Saturday, June 11, 2016

Barefoot from 90 to 60

Have you put away those jackets and cardigans yet? Well, if you live in the PNW, hopefully, you put them not too far away. After a few hot days, the temperature dropped significantly, which suggests outfit adjustments. In this post, I'll show not one, but two outfits from this week - I wore both of them while hanging out in my neighborhood.

A-la 1920s Beach Attire

I think it might be the first summer in many years when I can feel comfortable in my clothes. I am so happy with the linen trend because I was able to find a few items that are A) easy to wear, B) comfortable, C) mixable, D) affordable, E) breathable, F) adorably old-fashioned! Take these stripy short pants (before shown HERE) as an example. I know this length is not considered flattering by some of you, stylish people, but I happen to think that such pants, especially linen ones, can be quite cute. In addition to the pants, I bought a peplum top in matching pattern. The fabrics are different in quality, but together the two items remind me of old-fashioned beach attire, which suits my taste and personality so well.

And even though, it is tempting to compare my image to these bathing beauties...

 ...and I swear this is almost exactly how I look in my mind... mind can be weak, but my vision is still going strong. 
I know I rather fit here - leave room for me, girls!

And I'm fine with that. 
I mean, how can one be unhappy in such a merry company?

Long Cardigan Over Maxi Dress

And now the low 60s F day - a dinner out at a local Indian restaurant. Maxi dress made of high quality polyester and cocoon style cardigan made of cotton, both are comfortable (I wear this dress to just lounge at home sometimes, when feeling fancy). I showed the dress with a denim vest HERE last year; and the cocoon HERE just recently. And even though I wore both items many times, I haven't combined them together before. I like how they work/play together, and I'm going to repeat this combination. I'd just change shoes for a dressier look, and maybe add some bling when I feel like it. Ideally, I'd like to find an off-white purse or a clutch to go with it, but I am in no hurry.

As far as shoes go, I really like something easy in Summer, so I can literally jump in and out of them in a second. This pair fits the bill. Plus, it has beautifully crafted details. I wear them practically every day lately. Because you know what my favorite shoes are, right? Right. 

Outfit #1 (90 F at the beach)
Linen pants and top - Old Navy
Oversized round sunnies and hat - Lane Bryant
Linen purse - hand-made, via boutique in Michigan (years ago)
Shoes -  Robert Zur via Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #2 (60 F at a local restaurant)
Dress, cocoon cardigan and Jasper ring (10 years old)  - Chico's
Sunglasses in orange/wine frame - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant
Clutch - Cole Haan via TJ MAXX
Shoes - same as above

* * *


  1. me too - fav shoes are no shoes :-)
    but sometimes a girl has to made compromises - so the almost-not-there sandals are the best summer shoes for moi!
    loooove that "playsuit"! you look fabulous in it! and of cause you can stand in a line with all the ancient bathing beauties!!! <3 nice to see the ethno-print dress again - the cardi is a perfect match! btw - i tend to like the snakeskin clutch more then the thought of a "matchy-matchy" one in off-white. the snakeskin is a more subtle match: tropical tribal style print + the skin of a jungle animal - ya´know :-)
    here it was very hot too - but since yesterday sweater weather.....
    have a wonderful week! <3 xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks, Beate! I appreciate both - subtle and mismatchy, and match-matchy. I would love to find a cool bag or clutch, preferably in off-white, not only for this particular dress or outfit, but to add to my collection of purses. Sometimes I really miss one. :)

  2. I think the lenght of the linen pants is very flattering on you, it's just below the knee and shows your shapely legs. There is no such thing as universally flattering anything ('trendy' does not always equal flattering), and the only thing that matters is that it flatters you.

  3. I thought your cropped pants outfit was a jumpsuit, its such fun. You really would fit in a treat with those fabulous bathing belles.
    I remember seeing that maxi before, it's one of my favourites. I'm a barefoot girl, too. xxx

    1. Justin is also amazed that it's not one piece, but two pieces. I love to meet other barefoot fashionistas! :)

  4. Dear Natalia, I love your bath - playsuit. It looks so amazing and confortable in heat weather. My favorite shoes
    are flipflops and crocks at home ;)
    Wish you a nice week, xxxx

  5. I can't decide what outfit I like best, both of them are very beautiful! The first one is the very essence of Summer...Stripes are always tres chic and I especially love to see them in Summer! This combo seems very comfy and it is also very feminine. It was great to see those vintage photos, I always enjoy those.

    That maxi dress is to die for!!! I adore maxi dresses and that one is really spectacular! You look fantastic in it dear...Plus, that long cardi is so lovely! Great bag too.

    I've started a new job so I'm a bit behind on blog reading, but I always catch up:)

    1. Congratulations on your new job! I hope it's a good one for you.
      I realized that I have a weakness for stripes. :)

  6. Love that blue and white striped outfit. It is modern yet I do see the hint of nostalgia in it! I llove linen.
    The layered dress is lovely, the print is tribal and rich and the cocoon cardi is perfect with the additional texture. yes, to NO shoes!
    sorry to ask, but you please resend your address... computer glitch this week!
    xx, Elle

    1. It's interesting how we see colors so differently. To my eyes, the "play suit" is gray rather than blue. But I can see blue-ishness in it, just a bit.

      I sent you an email. :)

  7. love both outfits!, I think I could steal your 'old fashioned beach attire' and wear it everyday, it looks fresh, comfy and summery and love its 20's vibe!!, so cute!!
    And I also love your maxi and long cardi ensemble, it's a fabulous outfit, easy to match, easy to wear, easy to enjoy!!

  8. I love barefoot too:) Both outfits are very nice. The first one is so relaxed and I just absolutely adore it! In the second one it's really awesome how you put it all together.