Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seventies Vibe

I wanted to showcase this long cardigan, and picked an all black background for it. I have to admit also that I wanted to bring out the 1970s vibe which I sensed from this item. I remember the endless knitting magazines from that era which belonged to my aunt Vera, one of Mom's five sisters, who was a vigorous knitter. I learned the craft from her. Oh the precious pink sweater - the very first little item I knitted for my darling doll named Anyutka! Aunt Vera sewed a little zipper in that clunky sweater of mine and crocheted its neckline, which immediately made it in my 9 or 10 year old eyes a "real thing". Twenty years later, I would have dressed not a doll, but my little daughter in precious little clothes - and, oddly enough, I named my daughter Anyutka.

As I went through the photos of the same cardigan in my previous post, I was struck how different it looked with a different "background"! Wide pants (also worn here), a turtleneck and a simple thread of semi-precious stone beads really turned it into a retro style cardigan, don't you agree? I must say I was inspired by the wonderful blog The Secondhand Years, which I discovered just a few days ago. It is fully dedicated to the love of vintage clothing. If you, like myself, adore vintage, I highly recommend this blog - it's genuine and truly inspiring.

We took photos at IKEA this time! The lighting is pretty good there, and you can find a backdrop for your shoot in so many different colors and styles. It was Justin's idea, and I like how the pictures turned out. I was a bit worried at first whether it would be visible at all that I actually wore pants, since they are so dark - well, black as a matter of fact. And at least on one photo, it really is impossible to tell whether I wear pants or a long skirt, but I managed to pose differently on other photos, so that worked out all right. I think IKEA is not such a bad back up plan for when it is too dark to shoot outside, or freezing as it happened to be here today. The lowest daylight temperature during the day was only 27 F (almost -3 C) which is very unusual in itself for Seattle (our average in winter is around 50 F, or 10 C). But with an extremely cold wind, it felt much colder than that. Still, we were heroes and tried to shoot in such extreme conditions! Not for very long though. :) 

Location - IKEA, Renton

Sleeveless cardigan - Lane Bryant. Pants - Bryn Walker. Turtleneck - Chico's. Necklace and bracelet - made of agate in Turkey. Purse - B Makowsky. Booties - Aquatalia.

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  1. Actually I have a cardigan of a very similar design (but mine is without buttons). Love it. It looks great with the wide pants and black top, but I like the brighter version too. You are right, just a few changes in details and the whole image looks differently.

    1. Oh, I would love to see your cardi, Olga! When the weather is right for it of course. :) I'd like to explore more ways to style it. How do you wear your cardigan thingy?