Friday, January 9, 2015

Open the Door

Today, I want to celebrate opening new doors.
I realized a long time ago (I was still in my early 20s, if not earlier) that things that you choose to focus on should come together effortlessly - as in "naturally", not as in "without working on them" that is. Some say, as if it is meant to be, because that's exactly how it feels. First you realize that you have a dream, and from that little burst of desire to create something, if you stay tuned to it, let go of the fears and doubts which always accompany dreams, especially in the early stages, if you stay open to the ways your dreams come true... dreams do come true.  It does not matter what exactly your dream is - maybe you really want to create a wonderful healthy relationship, or learn a new skill, or create a piece of art, or start a business, or knit a sweater for the first time in your life. All that matters is that it matters to you. Any dream is significant, any dream that comes from the very heart of your being, is worth investing in. And the first thing that you invest in your dream is always this positive, open, enthusiastic energy which, despite your doubts, will lead you to the realization of your dream.

But I am not talking about the realization just yet. I'm talking about this very vulnerable initial period when you want to create something, but you are pretty clueless of all the "hows". It's extremely important in this initial period to both stay focused and at the same time let go, not cling on your dream, and especially on how it might come true. If you have an idea of a door that might be there, or even a small window for your dream to start becoming a reality - then go for it, send your initial "request" to this little door or window, and set your desire free and trust that it will find whatever it needs to become a reality. If this first door happens to be closed, trust that there will be more windows and more doors, and just the right one for your dream to become a reality will appear, in the perfect time, just as it is meant to be, or so it will feel. 

It's almost like dreaming and staying awake at the same time - you sort of keep track of things and the ways they develop, but in the back of your mind, or somewhere deep in your heart. You don't really stay glued to them - it's almost like being pregnant and just letting the child grow, trusting that she has all she needs, and more than anything, she has your love, your loving expecting energy. So you provide her with this loving energy, but other than that you don't actually do anything - just let her grow and develop on her own.

There will be times when you'll feel tired of waiting, again, just like expecting a baby, especially on the later stages of pregnancy - you feel like you have no patience for waiting any more, you want the child already to appear and be here, you are so done expecting! Savor this moment. Your child, or your dream, will appear just in the right time, and now you still have some time on your hands to prepare, to reflect and even pamper yourself. Because when children or dreams become a reality, it will be mostly time to act - to serve, to care, to pamper them, and very little time for yourself.

But again, I am not talking about the realization just yet. Let it be a topic for another time and another post. I'm talking about that precious moment when the dream you have is not yet seemingly becoming a reality. Don't let your heart sadden. Recognize this longing for your dream, honor it, but don't let it make your heart heavy. Let go. Trust that your dream will find just the right things to put roots and start growing outside of you - just the right people, just the right place, just the right means, and just the right time. Relax. Let this trust guide you.

Eventually you'll see it - that door which you have not noticed before. Maybe it was right in front of you all this time, but you did not understand what you saw. Or maybe, just maybe, there was no door, no window, not even a tiny crack in the wall... and now it appeared right in front of you as if by magic, as if it was meant to be. Do not hesitate. Grab the handle and open the door. Maybe your first step is a bit wobbly, a bit cautious, never mind, still there is a spring in it - a spring of excitement of what's possible. Make this step. Go for it. There's no one else who can make it for you. It was, from the very beginning, your dream. It somehow resonated with the world outside of you, otherwise you wouldn't see the door... Now is time to act. Open. Enter. Make it come true. 

On the sartorial note, you can probably see a theme forming in the last few posts - I could easily make a floppy hat + poncho/cape/ruana  my uniform on any given day. They are so easy and fun to wear. I was complimented and asked where I bought this cape the very first time I wore it. So to answer this question, it's by Chico's, and I paid only $30 for it on sale. It's such a classic piece, very well made and goes with anything. 

Glasses and Cape - Chico's (available on sale on their web site)
Turtleneck, bracelet and earrings - also Chico's, but old
Skirt and hat - Lane Bryant
Tights - Hue
Boots - Born
Purse - Fossil (very old)
Bead ring and leather ring - boutique finds



  1. This is a very thought-provoking post, thank you. Life can get so hectic at times that we forget our dreams, or just keep pushing them aside "for now", and then we realise that a lot of time has passed and the dream has been put on hold indefinitely... My worst nightmare, perhaps, to wake up one day and regret all the things I could / should have done... And your outfit is so cheerful, so full of joy.

    1. It is a very perceptive observation, Tiina. The first step is always to recognize that you have a dream, accept and honor it, and don't push it aside as something insignificant, as you said very well.

  2. very wise words my friend!
    it took me a while to really understand (translator dos´t help). i wish someone told me that at 20. but it´s never to late or? :-)
    your tiger lily look is awesome - fresh and groovy and artistic. and you look very happy in it!
    i´m curious about the dream you´r "pregnant" with.....
    much love! xxxxxxx

    1. You are right, Beate - it's never too late, and even more than that... if it resonates with you now, then it is just the perfect time right now. We hear/read/see things at various stages of our life, but start paying attention only when we are ready. If it resonates with you now, then it was written for you. :)
      Love xxxx

  3. I definitely think there is something about timing which is crucial in life. Opportunities might come, we can have ideas, plans can be hatched, but the time has to be right for things to happen. Our dreams need nurturing, some quiet space for them to develop, we can't always be hustling and pushing and striving.
    Love the bright chartreuse and leopard print, and the whole cape/floppy hat silhouette is so elegant on you, Natalia! You look beautiful, and you write with great feeling. xxx

  4. Leopard and chartreuse together in one look?? Great minds think alike, dearest Natalia!! ;) Of course, your combination features MUCH more of this deliciously juicy green than my own look did...but I absolutely love the result!! And yes, hats have been a bit of a recurring feature on my blog, as well; but they add such great personality to virtually every outfit, don't they?! P.S. Your words about "letting go" and allowing a dream to find its own way for a while couldn't have come at a better time for me; I've definitely got some perfectionist tendencies...and I think that giving myself a little breathing room might be just what the doctor ordered!! XOXO

  5. Наташа, чудесное сочетание платья и пончо! Молодец! И спасибо за такой ободрительный пост про мечты!

  6. I think that a leopard cape and a floppy hat is so you that you should consider wearing them every day as your signature pieces! but I know, that would be too limiting for you in some ways. Perhaps it is evolving though and is meant to be. I love your pregnancy metaphor and as always, your insights so poetically written. My challenge tends to be that I am pregnant with quintuplets. ;-)
    I suspect that if we were to actually meet in person, we would be up all night for three days/nights straight philosophising! What fun!!

  7. Natalia, such a thought provoking post, I do hope over time all your dreams do come true.I love your color combination and you do wear those floppy hats just so well.

  8. Great post. So true that forcing an act of creativity is not the way to go. Dreams need time to build, else they stop being special and turn into crafting instead of creating. Then part of the pleasure is gone and it's not so interesting and passionating anymore. All the best to you.

  9. It is almost like dreaming and staying awake..
    yes the creative process is enervating but there can be periods of vulnerability, too, you capture this so well with this post.
    Love the bold lime green and leo paired! Again, your smile and jewels, ice the cake!
    xx, elle

    1. Vulnerability is one of the most AMAZING tools that is given to us, and not many people realize that. A typical reaction is to put an armor, to close up when you feel vulnerable. While we actually need to stay open = vulnerable, in order to stay honest, true to ourselves. Always listen this inner voice. It is very weak if you're not in a habit of paying attention to it. And it is so vivid and clear when you live genuinely - it's IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. Many artistic people know it. I'm sure you know it, Elle.