Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Twin Dresses

Have you, my friends, heard the story of twin dresses? 
Let me tell it to you then.

Once upon a time, there were two sister dresses - in fact, they were twins, though not identical twins. One was a playful large polka dot dress, almost as large polka dots as you can imagine. She had a big and bold personality and made everyone happy and giggly to just look at her. Her sister had more of a soft, gentle and tender spirit, which felt refreshingly lighthearted and made everyone's heart melt just to look at her.

The Girl Who Loved Dresses once crossed their path. The Twin Dresses' charm and unique beauty made her swoon. 
"Oh dear sweet Polka Dot! Oh darling Spring Floral! Do come home with me," she said. 
"I have just the right spot in my closet for you, where you'll be surrounded by good friends and neighbors," she said. 
"I will take you to all the fun places I know about, and we will live so happily together," she said.

The Twin Dresses agreed, and the girl took them home with her, to hang out with her other friends and neighbors, go to pretty parks, smell roses and play with bunnies, have delicious food in nice restaurants, converse with interesting people and learn fun things together. The girl took photographs of them and sketched them in her sketchbook, and the Twin Dresses were really pleased. 

(Bigger versions of the sketches HERE.)

And so the Polka Dot with her big and bold personality, and her sister Spring Floral with her gentle, tender spirit lived with the Girl Who Loved Dresses happily ever after. 

~ The End ~

Photos by Justin
Location - Park by the Knutzen Family Theatre in Federal Way, WA

Dresses - Lane Bryant 
(bought on clearance, the white dress is still available on their web site)
Cardigan - Old Navy
Mary Janes - Dansko (old)
Sandals - Clarks (old)
Jewelry, purses - old, old, old (and beloved)

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  1. Lovely easy breezy dresses for the girl who loved them.
    I know they'll have a wonderful life with you and all their playmates!
    Gorgeous photos Justin!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you, JJ! Breezy is a good word for them :)

  2. hihi - such a cute story! <3
    your dresses are very pretty on you! my fav ist the bold, dotted one. but even the flowery dress has something bold because of the scale of the flowers and the bright colors - fab!
    do you know what? once i have a pattern that works for me i sew lots if sisters for my dresses, skirts, blouses etc. - nobody recognizes it because people only see the colors/prints :-)
    and i´m with JJ - wonderful photos - dear justin!

    1. You are a wise woman, Beate! And why shouldn't we use the same pattern over and over again if we really love the style? It only makes sense. :) Much love to you!

  3. Amazing dresses. They fits perfect Natalia. I love it, if one pattern, that works good for me, in many colours and designs is avaiable.
    Soo lovely pictures :)
    Send you much love and a very good time.

    1. Thank you, Tina! I can't wait to style the polka dot with boots for Fall. :)

  4. How smart-find a pattern you love the style of and switch up the color combo. They seem so different, burrow equally lovely.

    1. Thank you, Sam! I adore dresses. I wish I could find more of this style. :)

  5. Oh you smart woman, find a great dress and buy two! Good work, my dear, well done!

  6. The dresses have found a good home and will no doubt enjoy being out and about. Even though they are twins they really look so different.I also love the drawings. Enjoy your week.

  7. I love flowers dress!!! marvelus like you!

  8. I love flowers dress!!! marvelus like you!

  9. Two fab dresses - the polka dot one is gorgeous. If you're going to do spots go large or go home! The floral number is very 1980s, they did bold flowers so well.
    Like Beate I've got a favourite dress pattern and have made several in quirky prints, nobody notices as the pattern does the talking. xxx

  10. Love both those dresses on you! Two great summer looks :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  11. Mwahaha, that's the most lovely post ever, really delightful to read it!! and you put a smile on my face!
    Love both dresses, big polka dots are fabulous (one of my favorite prints!) and that subtle floral motive is really beautiful and charming!. You look gorgeous wearing both of them. And love particularly that tote bag (CUTE!)

  12. both dresses are amazing...and you wear them so well!