Sunday, July 13, 2014


What do you guys consider hot temperatures - meaning, when you start feeling uncomfortable being outside for a long time? I know it varies from person to person a lot. I like it up to about 80 F (or 27 C), anything above that starts feeling too hot for me very quickly. 90 F (32 C) is definitely hot - and that is our temperature today (a bit cooler by the sea, a bit hotter in the valleys). Since Western Washington State has usually very mild weather (Eastern Washington is whole different story!), many houses don't install air conditioners - there are only a few days per year when you'll get to use it (unlike the long, hot and sticky summers of the Midwest where I spent my first few years in America). So what do we usually do when it gets uncomfortably hot, too hot to stay in the house or walk very much outside?

In the last couple of years, I try to get to the beaches as much as I can (I am becoming a beach bum - now that's unexpected for someone who never actually enjoyed getting a tan). I do use UV protection lotion, otherwise my fair skin will burn in few short minutes!

Or we get into our faithful white Outback and drive around, stopping at air conditioned places - sometimes, malls, other times, museums, theaters, etc. This time, we went to Olympia, which is the capital of our state (about 1 hour drive down south from our home).

We had a lovely evening, browsing the mall and having Italian for dinner at the end (panna cotta with fresh strawberries was delish'!).

My outfit is new - the top and skirt from Lane Bryant Outlet (they have a somewhat different selection from a regular LB store), and my shoes are Crocs from the only Crocs store in the whole state of Washington (for local folks: The Outlet Collection in Auburn, a.k.a. Supermall). Crocs are my absolute favorite shoes for summer because they are sooo comfy and easy to wear, and I can wear them anywhere, from the city to the beach. I have had a pair for probably 8 years, and they are still in great shape, but I was looking for something fresh - and here you go, animal print with a metallic ring, what can be better than that!

  But to be totally honest with you - as much fun as dressing up is to me, I kinda envy these girls! :)

Tell me - what is hot for you and how do you spend hot days?
Top and skirt - Lane Bryant Outlet (clearance rack)
Shoes - Crocs
Clutch - Urban Expressions (old)
Necklace - from an antique mall, old ($3)
...and I have a new nail polish favorite - White On (Xtreme wear by Sally Hansen)
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  1. Hi Natialia, anything over 30C is too hot for me. Many a times people say, but you are from Africa, you should be used to such weather,what they don't know is that my country is on the west coast of Africa and it doesn't get that hot there. Love your outfit. Orange is definitely your color. xoxo

    1. I know what you mean, Elsie. We people don't know geography too well. :) I hear similar comments about cold weather - "you're from Siberia"... well, so what? Cold is still cold! :)))

  2. your white nails are very pretty!!!
    perfect summer look with the white lacy skirt and peasant blouse in your color orange!! and the jewelry you added and the clutch make it trés chic. your sandals look chic too - can´t believe that´s are crocs!
    over 30°C i start to feel hot even in the shadow. for cooling i wear thin airy cotton clothes and shoes which are almost only soles. and i wet me hair under the shower and make an up-do so it dries slowly and while doing this it provides coolness - personal air-condition ;-)
    and i take it slow - with many rests to cool the feet in a water bucket or fountain....
    stay cool!

    1. It's the first time I tried a white polish - really love it! Thank you for mentioning Crocs - I realized I misspelled it last night, so I went back to correct it.

      I love your personal air conditioner! Clever! I take cool showers when it's too hot at home, but my hair dries very fast! :)))

      Love xxx

  3. I love it when you wear orange. You wear it like no other! You look relaxed and ready to conquer the heat.
    For myself, I consider hot 95 degrees and above. Which it typical for Southern Cal summers. To stay cool, I usually munch on snow cones and enjoy going to the movies. I'm pretty much used to the heat, so it doesn't bother me. I just go about my day.

    1. Orange speaks the most to me these days - I love it and can't have enough of it. :) Thank you, Glenda!

      It feels cooler here today... what a relief! :)

  4. I agree - over 80 degrees feels hot to me and I live in Florida! You look like you are staying cool and you look fab in bright orange. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. Oh, I am not comfortable with hot weather at all... And something like +23 celsius is quite hot enough, anything more and I just want to stick my head into the fridge... And I'd rather stay away from the sun, too, I burn easily... Your white skirt is lovely, so summery.

  6. I live in balmy South Texas where it is hot most of the time! So we just learn to deal with it. You look awesome in this bright suits you well! (I also have been known to stick my head in the freezer!)

