Monday, January 26, 2015


Thank you for your kind, thoughtful comments on my last post, beautiful stylish ladies! And thank you so much for sharing your stories and thoughts. We both are very touched, Mama and I.

On to today's outfit (last Saturday actually).
I know contemporary fashion is not at all everybody's cup of tea. Some of my beloved blogging friends, women of distinctive and unique style, are not especially impressed or even interested in today's fashion. I actually happen to like it, or rather I came to like it - I came a long way. Remember I told you that I sort of took a vacation from fashion? Well during that vacation, things changed - they actually changed a lot. If you would take that vacation with me, you'd probably notice it too. One day I realized that I just don't get today's fashion. What's with the proportions, with the lines, what's with everything, and where is beauty in it all? What sort of fashion is it and why don't we all go back to the 90s or something. Why the 90s? I think because it was a time when I was young and hip, had a career, had money to spend on clothes, was not married, had no kids, no big ambitious plans, free as a bird, with active interest in fashion and style. I knew how to appreciate that fashion.  

Then the 2000s came. A new millennium. I don't know about you guys, but I kept myself pretty busy for over a dozen of the first years of it. Up to the year 2013 when I decided that I needed a break - I was moving non stop, starting with 2000, constant changes, one after another, creating newer and newer things, fun, exciting, challenging, but at the end pretty exhausting. During those years I did not think of fashion much. Style - yes, fashion - no. I don't think I lost my sense of style during that period (I still knew what I liked), but I for sure took a nice long vacation from fashion.

So when I started actively being interested in it again, it was like learning a new language. At first, everything sounded like abracadabra and total balderdash. Especially skinny jeans. Who would ever want to wear them, I thought to myself. They are ugly, uncomfortable, unflattering and all around just a waste of time. (Remember I also told you recently that I can be quite opinionated.) But then I started learning. And little by little, I came to appreciate new-to-me, unknown and even banned at some point lines of contemporary fashion. My favorite thing about it? You can mix anything with anything! You don't have to go all formal and dressed up if you don't want to - but, on the other hand, if you want to, you absolutely can. You can choose to go casual, but if you wish, mix a fancy sparkle like a statement necklace, with your denim, and create a casual chic outfit. Mix contemporary with vintage for a unique and dynamic look. Go all vintage, if that's what you like. You don't have to stick with one period, mix eras. If your shape is what used to be almost universally called "fat", you can change your attitude about it - you are curvy now, and that's very cool. You are 40 something, 50, 60, 70? Look at all these amazing blogs here and there - don't hide, you are visible, take pride in whatever your stage of life and just be yourself. 

Contemporary fashion is probably the most accepting phase in the history of humanity. If you want to, you can even wear historical, fantasy or sci-fi costumes, and get away with it - you'll be cool, unique and you'll be just you. I know it is not like that in many places of the world yet. But it is like that in many places already (thanks to the Internet, by the way). It's the beginning. It can only go forward from this point, not backwards. I don't think people who've had a breath of fresh air will want to go backwards and wear "what's required" by situations, other people, society, etc. Only more unique mixes and more free styles from now on. Embracing all the variety in the world.

So this is my ode to contemporary style today - the ideas are classical, but the lines and the attitude are modern. I learned the language. I can now not only understand, but I can also speak. And when you know how to understand and how to use, you will learn how to appreciate as well. 

Coat - Ashley Stewart
Chiffon blouse - Lane Bryant
Corduroy leggings - Hue (old)
Boots - Aquatalia
Necklace - Chico's
Wool scarf - Garnet Hill (old, gift from Justin)
Purse - B Makowsky

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  1. in the first pic you look like "the cat that has the cream pot found" :-D
    love it!
    that coat is a stunner - as is your necklace! a very well curated outfit! invisibility is absolutely impossible with this!!! :-)
    but skinny pants? i don´t "get" them. i always think they a very uncomfortable. as teen in the 80´s we sewed our flared jeans into skinnies, it worked as long as one don´t wanted to sit down. ok - today there is something like lycra - but still. i get belly ache only by thinking about 8-/

  2. Wonderful post, Natalia - I can sense your excitement at re-discovering "fashion", and your sense of playfulness too. Your outfit is terrific - expressive and yes, "in fashion". Love it all. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, xo.

  3. I LOVE this whole ensemble! Probably one of my favourites of yours. Especially that coat!


  4. It seems that you have successfully updated your look to match your new life. I guess I'm one of those people who struggle with some ideas of contemporary fashion (hate the boxy cuts on me, I want the Mad Men inspired dresses back...), but when it comes to fashion, one thing is certain: there always a trend just around the corner, and sooner or later the styles and cuts I find appealing will come back in style...

  5. Влюбилась в твое пальтишко с первого взгляда! Очень тебе хорошо! I like fashion, but I don't follow all new trends. I do experiment with some trends but only if they are flattering for my body type.

