Monday, September 1, 2014

Jacket Friendly

One perk of cooler weather is that you can wear favorite jackets - old or new, or as in the case of this particular "old new" denim number, the one you bought in a thrift shop in the summer and couldn't wait for jacket friendly weather to come. I fell for the embroidery and the length of this jacket (or light coat if you will) - brand new condition with tags still attached for only $10 at Goodwill. Sooooo glad that I found it!

The rest of the outfit came together easily. I knew I wanted to showcase the jacket, so I picked my old faithful cropped red jeans which you might have seen quite a few times on the blog - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Dearest Sacramento had Share-in-Style: Sailor coming, so I happily added my old sailor tee, and of course living by the sea makes it way too easy to find the right background for the photo shoot. We got lucky and even captured a sailboat, though it was probably the shortest shoot in our history 'cause it started raining as soon as we got the first few pictures. 

I picked my 8 years old Pikolinos, beautifully embroidered in Spain! The style was on clearance, and I got two pairs (red and golden) for the price of one. The red pair is in better shape by now, but I've decided that I still love my beat-up golden pair, cleaned them up and will make sure they appear on In The Writer's Closet one day. 

Do you agree that stripes and floral are a match made in heaven? 

And finally, my cluster earrings - a new to me pair from Chico's bought on clearance for just about $5 with all sorts of discounts and coupons. Aren't they lovely?

I am glad that the weather did not stay cloudy and rainy for the whole long Labor Day weekend - the official end of Summer season in the US - but I sure was so happyyyyyyy to wear my "old new" long denim jacket on Saturday night and share it here with you, dear friends in style!

And thank you for making me feel so welcomed back, you are the most amazing!

Long denim jacket - Susan Graver QVC Style via Goodwill (secondhand)
Striped tee shirt - Lane Bryant (old)
Red jeans - Chico's (old)
Watch and earrings- Chico's (this year clearance)
Moccasin - Pikolinos (practically ancient)
Scarf - Goodwill
Purse - B Makowsky via TJ MAXX (old)


  1. The jacket and the earrings are gorgeos and fits well io the red jeans and striped shirt. And you have the perfect background, yeah -
    Have a nice week :-)

  2. Yes, indeed I do love stripes and florals, they are a perfect pairing!
    Love the longline jacket - embroidered denim reminds me so much of growing up in the 1970s.
    As always, you rock those red jeans, and the earrings are fabulous! xxx

  3. Your stripes and florals do indeed go so well together, perfect with the great red jeans.

  4. I really like your embroidered coat. I would have been dying to wear it too!
    But my eyes are attracted to your amazing shoes!!! No wonder you bought two pairs. Gorgeous!
    I am jealous of your background :-) xo JJ

  5. Everything fits wonderful together and the flowerjacket crowns it all ;-)

  6. You look really lovely, the jacket is gorgeous, love the design. And the shoes are really unique, love those :)) I hope you have a great week doll, thank you for the lovely blog comment & visit, hope you come again soon. Kizzy xx

  7. I totally agree with you on jackets! For me, the weather is perfect when you need a lightweight jacket. Yours looks fabulous.

  8. I love the jacket and i love the shoes!!!!!! Are amazing! Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. Most beautiful jacket ever, dear Natalia. Love the embroidery so much

  10. I love it when shopping at a thrift store and a new favorite item jumps off the racks at me. That's what makes it so much fun.
    Those Pikolino shoes are gorgeous too. I've often tried their shoes on but they don't work with arch supports for me. I'd buy lots of their shoes if I could.
    We enjoyed the last day of Labor Day weekend in Bremerton at a Blackberry Festival. Delicious blackberry pie and icecream was my main reason for going. And it did not disappoint!
    I'm looking forward to wearing jackets from my stash too!

  11. flowers and stripes are a heavenly pair for sure!!!!
    all the warm reds of your outfit look very beautiful on you! especially the berry earrings and your fab lipstick!
    here we have jacket weather again too - rain jacket weather :-(
    thank you for the lovely comment and anniversary wishes!

  12. What a splendid combination! Those shoes are fabulous, I had a pair of second-hand Pikolino boots I wore to death.
    Loving the dangly earrings and the splash of embroidery, too. xxx

  13. You are the ultimate definition of "pulled together". Style and fashion people are always tossing around that word but if you look it up in the fashion bible, right beside the term Pulled Together it says Natalia Lialina when she goes out. I have never heard of this shoe but it is to die for and I might currently be dying! I had better make some coffee. I too love embroidery and can understand exactly why you snapped up that jacket and love to wear it. Gorgeous Woman!

  14. I am speachless!! You look fabulous. I love the jacket with embroidery and the shoes and the earrings and the scarf and everything is so perfect together. I fully agree that stripes and floral look great:)
    I have jacket season in the north of France too and I'm really happy about it. I can finally wear jackets and boots without overheating:)

  15. You are my go to resource for color combining. You are so good at it. I too love a good embroidered piece. I purchased an adorable embroidered dress while in Mexico.

  16. Your look is very nice. I love your jacket.

  17. You look splendid Natalia. Love your coat and shoes very much. xo

  18. My dearest Natalia, the photos were taking by my husband without glasses and is not very keen on it, hahahahha.
    We have a wonderful evening light, hahahhaha
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. That denim coat reminds me on a mexican denim dress with embroidery that I wore today! love it!

  20. What a coincidence on the trip to Bremerton! Were you guys on the 12:30 ferry by chance? Or maybe you drove around? I actually tried really hard to buy something from the lovely Russian booth because I love those boxes and butterscotch amber. I couldn't make up my mind and was craving pie ala mode!

  21. It's so good to see you! and you look divine, the embroidered denim coat is fabulous, what treasure you found, it's perfect with your striped tee and red pants and what a backdrop! perfect! and thank you for your sweetest comment on my blog too, it made me very happy!! and Justin should definitely get a kilt, Dave loves wearing them, he says they are comfortable and so, so smart, his was hired, but he wants one too x x x

  22. Stripes and flowers are best friends.

    Looking lovely!


  23. What a gorgeous denim jacket, Natalia! I like it with this more casual outfit but think it also looks great for the office.
    So jealous about your Goodwill consignment shops; we don't have any similar second hand stores in Germany. The few don't offer the great selection you can get in the US.

    Annette | Lady of Style