Sunday, August 11, 2019

Life, Style and All that I Love

Have you noticed? I changed my blog's header. There used to be a vintage picture of a lady typing on a typewriter, with the subtitle of the blog "Writing, Style and Other Treasures" (I just knew even then that I wouldn't be able to stick to only one topic). I loved blogging under that cute and quite minimalistic header, but after almost 6 years of blogging the time came, when it felt right to change. 

In the past few years, my life took a new direction, and in the past year especially it shaped up to what it is now. You witnessed it all. From a writer, I grew into an author and also reestablished myself as a storyteller. I have an additional blog where I mostly write about my professional life, and it got a face lift as well! You're welcome to visit, and keep in mind that I write in both English and Russian, sometimes in the same post. You might want to use Google Translate - not a perfect tool just yet, but it's rapidly improving, and I'm glad that it exists.

I've felt for a long time that this blog will be changing - and the new header reflects the change. I want to write better, to write from all my heart, from the depth of my soul, and I might not always focus on outfits in the future, though outfits are fun and they definitely will remain a part of who I am. Think of it not as a complete change or a new version of the blog, but rather as the next level of this blog. There still will be all the things you loved about In the Writer's Closet: dresses, places, pictures of food for a gourmet taste, and philosophical thoughts - food for the soul. There will always be a spot for twirling and for telling a joke. And of course, for photography by Justin or, as in this case, by Anya. Let's dive right in, then!

This Summer is a bit unusual in terms of the weather. So far, we didn't have many hot days, which is OK by me because I don't enjoy heat, and temperature around 80 F is as hot as I prefer it. But (!) we also have an unusual amount of cloudy, gray and drizzly days which, considering that we live in a cloudy, gray and drizzly climate for the most part of a year, seems a bit much. I guess it's a compensation for the sunny Winter that we experienced this year. We also have some unexpected work/study to deal with (I will reveal it in the future), and we have been trying to save some money, so there are no vacation or many outings so far, but we still have fun little adventures and an occasional 'day of surprises' from time to time. 

In July, we visited a couple of our favorite towns. You might've recognized the photos from above - Port Townsend, of course, in all its Victorian glory. The city is located on the Quimper Peninsula, the most northeastern extent of the Olympic Peninsula. I wrote about it on multiple occasions before:  MARCH 2014DECEMBER 2015JUNE 2017SEPTEMBER 2017.
This time Anya took all the pictures of the intricate architecture. We had fun strolling down the adorable streets, did a little shopping in thrift and book stores and dined at our favorite restaurant,  Quench, which I've already mentioned before. It features locally grown organic food and round-the-world recipes. We loved their Loco Moco (vegetarian and wild salmon versions), Lamb Burger, Above and Beyond Burger (vegan), and Seashells by the Seashore. The service is always super friendly and the view is hard to beat. All-in-all, highly recommend!

This gorgeous 100% wool blazer was under $25, a Port Townsend thrift shop find

Seashells by the Seashore at Quench, Port Townsend

Another little town we visited last month, was Port Orchard on the Kitsup Peninsula. I think I've only wrote about it in one post back in SEPTEMBER 2014, though I have photos of it from last Summer and from a few years ago, they just never got posted here. I've always loved visiting this town for several things: a foot ferry (one of the very few remaining in Washington State), antique shops and long walks along the shore. But as evident from the photos below, it also boasts very cool mural art!

After lunch and a walk in town on a hot day, we went to a state park nearby and sat in the shade watching ferries and clouds go by... I of course couldn't resist to get my feet wet. This cloud which looked like a huge feather felt like a blessing from above.

Denim dress - eShakti
Red pants - Eloquii (last year)
Linen shirt - thrifted
Hat - Lane Bryant (old)
Sunnies - no name, antique mall (old)
Fanny pack - a festival find (very old)
Shoes - Bionica and Crocks (old)
Bracelets and necklace - gifts
Vintage clip-on earrings - thrifted

Photos by Anya and Justin

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  1. The blog change is a family affair! Lovely pictures and I love your writing to tell the rest.

  2. I like your new header and looking forward your "new"blog. I am a fan of justins pictures and your denim dress. This woolen blazer is a good find, perfect for coming autumn :)
    Huge hug and much love Tina

  3. I like your new header and love that you're keeping the blog through different activities and interesting things you enjoy, creativity, self expression and fun!
    Love the pictures, the buildings and flowers, love to see Anya rocking her jacket, love your floral pants and red blouse, love the big mural, and love your denim dress!, love everything actually!, mwhaha

  4. How wonderful to see your post pop up, and I noticed your lovely new header immediately. I think it's only natural that one's blog evolves over the years. I know mine has! But I'm especially pleased that you've decided to stick around, as I would miss you and your posts enormously. A wonderful round-up of what you've been doing and wearing, and Anya is a talented photographer, just like her Dad. That mural is fantastic, and I wouldn't mind having a plate of Seashells at the Seashore! Hugest of hugs xxx

  5. love the new header!!
    and i love to hear about your happy activities - and see photos of your beautiful area. anya did a very good job capturing port townsend and you in that fabulous denim frock! i can see a blue color theme here!
    the mural in port orchard is a stunner - and how sweet you are, trying to reach the pirates treasure :-D <3 <3 <3 .....chic trousers btw!
    its totally wonderful to see & read you here!!!
    much love - dear friend! xxxxxx

  6. Love your new header, it totally reflects you and your passions. I think we all change along this blogging journey. Anya certainly has a good photographic eye, the photos are great. I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful part of the world. Both of your outfits were just perfect for days of exploring. All my love, Jill. xxxx

  7. Loving the new header, its perfectly you!
    Anya's got a great eye and looks so beautiful and talking of beautiful, your part of the world looks lovely, stunning architecture and atmospheric skies even if the season isn't behaving as it should.
    Those wide leg trousers look great on you and the denim dress is perfect on you. That's how Jon wears his bumbag, too! xxx

  8. I love your new header too! It jumped out at me as soon as your blog came up. It was was a colorful and eye catching invitation to what came below. You have always written from your heart, Natalia, and I remember specifically some posts that literally changed my perspective on things. Congratulations on your evolution ... we need strong women these days to model clear thinking, cultural embracing, intentional living and joy in wearing things that feed their souls. This denim dress is a winner - flowy and flattering and even with pockets! I also love the red pants - so artsy and fun. Keep writing and photographing. I love your neck of the woods and it's great to see your out and about photos as well as hear from your heart. Keep growing and we'll keep reading! xo karen

  9. I do like the new header, you know that photograph with the red beret is especially dear to me. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing from the heart as well as the usual interesting and beautiful things you share with us. You always do write from the heart, but I think I know what you mean when you say that you want to write more for the soul. One of the great things about having a blog is the possibility to see it grow and evolve. I think we evolve with our blogs.

    Wonderful outfits. I really like your denim dress. It is such a cute look! The wide red trousers and top combo is a lovely look as well. You look great! I also like the urban photography you shared. Anya looks adorable in her blazer. She is growing up so fast!
    A few days ago, I payed my family a visit and had a great time reading the Hut stories to my niece and nephew again. They really enjoy them.