Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's Cool

Indeed she is! They all are. And her... and her... and YOU! :)

Dear friends, I'm taking a slower pace blogging as I am getting very busy with another project, and with school being out starting tomorrow, I also will spend more time with my little one. I'll still post and comment, but just not as often as I used to.

The dress is from Goodwill (bought the same lucky day when everything I tried on was a perfect fit) - $8. She's Cool is the brand, which I haven't heard of before. What struck me was the resemblance between their company's name and the name of a business I founded a few years ago. I guess, we wanted to send a similar message to the world. :) Do you pay attention to names - of people, businesses, works of art, brands? 

I added lipstick to my orange accessories!

Dress - thrifted (She's Cool via Goodwill; low priced fun print summer dresses here)
Duster - Chico's (clearance)
Shoes - Tsubo via Nordstrom Rack (available for $49 here ... I am considering mossy green)
Clutch - Urban Expressions via TJ MAXX (old)
Jewelry - mix (old)


  1. A very beautiful dress, i like the colors ... even jacket over it (without a jacket, we should not leave home;-))

    No, I do not pay attention to names, brands and stuff. The only criteria for me is that I like it. I even separate visible names out of clothes.
    For artists it is slightly different. If a good artist, which I like, I'll resist recognize mostly without signature, only from his "handwriting".
    But of course: I look already: what even else has made ​​this artist? Interesting for me.
    But with clothing/shoes/bags brand does not interest me and I will never write "My dress is from ..." -
    Have a nice time :-)

  2. OOOH Natalia, I love this outfit! I would snap up that duster in an instant if I found it and I really love it with that dress. Well I really love that dress! Your look great in your orange accents. Orange works really well on you, just as you really suit that red hair. Go for some mossy green shoes. That is the colour next on my wish list! Well that and blue.
    Enjoy your time with Anna and your non-blogging projects!
    Oh -and yes, names to matter to me and they can appeal or they can put me off. Just as I love boho style but hate that term. ;-) I don't care if I am buying a brand name or not and usually don't even notice those names, but the names of stores can affect whether or not I want to shop in them if the name somehow puts me off. Speaking of brand names I have noticed that many of the items I choose at the thrift shop end up being Mexx brand but also many end up being Walmart's George brand. LOL


  3. I love it! You and I have another thing in common: our mammaries often lead the way. I used to be teeny tiny in the chestal area so I`ve been liking my new heft up top... but it can be a bit... difficult to clothe. At least, for me it is, because it`s relatively new to me.

    By all means, rest and take your time. Blogs are supposed to be fun, not work.

    I pay attention to names with anything I think comes of real skill, craftsmanship, and artistry. This can be designers, writers, artists, etc. But a creator`s name is something different from a brand name. I have little interest in brand names unless they`ve proven themselves to be good. Ecco shoes, for example, help reduce my back pain when I`m walking so I head for that brand first.

  4. P.S. I`ve added two photos from this post to my Pinterest page: Curves are Good. I hope that`s okay. If not, I can remove them. See what you think:

  5. You look glorious, I love that dress and the way it fits you and, as always, accessorised to perfection.
    Good luck with your non-blogging project and enjoy spending some quality time with Anna.
    I don't buy pay much attention to brands although there are some I recoil from in horror when I pick them up in charity shops - terribly snobby! xxx

  6. I love the print that looks like a burst of colours! Really beautiful. And the orange accessories are just chic. Hope you will get a chance to relax over the weekend! x

  7. wow! not only the dress - you are soooo cool!!!!!
    perfect outfit and again ethno print! beautiful, stylish natascha!!!!!!
    there is no need to rush with the blog, we will patiently awaiting every post from you because your posts make very happy!
    enjoy the summer with you lovely anna. and i wish you luck with the new project.

    sometimes labels can tell a story - or produce a story in our head :-) i like that. "famous brands" leave me cold, old couture stuff excites me.....but for old couture you don´t need a label to recognize, you see it in how it was made, the materials and - of cause - the cut. love.

    have a gorgeous weekend - hug you!!!

