Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Harmony: Dreams and Life Coming Together

The color green in its many shades and hues has been a strong favorite of mine for many years - to the point that it was the most represented color in my home and wardrobe too, until just a few years ago. I wasn't quite as obsessed with green as The Green Lady, but when I discovered her, I sure felt like we were soul sisters. Green has been a very happy color for me too! (Find proof in my old post The Color of Your Soul with photos from May 2013 - before this blog.)

But instead of going all the way into green, I then started actively discovering other colors, and green got somewhat overlooked for the past couple of years or so - I felt much less drawn to it, I think it seemed too familiar, not very exciting if you will. And my last couple of years were definitely all about excitement, exploration and discovery regarding my personal style. And let me tell you, I discovered lots and lots of colors! 

But eventually and inevitably I started missing green hues and looking forward to adding more green stuff to my life again. The English expression "green with envy" or the Russian one "green anguish" (тоска зеленая) are alien to me. On the surface, there is this colorful, bold, at times eccentric and even what can seem to some a bit loud exterior, which is a lust for life and which is a big part of who I am. 

Lionfish (source: Wikipedia)
On one of our trips to the Aquarium years ago, my Dad said that Lionfish reminds him of me.

But there is an underlying layer too, which I believe makes me more grounded and well-balanced, and that layer is harmony. Loosing the inner harmony, the precious connection to my true self is like singing out of tune, like being a fish out of water. My whole being suffers so much that I mobilize all forces to find that connection again. It becomes my foremost priority. Depending on where I am in my inner journey, it can take anywhere from a few years to a few seconds to start singing in tune again. Harmony is how I define happiness - not excitement or ecstasy, but harmony, and green is the color of harmony to me.

This particular shade of green is what I call "mustard green" (traditional Russian hot mustard is rather green - not yellow), and it has been one of my most favorite hues for many years - I remember having a gorgeous long wool coat in a darker shade of mustard green in the 1990s, that was a thing of beauty. And of course when I saw this set of leopard pattern jacquard skirt and sweater, I felt it was an old, quieter part of me connecting with the new, bolder part of me, and both parts started singing in perfect tune, harmonizing with one another. Jacquard sweaters and sweater dresses (or skirts) that seem to have a particularly hot moment this season, remind me of what we wore back in the 1980s when we were kids and young teens - so when I wore this outfit, it was such a feeling of coming back home.

Maybe it's why I intuitively chose this outfit to wear on a day when I was busy signing and sending my books to my dear readers? I hadn't thought about it when I decided on it, but I felt so strongly connected, that there was no question about what to wear that day. 

The feeling that many parts of me, my dreams and my life are coming together, is truly amazing. I think that's what we ultimately live for - finding the harmony between our inner selves and the path we choose in our life. Finding what brings us the most joy and makes our soul sing in perfect tune with our daily life.

Now you see why I enjoy writing this blog - it really helps me to understand myself better, to find the lost connections, or to connect the disconnected dots as I said in one of my earlier posts. All my senses get into focus, all the best parts of me feel are extremely alive when I write. 

As much as I enjoy writing, I feel a bit shy in front of the camera, so please forgive my mistakes. I recorded this little video for you, my friends and readers, in which I introduce you to the results of my work for the past few years which manifested in 2016 in not just one, as I thought, but three books being published this past year. 

I am so eager to share my news with you! I hope you'll find a moment to watch this short video, made on a cold and windy January day, and if you are interested in reading my fairy tale (which is now available not only in Russian, but also in English, thanks to Justin's beautiful translation), and get creative with our interactive companion book (which is bilingual, Russian and English) - then Andrei and I will be the most happy. 

Fairy tales are not trivial. 
They are not just silly stories to entertain an undemanding audience. 
On the contrary, the best fairy tales have an amazing power to change life.

Fairy tales need people as much as people need fairy tales!

You can find all the links to my books under the video on YouTube or on the page MY BOOKS. Feel free to contact me if you would like to have a signed copy, or if you're not sure how to get my books in your part of the world. We are only learning about the shipping and handling process, but I'm sure we can figure something out even if Amazon or Amazon UK don't ship it to your country yet.

