Monday, July 1, 2019

Modish Matrons #37: On the Beach & By the Pool

I wasn't born by the sea - I was born and raised in the very center of the largest country in the world, rather as far from any seas as could be. But even living in the middle of Eurasia, the largest continent, I was always dreaming of the sea. My first years in America were also rather closer to the middle of the continent than to any of the coasts, but no matter where I lived, I enjoyed spending time on a lake shore, riverbank or at the pool, at any season really, but especially in Summer.

I know I'm not alone in my love of water. If you are too, please join my dear friends TINA und BEATE 
for our July link-up party. Show us what you wear on the beach and by the pool, and see what we wear.

I know that the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a beach and especially a pool is swimming. But it isn't always about swimming, and definitely not for everyone. I love visiting our beautiful wild Pacific Northwest beaches without any plans to swim, though I love getting my feet wet, so my shoes have to be something easy like this pair of Crocs. I love wearing dresses, so most probably you'll see me on the beach in one of my colorful dresses or skirts rather than jeans or pants. For Summer, of course, cotton or linen would be best. This sundress is one of my latest purchases from eShakti, made to my measurements, so it fits me like a glove. It immediately became my favorite dress of the season. It is easy to throw on and off if you indeed intend to swim (there are certain spots on Puget Sound where the water warms up in July). And I think my outfit would work equally well for a pool party, whether I wanted to swim or just sip a cocktail and chat with friends by the poolside.

The lacy cover was purchased from Lane Bryant, and here I just wear it as a fancy light layer, while it can also serve as a beach cover-up. I chose pearls and seashells for my jewelry and a floppy hat for sun protection. In the African basket, I keep everything else I might need for a day or evening on the beach, including a blanket for sunset watching with my family - one of our favorite Summer activities, it never gets old, every night is a different show, no repeats.

Photos by Justin

Join us for Summer fun!

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  1. Natalia I am in love with this wonderful coloured dress. You look gorgeous in it. I like to go to the beach in dresses or skirts too. Sitting and looking over the sea....hachz. Thank you so much for this theme, it's like a little holiday to look the posts.
    A very huge hug Tina

    1. Thank you so much, my dear! You are right - it feels like a little vacay! :)
      Can you see the link-up code/link all right? For whatever reason, it doesn't work on my page/computer, I can't add my link and I don't see others.

    2. looks like it sorted itself out eventually :)

  2. What a pretty dress! I really like the square neckline! and a hat is a must for me in the sun, with children and age, I have noticed sun is not good for my face at all!

    1. Thank you so much! I also love a square neck. I keep a few hats in my car during Summer months, so they are available when I go out. :)

    this beach look ist very beautiful - so vintage and elegant - like in a glam 50s movie! and the rust/creme colors sing on you! and that back shot - the lace over the red! stunner.
    thank you for throwing this beach party! <3 it good to sit in the sand and watch the sundown with you <3 <3
    mind you if i go for a swim?? ;-D

    1. If you enjoy cold water! Puget Sound is mostly very cold, but it can be refreshing on a really hot day. :)
      Thanks Beate, I wanted to find a rust dress for longest time - I got lucky because this color is trendy this season. This is a particularly perfect shade of rust for my skin I think. And cream is always better for me than stark white, so yes, another great find. :)

  4. Dearest Natalia,
    I love the color and shape of your "rusty-red" dress - it fits you so well! But I love the lace-coat just a little bit more - it is so boho-chick. Great!
    Hugs, Traude
    PS: I'm joining your beach-party with my new yellow jumpsuit :-)

  5. My dear friend, I'm happy to see you again. How have you been? You look wonderful in this rust orange (or is it red rust) dress. It does fit you like a gloove. Lovely hat and cover up as well. Beautiful photos and location.

    I was raised by the sea and I miss it terribly...and I understand your love for the sea, rivers and lakes. I agree with you on the swimming part. We can enjoy the beach even without it. I used to be a capital swimmer but now swimming often makes me feel exhausted, I'm not as strong and healthy as I used to be...but being on the beach still makes me happy.

  6. I joined the link up as well with one of my recent posts:)

  7. Wowww, what a look! Would take it and wear it the same minute. The colour suits you just so well nothing other does. Love it. You don t need a swim, just being beside the water makes someone feeling great, I mean and feel. Hugs, Sunni

  8. I've always been drawn to the seaside but even though the coast is under two hours from where I live, I was six going on seven when I first laid eyes on the sea. I'm not a swimmer at all, and have never sunbathed in my life, so for me the beach is a place to walk, with the added bonus of seashell collecting. But enough about me: I love the dress that you are wearing, which contrasts very well with the blue of the water. The floppy hat, African basket and lacy cover up compliment it perfectly! Hugest of hugs xxx

  9. I love that we've got matching hats and sister baskets! That dress is gorgeous on you, your signature spicy shade and a perfect fit.
    Like you I grew up in the landlocked British Midlands, you can't get further away from the sea but I find it endlessly fascinating when I visit coastal places. xxx

  10. How are you dear? Are you enjoying your summer? Thank you for stopping by. I love what you said about letting the dress do the talking in summer. Comfy shoes, a hat and a nice dress, summer is all about simplicity.