Sunday, February 2, 2014

Go Sleeveless!

I am nuts about rich colors and all things sleeveless these days. Autumn palette is my old time favorite, and I wear it quite often and practically all year long. We had a very nice, mild weekend here, and while I was looking for an upper layer for my day out, I remembered the long sleeveless cardigan (or what would you rather call it? jacket? jumper? sweater? vest?) in rich earthy tones with lots of purple. I wasn't sure whether I still had it or donated it a while ago (which would be a bummer as I really set my heart on it at that point), and I was one happy girl when I dug it out of my closet. I thought that this old cozy item made good friends with my new colored sweater and jeans.

I love that, other than being sleeveless, this cardigan thingy has a hood. 
The yellow sweater offers pretty nice details such as stretchy side panels (for a better fit) and little buttons on the sleeves. 
My wooden necklace is another hand crafted piece by Loewestamm, a company from Crimea (I wrote about it here). Isn't it interesting how the same design symbolizes something different to different people? Justin said that this necklace reminds him of Yin and Yang. Anna said that it reminds her of all these medieval dresses with laces upfront. And to me it always was somehow stone age. 

Other than with this cardigan/vest, I also wore this sweater with my black sleeveless blazer (or vest), it looks good both with jeans or with this skirt, gives the whole outfit an instant upgrade and a bit of edginess, or at least that's my perception. (We didn't take photos yet though.) So that's what I have been doing these days - diving in the sleeveless world. So much to explore! Go Sleeveless! (Or Go Hawks! - depends what you are after :) .)

Do you wear sleeveless layers? How do you style them?

Sweater and sleeveless cardigan (old) - Lane Bryant. Jeans - NYDJ. Shoes - Dansko. Purse - B Makowsky. Wooden necklace - hand crafted from Crimea.


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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Kelsey! It's a fun and quite versatile piece :)

  2. Great rich colors. The golden yellow is a wonderful accent to the dark tones and lovely with your hair. Cool necklace. The red bag add just the right contrast. You have excellent taste in color to my eyes!

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Coming from you, I take your words as a very high praise, Ann! :) I love playing with colors these days, although it wasn't always like this. I used to be quite conservative in this sense. Thank you for stopping by!