Listen to your dreams. Particularly those of them which seem especially hard to reach, yet so desirable that they bring you that bittersweet feeling at times. Do not ignore them. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that they are for "chosen ones" or for "lucky ones". Do not think that happiness and fulfillment are random. We all have dreams, and we have them for a good reason, not to be tortured by them. Our dreams are the sharpest tool we get - they are the compass that our inner, most connected part of ourselves, gives us to show the direction in which to move on with our life. All we need is to honor this tool!

If you, like myself and millions of others, were spooked earlier in life and did not pursue your dreams because of the lack of guidance or support, either from your family or from society, do not fall into another trap of thinking that it is "all their fault" and that now is "too late". It is never about fault, and it is definitely never too late to live the life that you came here to live. Now is the perfect time to begin!

And if you "forgot" what your dreams are, if you feel unsure, then take time to explore, do not hurry yourself - just enjoy your explorations. Remember that "not all who wander are lost". Trust that the details will sort themselves out. What matters is our eagerness to create. There will be dark times - but let this little phrase that helped me to stay on track countless times, be a beacon on your journey -
"It's always darkest before the dawn." 

My book is dedicated to Boys and Girls in search of their wings through the whole wide world - and I mean, to all girls and boys, little and grown ones. Know that you have all you need to make your dream a reality! 

Here is to a new year filled with Active Creativity!

Jacquard skirt and sweater - Ashley Stewart (sale)
Russian platok - my parents' gift
Coat - Ashley Stewart (old)
Boots - Ecco's (old)
Purse - Michael Kors via TJ MAXX (sale)
Jewelry - a mix from my collection (old)
Books - by Andrei Lialin and Natalia Lialina :) 

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  1. Dear Natalia, you look great in mustard green leo. Your book is so cute illustrated, I would like to have on of it for me. I love fairytales:). I ordered it by I found it there easily. Delivery is saturday 7.1.!?? I'm looking forward with great expectation.
    Send you much love and hugs, Tina

    1. Tina, you've made my day! Thank you so much for purchasing my book! I had no idea Amazon delivers to Germany - great news. I believe you are my very first European reader. :) And January 7 (delivery day) is Russian Orthodox Christmas, by the way! So Merry Christmas once more, and a very happy and magical New Year, my dear friend!
      Lots of love!

    2. Natalia!!! yesterday your book arrived! I order it in my amazon app. normaly! what a cute book. The illustration is sooooo cute ♥. Sorry I haven't read it. In the afternnoon I when I drink a big cup of tea, I would like to read.
      I looooove your beginning.... once upon a time♥♥♥
      Natalia I send you many love, hugs and kisses, Tina

    3. Oh yes Natalia, I believe I am the first european reader too :))
      Merry christmas Natalia!

    4. Thank you, thank you, for letting me know! I'm so happy that our book brings joy to your heart!

  2. my dear friend! i´m soooo happy to see that you have this beautiful books in your hands finally! this must be a gorgeous feeling! i love how you all worked together to make it come true and i´ m looking forward to read your fairy tale - full with excitement!
    your leo-look is totally chic! especially with the coat - what a genius idea! (blue-ish)green is my fav color - but for years there were no green in my wardrobe - it simply was´t available in the corners i used to shop. in the meantime i have collected some green items, even shoes and handbag :-)
    in german we say "yellow with envy" and your dress is "pea green" :-)
    huge hugs! xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear! Yes, all three books are now in my hands and available for sale! I am so happy that all of them came out the same year. We did it! :)

      I too have a few collected over the years green items - three or four handbags, a pair of booties, shawls and scarves, a blouse or two... but I used to have much more, esp. olive green and what is called Spring green here. Mustard green is a pretty rare hue here.

      Lots of love!

  3. I'm very excited to see you holding your book, it makes it very real!
    Loving the clashing cat prints.
    There isn't much green in my wardrobe although I adore emerald green. It's very popular amongst vintage lovers and if I find anything in that colour I have to sell it. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! Imagine how happy Andrei was to hold his book babies in his hands after so many years creating the illustrations and all the designs for our site and for book pages! Justin (with my assistance) made the translation in record short amount of time, and I really love it! Translating is one of the hardest linguistic jobs, period. As for my took practically 10 years to make this dream a reality - I began writing it in 2006, and it was only a wage dream of holding a book in my hands some day. It's a labor of love, and it feels truly magical.