  7. It's hot here in Houston! +98! It's so humid, like in BANYA :). I don't enjoy it and prefer to spend my days inside (air conditioned house or department/grocery stores.) I'm looking forward to Fall :)
    Love your new clothes! The white skirt is beautiful!

  8. After living in Nepal for 10 years I guess I have adapted to higher temperatures a little bit. So, now my border temperature is 30C. I start sweating when it is higher. Love your maxi skirt, those lacy details are so beautiful. Your white nail polish is quite impressive. Actually it is the first time I see it on someone, looks interesting.

  9. You are glowing just like the sun! What lovely colors, and cool white offsets the heat brilliantly. We had some really hot, sticky days, but it was surprisingly comfortable today. On the hot days I just accept that I'm going to be sweaty. Loose cotton clothes are what I wear year round, so I just wear fewer of them now. :p

  10. This is my favorit outfit of you!! Beautiful color of your shirt and this gorgeous white midi skirt.. divine!! :)
    We had some very hot days but the last week was like fall.. much colder and it was raining day and night.
    BUT tomorrow the summer and the hot days will come back to us :)

    have a wonderful week
    Dana :)

  11. Loving your hot weather outfit, that skirt is gorgeous and the orange looks so good on you. I must admit I blanched when you mentioned crocs, I had to scroll back up to check whether I'd missed a big clunky pair of lime green plastic clogs adorning your feet and was very relieved to see those cool sandals instead. I had no idea they made anything that stylish!
    In a previous life I must have been a lizard, I never get too hot. xxx

  12. What we've had in Seattle these past few days is toooooo hot for me. I collapsed every day by 3:00pm. So glad we've cooled off now. But lately I'm discovering how great summer dresses are. I've always been a cut offs person until recently.
    Your white flowy skirt is peeeeeerrrrfect! And orange is one of my favorite accent colors.

  13. Wonderful outfit - perfect for a hot and sunny day! I think anything over 30 would be very hot for me. My comfort zone is about 22-24, maybe 26 at a push. :)

  14. Love the color orange on you and the lipstick matches and looks great. the flowy white skirt is so lovely, this is a great summer outfit
    rom the link up
    Please stop by, jess

  15. wouu, orange and white is one of my favorite color combos and you look so gorgeous wearing it!, love your vitaminic top and pretty skirt!!
    I live in a warm temperatures region, so rarely we go up 35ºc even in the middle of the summer. And I think I can manage 30-32ºc quite nicely, staying at home or going for a walk just early in the morning. I'm glad we're not living in the south of the country anymore! (awful 37-40ºc temperatures for Months, a long long heat summertime!)
    Stay cool, dear lady!!

  16. Orange is most definately your colour, so good with your white skirt. I enjoy our summer as our temps rarely above 30c, I am with you a beach a good place to be. Stay cool, enjoy the air con.

  17. Well I don't take heat well so anything over 25 is hot for me, and high twenties/low thirties as we hare having lately is definitely too hot. My preference is about 18-22 actually. I don't find the beach any cooler and don't like sitting out in the sun. Also, unfortunately I am highly allergic to pacific grasses which tend to be found near the Pacific Ocean. So as much as I love the beach I don't go in summer as much as I do in spring.
    Although I don't have air conditioning, I generally stay home to beat the heat, with all the windows open to catch the sea breeze and the electric fans on if the breeze is not strong enough. Or I go and hang out at the grocery store.

    I love your outfit, and really really love you in orange. Well I love you always but orange is great on you. That skirt is gorgeous and I just know I would buy it if I found it on the sale rack! You look so fresh and pretty! Those must be the nicest looking Crocs I've ever seen too!

  18. So beautiful ... what a great take on boho without getting too bauble-y bangle-y! Sleek and lovely.
    I'm so homesick for Seattle! Thank you for the photos of the NW!
    Please tell me you're not growing out your pixie completely!

  19. I agree with Shawna about the Crocs, they are the nicest looking Crocs I have ever seen too. That skirt looks so cool and pretty with the lacy insets. I can barely function in the heat but it's a great excuse to leave the housework.

  20. Natalia! How have I missed this post? I am so sorry - and how funny that we both posted about hot weather and wearing white! I love your romantic white skirt and the blast of hot orange, and like other commenters, I can't believe those stylish sandals are Crocs!
    No, I don't manage high temperatures very well at all, nor humidity - I burn and wilt, and I don't trike doing either! xxx

  21. Perfect outfit for hot weather! Beautiful skirt and I wish to have these shoes:)

  22. Hello my dearest Natalia, I feel like raiding your closet, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Love, love, love.
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family. You make us shine