Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kaftan & Ombré

I have some free time on my hands, four outfits I wish to share and two days to go before my traditional monthly recap and moving onto new things in July. So I've decided to combine these four June photo sessions into two posts - here is post #1. I love looking at these photos taken a week ago because of the sunshine they bring in my gray rainy and very Seattle-ish kind of day! Oddly enough, I like them now for the very reason I didn't like them last week - they seemed too sunny, too contrasty. I almost rejected them as not good enough to post. But then again, as Justin wisely keeps reminding me, imperfect experiences make blogging more real, and I so agree with that. Why do we have this tendency to want to look/seem perfect? That is a question I think worth exploring, but for now I just want to talk about what I like and what I don't about these outfits (not photos).

1. Kaftan

Inspired by wonderfully kaftan'd Glenda of So What to Twenty! blog, I have finally found a kaftan which I liked for both the color palette, the print (chevron, but not a harsh pointy shape - rather wild tribal-like one) an the light flowy fabric. It's advertised as a beach cover up, and I am sure I will wear it that way too, but I wanted to style it as a city wear. Since the fabric is sheer, I can't really wear it simply as a dress (though I guess if I have a little black dress as my "cover up", I could layer the kaftan over it, and be good to go). So I opted for skinnies, similarly to what Glenda did, only I brought even more colors to my colorful kaftan outfit. It can work really well with neutrals, of course!

A couple of things I would change when I try this outfit the next time: choose a long necklace and different bra (this shape just seems wrong to me). It is also a bit too warm in skinnies on a hot day, but since we don't have extremely hot summers here, it still can work. Thinner fabric pants/leggings would be my preference though. I find a kaftan is really easy to style for hot days, I just had a black cami under it, and felt very comfortable and breezy.

Originally, I planned to paint my nails in bluish green, but I think red brings warmth to the color scheme, just like the yellow sandals do. If I opt for neutral/monochromatic palette, I definitely would go for different nail polish too.

I wanted to create a richly decorated, somewhat Mediterranean feel with this outfit, so I added more colors, gold, and also had a variety of bangles and bracelets. The new addition to my jewelry collection is this chunky acai & tagua bracelet. I really love the way it looks - love the combination of different shapes, sizes and colors. Although it is a bit tight for my wrist, and the darker blue beads bled color onto my skin after three hours in the sun. They say it's better to keep this kind of jewelry away from the straight sunlight - they are not kidding. :)

My sandals are by Born which is usually a very good sole company, but this pair proved not to be made for long walks - I sort of have to hold the sandals with my toes, do you know what I mean? I love the flowers and color of this pair and will wear it when I don't plan on walking much - more struggle than I prefer in my shoes. I am yet to find a good pair of summer sandals...

2. Ombré Skirt

Look at this beauty of a skirt! I purchased it a month or so ago in a consignment shop (I found such a shop for plus size women's clothing in Poulsbo, WA - "Curvy QT", great name)... for only $9. That's a score! (I saw a similar skirt by one of my fave brands for around $100!) The name tag was cut out, otherwise I would go and check out the makers of this skirt and if possible buy one in every color. Ahhhh!

I combined it with a peasant shirt and my animal print lightweight jacket once back in May (the picture below - never mind the Crocks on my feet, they are my best walking shoes ever by the way), but this time it was a thrifted eyelet shirt with pretty floral design... which I used as a turban at the beach later! :) The blouse was around $5 at Goodwill. Scored again!

What's common in both of these outfits - they are new silhouettes for me. I am very well aware that the most flattering shapes on me are straight lines (shift dresses, mid-knee length pencil skirts, straight legged pants)... and these are very different, not especially figure flattering shapes. I am not sure I 100% like them on me. Or is it just something new and therefore a bit uncomfortable? Just because I didn't wear such shapes in the past, I don't want to reject them as unflattering. I think style is so much more than wearing only what looks best on your body type. I want to be able to create different feelings and moods with my clothing. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Kaftan - by Chico's (bought on sale for less than $40). The acai/tague bracelet also by Chico's (you can find tons of this summery type of jewelry on eBay and Etsy as well).
Ombré skirt and eyelet blouse - thrifted.
The rest - remixed from my closet.


  1. Wow, Natalia! Both great looks on you! You do normally more figure hugging shapes than the caftan, but it's not a bad alternative, just new. I bet it flutters beautifully when you walk, like a butterfly! The pattern feels butterflyish too :-) Of course orange was made for you, and you for orange, so the ombré skirt is fantastic! I like how it's quite fitting on the waist but then cascades down the colours and shapes. I know what you mean by summer sandals, something comfortable AND cute can be difficult to find. That last photo of the snowy mountain from the beach reminds me of Bushy's 30th birthday where we went to a little town on the West coast of Vancouver Island, and there was snow on the beach! Unheard of for these Aussies :-) XO

  2. Yeahh, the kaftan ist great and famous with the jewelry and the "summer" clutch with gold, like sun (remembers me about beach chairs and that is the sweetest memory) - I like tho colors!
    The orange skirtIi like mostly with the white peasant shirt. (I have a similar in pink)
    I dress in matching to my mood, in changing colors and the pefect clothing can help to make a day great and perfect.
    Have a nice sunday :-)

  3. Love the kaftan outfit the most. Particularly the sandals and the wicker bag (I have a soft spot for those).
    tthank you for your kind words on my blog the other day, it does mean a lot!

