and white lately. There is another one coming up soon! And I also need to catch up on my favorite bloggers! :)