  6. Such a perfect combo! You look great in it. Well done!

    Jasmine xx

  7. I am now convinced that blog posts are showing up a day late in my feed. Oh well, better late than never, as they say.
    I love the photo of you striding confidently! You look so amazing in this outfit and are making me want corduroy leggings. I love how artsy the whole look is. I do not always wear the latest trends but I always know what they are. It has always interested me to know but I pick and chose what I like and I usually don't feel that most of it is me and have very specific ideas about the shapes, fabrics and colours I do and don't want to wear. I do love it that there seems to be more room for variety now, and more flexibility so that a certain hem length or pant leg isn't so out of style it looks bad and there are options to suit everyone. I am not as experimental as you are and perhaps I love clothes but not fashion. I am not sure. You are such a great example of how one woman can pull off such variety. Oh-and I too resisted skinny jeans for the first several years and was convinced they would be a fleeting trend. I do love my boot cut but since I wear them long it isn't great for wet weather. Skinny jeans are great for wearing with boots.

  8. I can see you are having so much fun playing with your different looks, this for me is the joy of fashion, the ability to adopt a different persona simply with a change of clothing. Today you are showing us a very modern, confidant you, a look that suits you so well.

  9. I agree with you Natalia, i think now for all ages and body type there is a freedom never seen before and accepted.
    I enjoy dressing up more than ever - Tell you the truth my love for cothing began a long time ago but unlike you in the 90s i was a single mother of 2 with minimal means so this is when i started thrift shopping and then grew the love of vintage.
    I love your style and you translate very well the contemporary style - I love the last pic btw, so great!
    Tks for your comment on my last post and the buzz on Instagram- I can't believe still



  10. Hi! I enjoyed the lovely photos of you. A beautiful smile is the best accessory that a woman can wear... and yours is really wonderful! Very nice outfit as well...

  11. Oh, well said Natalia! It is like learning a new language. But with our maturity comes confidence! You are totally rockin' your look here! A beautiful, confident woman! Well done! Your necklace looks stunning on you as well!

  12. Love the cut of your shirt! Such a classy outfit, with that beautiful coat and necklace.
    I enjoy the cut and thrust of fashion, but find the magazine pages boring after a while. Maybe I've seen it all before.
    But I do love clothes and playing with colour and ideas, which is what we all do. I just don't like being told what to do!
    Have fun playing, beautiful Natalia! xo JJ

  13. Your blog is definitely evidence that you have rediscovered your interest and love of fashion and clothes, Natalia, you are clearly reveling in experimentation and creating new outfits, silhouettes and styles. It's great to have such variety available to us, there is no one uniform look which everyone adheres to, and I think that's a good thing. Although I suppose skinny jeans/trousers are pretty ubiquitous; although I hesitate to say "never", I never wear them! Beate's comment made me laugh - I remember taking in all my jeans and trousers in the early 1980s too, to make them skin-tight drainpipes.
    I love the confidence of these photos, your sense of purpose and confidence, and that wonderful coat and necklace. Yes, contemporary classic is exactly right - and you look fantastic! xxx

  14. You truly know what colors work for you. The shade of mustard in the leggings is so pretty on you. I also like the fabrication. You look very Anthropologie. Somewhat of a world traveler or a fashion magpie. I'm in the stage of needing a break from fashion. Not from blogging, but I haven't had much desire to shop, and for the first time in ages, the pending fashion week hasn't caught my interest...yet.

  15. You make a good point- we are lucky we can get away with wearing many cool things that are totally quirky and different today- (ha, I can't wait to wear my TARDIS dress!) You look great in this- fabulous coloured trousers/leggings and the crochet scarf is really really nice!x

  16. dear lady, that's exactly what I love most about fashion, the freedom, the self expression and the fun!!, and you've expressed it so nicely!!, love to read your posts!
    and you look gorgeous, love your necklace, love those mustard leggings and cool leopard coat!, you're elegant, chic and funky, with a twist!

  17. natalia,
    I would not be able to label that outfit. Other than unique, original and simply gorgeous. I do not like formulas. I do not follow recipes. I think everything should be tailored to the individual, by the individual.
    I love the colors and textures of this outfit, The camel leggings are lovely and the flow of the black chiffon is perfect.
    The leo pattern is of course, a perfect pattern to layer in, and the texture of it is stunning,
    The brick colored bag is a great bit of dissonance, and i love the print scarf.
    Your necklace is to die for!
    And your face.
    your face... so beautiful.
    xx, Elle

  18. I agree, dearest personal style aficionados, we are SO lucky to be living in an era where pretty much anything goes, fashion-wise!! We can pick and choose what we like from all sorts of influences; and we can modify our look - daily, if we want! - according to our mood!! P.S. You are absolutely ROCKING these yellow corduroy leggings and that chic leopard of my fave outfits of yours to date!! XOXO