Monday, June 20, 2016

Ode to Culottes + Video

I'm even happy that the weather is on the cool side these days - I have the chance to wear new items from early Spring (or even not so new), but some things I did not have a chance to wear this season because we got hot days starting in late March, which is surprisingly early for our part of the world. So now when it's mid 60s and breezy, I enjoy layering. 

On more than one occasion, I demonstrated on this blog my love for jumpsuits. What I also love, though haven't had in years, is culottes, or "skirt-pants" as we used to call it in Russian back in 1980-1990s. Some think they are tricky to wear, but to me, they combine features of both skirts and pants, and really - what can be easier? Feminine as any skirt is and comfortable as pants are, culottes are a blessing!

You know that I don't give style advice on my blog, it's not about that. But I really would like to encourage you to give this awesome item a go, if you haven't yet. Let culottes work for you, for your personality, your body and your style.  It's just so easy to get into a style rut and stay there endlessly. Try something new, be bold! You'll be surprised how flattering culottes can be and how confident they can make you feel. Find what suits you in the waste variety offered these days by many brands, or maybe you'll get lucky and find a thrifted piece, maybe even a vintage one. There are plenty of choices, from solid to patterned ones, from neutral to brightly colored, from slight flare to extra wide ones, like my culottes. If you're afraid that culottes can visually add volume to your body, then go for flowy and/or stretchy fabrics. Experiment and enjoy, at the end what's the worst thing that can happen? Have some fun! It's only clothes!

I used to be a fashion forward kind of girl in my youth, and since I grew up in the times when even the most basic items were hard to get (due to "deficit" in economic terms), I learned how to knit and sew very early in life. I did it because it was fun, and also because I wanted to have unique stylish clothes. I often would come up with an idea myself, find a fabric (also not easy in those times) and then, using my pattern-making skills (often with the help of a teacher, or my more experienced aunties), I would make me some fashionable clothes. 

At 17 or so, I made my first culottes - they were very similar in style with this number from Lane Bryant, with soft deep folds, only brightly colored floral cotton (big flowers on a green background). The other pair of culottes I made when I was 19 or 20, also very similar style, but with sharply pressed folds, dark blue/green plaid, in heavy cotton/wool blend. I loved both of those culottes and wore them a lot, and I love these new ones too, especially given that they are... a jumpsuit!

I will show you the wonderful waist detail when the weather is warmer (no need for a jacket) - it's what they call a "paper bag" waist, very fun and flattering. I love that the fabric is heavy and stretchy, it flows beautifully! Maybe that's what inspired me to create this little video. I always enjoy when women show their outfits in motion. I love pictures, but there is an extra dimension when you see a person moving - an extra dimension of both the outfit and the person too. I hope you'll enjoy it! Give me thumbs up if you do - your support and interest in what I create really encourages me and inspires to create more! And more creativity is a good thing! :)

PS - I'm so glad that in my attempt to organize my closet I didn't get rid of this knit moto jacket!

Culotte jumpsuit - Lane Bryant (this Spring collection)
Jacket - Lane Bryant (old)
Suade boots - Aquatalia via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - Chico's (old)
Ring - boutique (old)
Clutch - Cole Haan
Glasses - Lane Bryant

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  1. I love culottes, I've got quite a collection of 1960s ones and have made a few pair, too - surprisingly easy!
    Fab outfit and wonderful to see you in motion. You're gorgeous, Natalia. xxx

    1. Yours are fantastic, Vix!! And thank you, so nice to hear it from you. :)

  2. me too!
    that little jacket suits you and the chic jumpsuit so well! you look fabulous!!!!!
    i love clothing that "moves" - from the body movements underneath, from the breeze - its a 4. dimension. it´s something that got lost with skinnies and stiff jackets and i miss it in the streets.
    big hugs! xxxxxxx

  3. I am here to put in my vote for culottes! I've always thought they were a vastly underappreciated garment. I'm glad to see them and think the combination with a short jacket is perfect. Thanks for investing in them. Now I can see them any time! :)

    1. ha justin! i´m glad you wrote this! because - the "fashion police" says that men use to hate culottes! but i think they asked the wrong men by showing the wrong pictures :-)
      give natasha a kiss from me! xxx

    2. I'm so happy you like them! But then, I know you have a great taste! ;)

  4. Hihi the fashion police not see this culotte! It looks amazing and so great in motion. Cool with this striped biker jacket. Its a great look. I love it.
    Have a good day,


  5. you look dreamy!!!! such an amazing outfit!

    I love culottes too! This jumpsuit with culottes pants is awesome....I totally agree with what you said. They can be a very feminine item. I always loved wide pants, they remind me of golden age of hollywood and old movie starts...and culottes are like a mix of capri and wide pants...what is there not to love?

    I also learned how to sew early ( well basic sewing, I never got to more advanced level) for the same reasons. Also, I used to dig in my mother's and grandmother's closet...and that is how I started to love vintage clothes.

    1. I also wore some of my Mom's clothes, and when she was done with it, I would refashion (remake) it to suit my taste or current trends. :) Thank you for your kind words!

  6. Wonderful look and I love your necklace! I'm going to see it "live" now:)

    1. Live is the best, though I love photography and it's always fun to be a model. :)

  7. Very, very nice look! Love the shoes and the necklace is just amazing! <3
    Beautiful pictures!

    have a great summer time
    Dana :)