Friday, January 5, 2018

Cool as a Cucumber

In this new faux leather jacket, I feel like Special Agent Cooper - cool as a cucumber. Being so taken with pattern mixing for the most part, I haven't done much color blocking lately, which is where I started my style experiments back in 2013. I didn't know that term back then, I just saw it done by some fabulous style bloggers, and I liked it and wanted to learn how to do it on my own. I ended up doing a lot of it over the past few years! But time flies, and our interests change, or at least move around - there are always new (twin) peaks to conquer, right? So I haven't color-blocked in a while and felt a bit rusty. But this jacket, guys! It reminded me of a biker jacket I used to wear in the 1990s. It was made of the fabric that looked like crushed velvet, but thick and practically indestructible, and it had similarly cool details and vibe about it. It wasn't such an intense color though, but a beautiful deep gray - I wore it non-stop, with everything. Years passed, and I tried a few moto jackets, but nothing really grabbed me before I found this one. Thank you, my new red jacket, for bringing me back to my (style) roots!


You need some very cool pieces in colors that you love and find good together. 
But REALLY COOL pieces that you love!

Start with just two. Put them on.

Feel your heart skip a bit as you look in the mirror.
If it didn't skip, try another combination. Repeat 1 and 2.

Add your favorite accessories.
Check your heart beat as you look in the mirror again. 
Do you feel like dancing now? If no, repeat 4. 
If yes, go to the final step.

You are ready to go!
Out the door, into the world, cool as a cuke!

When you try my recipe next time, add the third color / cool piece to the mix.
And so on!


The end of my recipe, that is. Not the end of my post, yet. 

To me, this moto jacket is that cool piece - I am crazy about the large lapels as well as the vibrant red! At first, I was a bit afraid of it - what if it's too much? As if there is such a thing as too much great color, silly me! I am now head over heels in love with my jacket, wearing it with various skirts so far. I really love how it looks with my old mustard yellow skirt, vintage carpet bag and leopard jacquard sweater (speaking of KNITS!). Not to forget my sparkly embroidered heel suede booties, they are darling and compliment so many outfits. 

In other news, I'm catching up on some American cult TV shows - I've finished watching Mad Men over the holiday break (enjoyed the quality of production, writing and fashion), and now I watch Twin Peaks and am very much into it. It was on Russian TV in the late 1990s I believe, but I didn't watched it then, not sure why. But I think it wouldn't have been my cup of tea back then, I would probably have found it too weird. I'm glad that I waited, because now I love everything about it. Did you know that it was filmed here in Washington? (No wonder Agent Cooper loves our coffee so much!) 

Twin Peaks has too many layers to discuss in one short and not-meant-to-be-deeply-profound post, but one thing I enjoy a lot is admiring the scenery of familiar places. SNOQUALMIE FALLS being the most famous, of course. It's 82 m (268 ft) high which is taller than the famous Niagara Falls (51 m or 167 ft) by quite a bit, though not nearly as wide. This magnificent waterfall is a popular tourist destination and is only 50 min from us by car. We have visited there several times. Last time, it seems, almost 5 years ago with my dear parents, in February 2013, who were amazed how incredibly powerful it is. As I write this, I remember that I also took a friend visiting from out of state in November of the same year. Nevertheless, it's been a while, and I hear the Falls calling me now, with the main Twin Peaks tune flowing over it, so maybe it's time to pay a visit and see it with fresh eyes! 

What are you obsessing about lately? Tell me everything!