  8. Natalia, you are gorgeous! And so cool! I adore that coat with the fringe, and the dress is made for you.
    We will enjoy whatever posts you can manage. I have really enjoyed our interactions, but can't keep you to ourselves. The rest of the world needs your glory! Not to mention your daughter:-) have a lovely time. Summer holidays with family are pretty special.
    I enjoy clever brand and business names. I pay attention if they are brands that indicate quality. But mostly I don't really worry about them :-) all the best, xo

  9. What a beautiful dress! you look absolutely stunning in it and the gorgeous cardi, it's a dynamite outfit! your outfits are always so wonderful, I always enjoy them so much! good luck with your non-blogging projects and have fun with sweet Anya, I will look forward to your posts as and when you do write them, Summer holidays are a busy, bust time! mine are in school for another 5 weeks, although Abby, the Eldest finished her first year at Uni a couple of weeks ago, I don't get a lot of peace and quiet! x x x

  10. Wow wow wow! This is THE dress for you! Lookin' so HOT!!! Brilliant score.

    I too have decided to cut down on blogging and commenting. I went from 6 days/week to 3. It is making my life breathable again.

    Have a wonderful summer and we will catch up when we can : )


  11. Well, that is a gorgeous dress!! By the looks of your blogger profile you are very busy with lots of projects. But do show us some color from your closet once in a while at least!

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Natalia, the fringe duster is everything. I think I'm in love with it. Worn with the dress, your outfit has a southwestern vibe, with the orange and turquoise. However without the duster, the dress looks completely different. It's like you're sporting two outfits. I pay attention to some labels, but that mostly depends on what I'm shopping for. As an example, I love Nine West and Michael Kors shoes because of quality, style and comfort.

  13. That dress was a great find, Natalia - gorgeous colours and print, the perfect shape and fit on you, I love it! Fabulous orange accessories (I do adore orange), and your hair is looking particularly sassy!
    Our blogging schedules are individual to us, there's no pressure to post at any particular frequency. If you have other things to work on and enjoy, then go, enjoy them! xxx

  14. What a fabulous fit Natalia!! I'm loving how you look like sunshine sprinkled with blue skies:). I think you always look so well put together from your bag to your polish, just so beautiful. I have found over time I find brands that I prefer for style cut or even prints.
    I always feel like there are no rules with blogging, it's another thing I love about it! Enjoy life, I know you do!

  15. So now I have learnt a new word from you Natalia - I had never heard the word Duster for a coat and Mr Google tells me it's a light, loose long fitting coat, so now I know, thank you. Love your Duster especially the fringing and that dress looks fantastic on you. Enjoy your non blogging projects and spending time with your daughter xx

  16. Such a beautiful dress. You look stunning in it. Love the wedges as well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Natalia ,
    I love this boho dress on you and this color combo is perfect on you.
    I am glad you are slowing your pace, I understand and appreciate your priorities ,
    I will just have to content myself with a but fewer posts,,,
    XX, Elle

  18. Yes, be cool!! It's that time. You look lovely in these colors and I'm wishing you a glorious summer!! XXOO

  19. oh yes, she's cool!!, and you look so fabulous wearing all that orange accessories and pretty lipstick!! and love your dress peacock-like shades, it's awesome!, and your sandals look not only pretty cute but also absolutely comfy!
    And I'm used to pay attention to names, they're significant, and sometimes evocative, when they were well picked!

  20. Wonderful every time, dearest Natalia

  21. Enjoy your time with Anya and your writing. Some times is good to step out of style blogging. It's so time consuming esp if you leave wonderful comments like you do. I find this dress pattern very special and well placed on the dress and I like your new haircut (it's new, right?)

  22. Very beautiful dress! Natalia you look amazing :) love the shoes to :)
    Hugs Beata

  23. That is such a beautiful dress and I love it with the orange accessories!