Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moments of June 2014 & What Did Not Make It

My friends, I want to thank you all for visiting and leaving such lovely, warm, heartfelt comments! You are the best bunch of blogging friends which have ever existed in the whole Bloglandia! :) Very often, you praise me for being the sunshine of this land, but please always know that you brighten my days just as much! 

June was pretty versatile and balanced month - I wore both dresses and skirts, jeans and a jumpsuit, denim jacket and cardigans, and even a new member of my closet family - a kaftan! I did not post as often as I used to, but because I combined a few outfits in two or three posts, I still managed to show a lot here on the blog. I only picked 9 outfits for the recap. If you missed some and would like to see them, here are the links:

Upper Row: 1. Thrifted Treasure. 2. Fruit. 3. She's Cool
Middle Row: 1. Gold. 2&3 Kaftan & Ombre
Lower Row: 1&2 (plus some more) in Friendship Story. 3 (and some more) in Layer It

In June, I was playing with new-to-me shapes (a kaftan, long maxi skirt) and with layering (which is one of my most favorite thing to do). In the past few months, I had been creating a new wardrobe as my old one was practically non existent. I tried to "shop my closet" more, and I really enjoyed the process. I'm not going to quit shopping all together, just slowing down the pace, but I still reserve the right to buy something new (or old!) if I fall in love with it. :)

I have a few pics which didn't make it to the blog in June. In one of those crazy thrift shopping days, which happen from time to time as you all know, I stumbled into a bunch of tops and dresses which were fun, colorful, new to me style-wise, and at great prices, of course. (The purple dress and the blue one are from that very day.) Here are three tops which I purchased that day (average price at Goodwill is around $5 each) - they all look awesome with my wide legged pants (they are very soft, too soft to be called denim).

This shirt is by the brand Get A Life - speaking of names, that's a playful one! (I love names and I appreciate it when people put meaning into the names they choose... for children, pets, companies they found or characters they create.) A very dense polyester with a high quality photo print (you can find them on eBay), very unusual for me! The second top I wear as a jacket here, and I loved the texture combination on it (look at the lace on the close-up photo below): 

This top I loved for the shape and colorful pattern, by Torrid, thrifted at Goodwill, but I saw a similar one at Ashley Stewart web site this year:

All these photos (above and below) were taken by phone - I apologize for the quality not being as good as usual. But I wanted to share bits of sunny Seattle with you. Isn't it a magnificent city? 

We've been doing a lot of this in the past few months - and still will be as the Summer continues!

In July, I would like to wear more linen (already started), to find more fun ways to dress for hot days (already started), to discover more parks and beaches (already started) and, of course, to write more and to take more things out of the writer's closet. That's challenging though as when our weather is so gorgeous, it's hard to keep focused on work. I think that maybe summers are here for rest and vacation time rather than work. :) What do you think? Is Summertime less or more productive time in your creative cycle?

Have a fantastic Summer! 
Sunshine and rainbows to you all!


  1. I have never been to Seattle, but have thoughts of taking the coastline Amtrak there for a few days. I have a friend who had an affair while vacationing there. He then left is family in California to move there. Recently he has said he made a mistake.

    Anyway, on to nicer subjects. I love your wide leg jeans with the baby doll top. Very cool. You always look warm and welcoming in your choice of clothing.

    1. Thank you, I love your description! :) It's sad about your friend and his family - broken hearts, always sad...
      If you decide to come to Seattle, let me know - I'd love to meet with you!

  2. Oh yes, I have a post on standby for next week with linen. I love linen, wrinkles and all. I think that the wrinkles make it even more beautiful.

    1. Oh I can't wait, Glenda! I adore linen and totally agree with you - the wrinkles are beautiful! Linen has such gorgeous texture and warm elegance about it!

  3. great plans for summer!
    creativity is on the back burner @ bahnwärterhaus when its summer outside. sewing is a winter/rain work. what i do is collecting ideas. and in some way gardening and processing the harvest is creative too. and blogging of cause :-) no beaches around here.
    i only know the airport of seattle - but i sailed the san juan islands/vancouver island and drove down the coast to san francisco - but not on my own - i had a friend as skipper and chauffeur.
    i wish you lots of fun for your summer activities my dear!!

    1. I had no idea you visited our place, Beate! I love this whole region - and when I say "Seattle", I usually mean the whole "greater Seattle area", from the north to the south (Tacoma), which is pretty huge... You are very adventurous! :) Enjoy your Summer! xxxx

  4. I adore the flowy print top with the wide leg jeans, the outfit has a cool 1970s vibe, I love it!
    Seattle and the surrounding area look beautiful, the waterfront and city skyline are fabulous. I'll add it to my Impossible Dream List!
    I can't say that I notice any seasonal difference in creativity; it ebbs and flows to an entirely different schedule with me, generally linked to mood and motivation. I want to get on with some sewing, which is my only creative outlet/skill, but haven't felt a strong enough drive to get myself going! Maybe soon.
    I think you will have a wonderful summer, Natalia, exploring both your local area and your wardrobe, and telling us all about it in your typically thoughtful and generous style - can't wait! xxxx

  5. Nice new finds!
    And you are living at the coast... have a great summer holiday :-)

    In the summer I like to sit in the garden and read books ... or see what all beautiful around me .. but in the winter when it not attracted me out of the room, I will be more creative.

  6. Seattle beckons to me as well. It, along with Portland (and Oregon in general) and many places in California top the list of spots I'd most like to visit one day in America. I'm hoping that next year, in 2015, I'll be able to make it to at least one of them, but only time will tell for this Canuck traveler.

    Great outfits throughout June, dear gal. I'm new to your blog (just discovered it yesterday) and loved getting to see so many of your recent looks in one concise spot like this.

    Have a fabulous, fun filled 4th of July!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love your sense of playful style. I'm going to go back and check out the top middle outfit with that cool looking white blouse and shoes. Nice recap!
    happy 4th!

  8. What an amazing city you live in! So much to see!
    Great recap of your June outfits! So many pretty dresses and tops! You keep finding more and more unique pieces! Good for you.

  9. You always look great in everything you show but I do have favourites. I am awful and terrible and selfish because my favourites are the ones I would stea-okay borrow from you. That purple dress -yes yes yes! And the last top with your fantastic wide leg jeans, oh I love that one too! One day you will extend your exploring to Vancouver Island and come and see me, right? Yes, of course you will.

  10. Hi Natalia!

    So sorry i didn't comment on your blog! It has been a long time but i'm getting better and better every day
    I love all your outfits, your love of colors and pattern is just so wonderful!
    Your city is breathtaking and the quality of the pic is just fine

    Take care and big hugs


  11. Beautiful photographs of the city! It is always interesting for me to see photos of the places I've never been. Summer is the least productive season for me. When it starts, no matter where I am, I become more lazy in work, in blogging. I don't know, maybe it comes from the days we went to school and used to have 3 months of holidays?

  12. Thank you for taking us to your city! The skyline is impressive.
    We are still waiting for hot and sunny weather, it doesnt feel like summer here in Bavaria yet.

    I especially love your peacock dress, it is amazing! Also your new-to-me shape, the orange maxi dress looks fantastic. Love the colour.

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your kind comment on my blog, Natalia!
    Annette | Lady of Style