Faux leather jacket - Eloquii
Skirt  and sunglasses- Lane Bryant (old)
Sweater - Target 
(if you're interested how I wore it before, click HERE)
Purse and earrings - vintage
Booties - Kenneth Cole Reaction
Necklace - Chico's (old)

* * *


  1. Love the red jacket & most perfect color-block outfit advice! I loved the show Mad Men.

    1. Thank you! It's an excellent TV drama, very talented visually too.

  2. first!: totally fab outfit!!
    you look like a rockstar - very very cool!!! looove it! i wish i cold find such a very red moto - but in genuine leather snob that i´m ;-)))
    remember twin peaks on german telly in the 90s - it influenced many of my colleges design-wise - but i had no telly then and did spend my nights in clubs & pubs anyway..... should try to find the DVDs.
    i´m obsessed with: getting my physical strength back - last year drained me out down to almost nothing. did start walking on my own - just for walking.
    much love to you and biggest hugses!! xxxxxx

    1. I'm cheering you on your healthy obsession! We went on a wonderful 3 mi long walk on the first day of the new year - it seems we have formed our own family tradition. I got a bit sick after all though.
      Wishing you to find a red leather jacket of your dream!!!

  3. "Feel your heart skip a bit as you look in the mirror" is my style mantra, Natalia. And my heart centainly skipped when I saw your utterly fabulous outfit. The jacket is a dream! And your colour blocking talents certainly weren't rusty when you chose that mustard yellow skirt to combine it with. By the way, did you realize you are wearing the colours of the Belgian flag, in the correct order, starting with your black opaques? I was totally into Twin Peaks (and had a crush on Dale Cooper) back in the 90s. I haven't watched the new series yet, as I want to re-watch the original series first. Huge hugs xxx

    1. WOW, I didn't even think about flags! Hello Belgium! :)
      I think it's a great mantra regarding to anything we love, really. I salut you if that's how you feel about all or maybe most of your outfits! I think it's wonderful! I'd love to reach that kind of style zen myself some day. :)

      I haven't watched the new series (or the movie), I am still in the season 2 of the original series. It is so layered, complex, imaginative and original. I read about David Lynch and he fascinates me. Agent Cooper is a handsome guy in more ways than one (inner beauty and all). I can see why this series has such a strong following!

  4. Ślicznie wyglądasz:))fantastyczna kurtka i super spódnica:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  5. Hello dearest Natalia! Happy 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cucumber!?! I'd say it's cool like a very red and very hot chili pepper!!!!! Thanks for the color-blocking-receipe, the chili pepper is surely a perfect ingredience. I think, your heart doesn't only skip when you're looking in the mirror, I think your heart is turning somersaults!
    So many hugs, my dear!

  6. Oh -
    and did I already say that I like the color of your skirt? And your pullover? And the 2013-familiy-photo with the great waterfall?

  7. Natalia.
    How fabulous you look in this beautifully put together outfit! I love how you managed to create a color blocked outfit and add some lovely pattern mixing. I adore the motorcycle jacket and the leopard sweater. And that handbag is fabulous.
    I also really love the shot you near the falls. I hope your week is off to a great start.

  8. woaaa, I love this outfit so much!!, the colors, the accessorizing, the fabulous jacket!. I do love your jacket, it fits you like a dream, has an interesting texture and it's Red, that's even more fabulousness!!. I think that your top, your necklace, your bag and boots, everything work together so well!, awesome!!
    And I love your advice, particularly that 'Do you feel like dancing now? If no, repeat 4', mwhaha, that's my kind of advice! Spreading fun and fabulousness!

  9. I'm so loving this color combo Natalia!!!

  10. Happy New Year Natalia, your colour blocking is a great start to the year. Your red moto jacket is perfect with the leopard print top and mustard colour skirt.Love your recipe for colour blocking , joy in every step.

  11. I loved reading your easy steps to colour blocking. You're right, it should be pieces that we truly love....and when it comes to accessories, you are right again- they play an important role in that 'feel good' factor. I'm still into pattern mixing myself:) but I do a bit of colour blocking now and then. All in all, this outfit is very stylish.

    I don't watch TV series very often. I watched the first season (maybe also the second one) of Mad Man when it was on TV a few years ago. I liked it, great writing and costume design (a wonderful sight for someone who loves vintage clothes) but I guess I didn't like it enough to actively search for it. Some characters in that series are more interesting than others and when the focus started to shift towards those that I didn't care that much about, I lost interest. Last year I watched one Russian TV series called Kukhnya (I had watched all the seasons, but not the film) and there is even a spin off called Otel Eleon, but I only watched two seasons of it and got bored.