      I've been telling you for years - I love green on you! :)

  4. Congratulations, Natalia, on your book. Your post today was very thought provoking. I smiled at the Green Lady and I paused and gave much thought to your words on dreaming. It's so easy to stop dreaming because of past disappointments. Thank you. And I hope you have a very happy and successful New Year. Stay warm up there! It's only one degree in Mosier today!

    1. Thank you for your warm words, Marea, they mean a lot to me! If my text resonated with you, then I am very touched - it means it was written for You. Happy New Year to you too, my dear! Happy new beginnings!

  5. What a beautiful, relevant and timely post. I do love green and all it represents, spring, new life, healthy ecosystems ..
    I also love your harmony green, the green mixed with earthy brown for the mustard green. it is gorgeous in the patterns mixed together . Harmony is most important, I agree, so much more valuable that status, or anything material.
    Congrats on the books, I will click on to this later, right now my pup is nearby and she gets afraid when my computer starts to talk! ( ok not a pup, she is 14, a senior dog- but always my pup)
    Happy new year to you and yours!!
    xx, Elle

  6. Oh Natalia, how exciting, congratulations to you , your brother Andrei and Justin on your joyous achievement.I can tell in your video how excited and pleased you are to hold those books in your hands.Your post reference to our dreams is most thought provoking, I particularly must remember ''all who wander are not lost", so easy to loose sight of your dreams along the way.
    I can see why green is an all time favourite of yours , this shade in particular suits to perfection. Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thank you, my dear Jill! I always appreciate your feedback. It may be one of the reasons for some of us to be such enthusiastic dreamers - so we can remind those who forget the importance of following their dreams. Happy New Year!

  7. I'm a fan of green colour myself. That old lady in green made me smile, she seems lovely. I can understand your attraction to green. To me it always seemed a calming colour. On the other hand, I understand why you also had the need to discover and rediscover other colours. It is always good to get out of our comfort zone- for really nothing is written in stone and we can always find new things we can like. Our comfort zone is something that should change according to our needs....and it is always good to challenge it.

    That dress is so lovely. I didn't know that in Russia mustard is greenish:) so mustard green seems an appropriate title for this shade. I do like this subtle shade of green. Very elegant. The coat with animal print is a great pairing with it. You know how much I love animal print. I'm always glad to see a nice pattern mix, as the one you have created here. The green boots are also lovely. You look beautiful.

    I have already seen the video, so I know about the news....:) Congrats once again! I'm not sure if Amazon ships here, I think it probably does. I'll have to check it out. Your words about fulfilling and following our dreams are very inspiring. I agree with everything you said. It is never to late to find and realize our passions.

    Happy Christmas Eve to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! A couple of fellow bloggers referred to this shade of green as "pea green", so there are probably a few outlooks on that, nevertheless it's a fun color!

  8. You look amazing in green! And I love that mustard green. I've always called it pea soup green, though I'm not sure that's quite right. I think it's one of those unexpected shades that looks quite chic! Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and I hope your 2017 is off to a fabulous start!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you, Dawn Lucy! Pea soup really has a similar shade. :)

  9. "Fairy tales need people as much as people need fairy tales!" I love this sentence. You look great in green and I like to see you wearing many different colours.
    Green is magical and soothing, definetely a great colour:)
    Hugs my dear friend!:))

    1. I'm happy you recognize the wisdom in that phrase, my friend. I wrote it many years ago, on one of my writing sites. IT's our motto now. It's one of these things that ring true to your heart as they come to you.

  10. A very inspiring post, Natalia! I am happy for you that your dreams are becoming true and that you are so overfilled with joy and energy and happiness. Green is a lovely colour and I like it too but it would be really pitiful to neglect all other wonderful colours as that lady in the video does, hehe...

    1. Well, it works for the Green Lady, so it must be right for her.
      Thank you for your kind words, Olga! To me, it is one of the most magical times of my life.

  11. ohhh, so delightful and moving post! I always enjoy your writting, dear lady!
    I've never considered myself as a green lover, but I've realized that I like some khaki, forest green and your mustard green too!. There's a shade for everyone!
    Love to see you talking about your book!, inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! I'm always touched by your kind comments.

  12. Dear Natalia - I love to see you holding your books - your lovely creations that will bring joy. And your green outfit is stunning, and yes, very harmonious with you. Thanks for linking up, xo