Friday, July 24, 2020

New Black & White

In almost 7 years of blogging, you got to know me - I'm a dress and skirt kind of girl. But I've also always been a big fan of pant sets - they can look chic, powerful, artistic, and completely out of the ordinary, just like this one. First, I fell in love with the bold graphic design: black and white is always in style. But I am also mesmerized by those faces drawn practically with one line!

It wasn't sold as a set, but three separates: a shirt dress, wide pants and a bow blouse. The long dress with straight lines and short stand collar immediately got my attention. It's a versatile piece, can be worn practically year round, on its own or combined. Here I wear it as a long top over the matching pants, but I can also wear it as a duster with any pants or jeans, or even over a dress and skirt.

This outfit called for some bold accessories too. I reached for my old faithful floppy hat by Old Navy and the domino bracelet by the renowned designer Isabel Toledo, collaboration with Lane Bryant several years ago. 

I'm happy to add to my collection of black and white outfits - it is definitely one of my strong personal favorites when it comes to color scheme. 
Here are my 10 hand-picked ones: 
(Over 80 black and white combinations HERE.)

You probably remember my faux leather purse thrifted ages ago in Goodwill in Oregon. I chose my new pair of shoes (Naturalizer, bought on sale at Nordstrom), though I'm not in love with blisters! 

Photos by Justin

I looked up the collaboration between Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli (read Beate's comment below), HERE you can read about it.

Woman’s Dinner Dress. 
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gift of Mme Elsa Schiaparelli, 1969-232-52.


  1. wow - what a fabulous ensemble!!
    how genius to wear the dress with the matching pants - it looks very elegant and artistic - esp. with that cool hat and chic bag. and the pattern adds to that artistic feel. the outfit reminds me on the collaboration of elsa schiaparelli and salvador dalí in the 1930s........
    its wonderful to see you happy and healthy! xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Beate! I also have a feel of 1930s, and I wanted to hear your point of view. I'd love to see that collaboration, maybe I can find out more if I pock around online. :)

  2. Oh you look stunning and it was such a great idea to wear dress and pants together. Yes very elegant. I love you wear this hat! Great to see you again Natalia ❤️
    xxxx Tina

    1. Thank you, dear Tina! I wore it without the hat, but it's more fun with it!

  3. I absolutely love this ensemble! like Beate says. it's very evocative of the 1930s, dramatic and elegant! Lovely to see you blogging again! xxx

  4. That's an absolutely stunning outfit, Natalia, and I agree with Beate and Vix on the 1930s vibe going on strongly. That face print is amazing! I also love your brilliant accessorizing. The floppy hat was a must, of course, but adding the domino bracelet, red bag and awesome shoes were a stroke of genius! xxx

  5. You look so beautiful in this black and white outfit. I really do like the matching pants and skirt dress. The print is fabulous. I also like the style the faces are drawn in, the one stroke style, very expressive and interesting. The red bag and the sandals are very pretty. The end result is so avant-garde and artistic. Black and white combo is always elegant. I like to contrast black and white too. Blue and white is also a great contrast.
    I agree with the 1930s comments but this look also makes me think of traditional female wear in India and Pakistan. I think it's called salwar kameez (not sure is that the most correct term), a traditional female garment that combines dress and pants. They often wear these beautiful elaborated pieces for special occasions and more simple ones for daywear. I think I also heard of these ensembles being referred as kurta.

  6. I LOVE the long dress worn over the wide pants! You look wonderfully avant-garde, despite the 1930's association. I'm going to adopt your idea for myself. I'm so happy to see you hear today. I've missed you. xo karen

  7. "here" - I wish I could hear you but sadly, no.

  8. Lovely ensemble and lovely You!, I'm in love with this 'set' and its amazing black&white graphic motives, it looks abstract and surreal, just like Schiaparelly and Dali's art!. So imaginative!
    Love these wide trousers, your hat, your 30's vibe style. And I'm also loving that this dress can be worn as a duster too. So versatile!
    You look so fabulous!

  9. Oh, what a lovely combination you found there! I love black and white as well. And you found the matching parts exactely. Love the special bracelet with the domino intention effect. And you can wear all things separately as well, what a benefit. Hope you are doing fine and all of you are healthy as well. Hugs, Sunni

  10. Hi Natalia,

    The black and white dresses you shared looks really great. I was wondering if you are into black and white eastern dresses.

    I recently saw some great Pakistani dresses online
    in black and white shade.I must say Black and white outfirts are really awesome. Would love to share the link with you here

  11. Oh gosh, that bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! As is the rest of the ensemble.