  4. You nailed it, Natalia..m with both looks. You look exceptional in color. Especially oranges. I adore the ombre skirt outfit just as much as the kaftan. I'm glad you chose a less obvious nail color and went with the rich red. I actually wore my very sheer kaftan as a dress recently. I simply put on a long slip and a pair of high sandsls. It felt breezy and still very confortable.

    I know what you mean about clinching your toes to keep your sandsls on. The very reason why I don't wear mules.

  5. first - who says we have always to show a perfect flattering look?
    we are not only bodies, we have brains and souls and moods and personalities! and if we know the rules we can break them with aplomb!
    the kaftan is fab - and yes it needs long necklaceS! a lot of them! and you can wear it with palazzo pants for more breeze. or with a maxi skirt. pretty sandals - i discovered that i had to change the way i walk to not lose this kind of shoes :-)
    orange is really you color! and you made that hippy skirt looking very glam! in both outfits.


  6. Good for you in wearing new-to-you styles, Natalia. I know, it's hard to break on out of our usual, usual - or it is for me. Often I don't even notice that's what I'm doing, it becomes such a matter of course. It's amazing all the rules I have for myself about clothing when I take the time to notice them. But it's in the noticing of them, that I can begin to undo them. And that's what you're doing now. Your two different ensembles are truly different from each other: from opposite sides of the color wheel to opposite ends of the spectrum of silhouettes. And yet they are both still uniquely yours buy what you add to them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Both looks are awesome and don't strike me as being wrong for your figure at all! The caftan is gorgeous and if I owned it I would hang it up where I could see it every day! I love the orange ombre on you. You look so fabulous in orange and those colours in the skirt are so soft, like sherbet or an orange creamsicle. Very pretty! I don't even need to comment on how well you styled everything but I will! At least I will say you have done an amazing job as always!

    There is something I am learning from you, and I hope this makes sense. I am learning that I am not you. I think you are gorgeous and talented and I love the way you dress, but it is not how I am going to dress myself. Not because I don't like it, but because I could not be bothered. I don't have the patience to coordinate my nails and jewelry. You look amazingly polished and beautiful and you are both artist and the art itself. I admire it immensely but it isn't realistic for me. I realise what I am aiming for is a simple wardrobe that gives me the look I want with the ease of throwing it on, and a collection of silver and beads that go with everything I have so that if I feel in the mood to throw on one or two of them it will look fine. I think it might be called Pariesienne Chic Bohemian and there must be a blog post in this discovery!
    Love and Hugs

  8. You are really good at putting an outfit together. Love your use of colors, and those orange sandals!! I would love to have those but my feet are terrible. As you might notice on my blog. ;) Just about always Danskos. ;(

    I just love the caftan and want to sew some up for myself. But Chico's is always a temptation because their fabrics are so pretty. You got a great deal on that one.

  9. Your outfits are perfect for summer! The ombre skirt is "delicious" -- love all the shades of orange. Lovely photos -- you look happy! Have a wonderful week.

  10. That ombre skirt!!! You are a tangerine dream in that! I think photos really help us see what works and doesn't work for us. I dig both of these on you but I think a brighter color in the kaftan would do much better on you, just my opinion. I have a kaftan and I wear bike shorts underneath and a tight tank top, easy breezy baby!

  11. Firstly - perfection? No, I'm not interested in that! My blog is full of imperfect photos and less than amazing outfits, but hopefully there is a sense of personality and warmth, which is exactly what we get when we visit your blog, Natalia!
    So these two outfits might be a bit of a departure, but that's great, because it means you are experimenting, getting creative and exploring new ideas. Orange is such a fabulous colour on you, as everyone says, and I love the ombré skirt with the little tied shirt. The kaftan looks elegant - flowing and cool and bohemian. What's not to like about that? I do agree with you about a long necklace though, that would look wonderful! And sandals which you have to have toes like claws to wear? Ugh, hate that!
    That final photo is beautiful.
    Keep trying new things, Natalia, but never try for perfection, that would be so boring! xxxx

  12. Flattering is a funny old word - I think I wear the most unflattering items, yet they are the ones I like the best! lots of volume, yes please! both of your outfits are delicious, Kaftans are absolutely gorgeous, so elegant - as are you in yours and I adore it with the green skinnies, I think it all oozes old school glamour. Your ombre delight is also gorgeous and versatile, mixed with florals and then with leopard, both fab! I think blogging really does make us take risks with how we dress, I don't know if we crave more creativity through our outfits but it certainly makes it all very interesting x x x

  13. I LOVE that flippin' ombre skirt! Wow! You are a walking sunset with flowers sprinkled in the sky. How gorgeous. Personally I think the tied shirt and ombre skirt is super figure flattering.

    I'm in-between on the kaftan. In general they make me think of Mrs. Roper from Three's old show. They aren't my favourite even though they do have a bit of retro Hollywood glam to them.


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