Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Focused Bohemian

For many years, I have had a soft spot for all sorts of jackets, blazers and coats. My latest coats-infused madness aside (there will be time for spilling the beans in the Fall), I think I still can share some great jackets like this one, even in the heat of the Summer.

This beautifully and richly embroidered, tribal inspired linen number is a purchase from last summer (great sale price, as usual), and I showed it HERE in July 2015. This jacket is just the sort of thing that originally attracted me to the Chico's brand years ago - their whimsical and well-crafted items, often vividly colored and inspired by world culture, are just my cup of tea. This time, I wanted to give this jacket my full attention and make it the star of the show, so I wore it over my chambray culottes jumpsuit with clean simple lines (shown also in my recent post about our trip to the Olympic Peninsula HERE). I added a necklace with semi-precious stones that I found on clearance at Target, probably a couple of months ago or so. It really spoke to me, and I knew I'd find a way to wear it. I think it compliments this outfit so well.

What I like about this outfit is that it blends together the two strong sides of me, one being a free-spirited artist and explorer, and another that is focused and "pulled together", as they say. Do you know what I mean by that? Not one or another, but both. I think once I discovered the artistic side of me (read the post Becoming an Artist, February 2016), I kind of assumed that the other, more structured and organized side of me, was going to fade away. I thought that my love of blazers would fade away along with it too. But nothing fades away! If it is an organic part of who you are and for whatever reason, your personality shifted in a different direction, you can still be who you were, and in addition to that be all the new things that you keep discovering about yourself. Embracing your whole self by including all parts of you, that's to me what it takes to find my inner harmony. 

This outfit also has a great little story to share. I was walking through IKEA, and couldn't help but notice a stylish and unique looking young woman in a brightly colored dress. She was with her family, and I did not feel comfortable to talk to her, though I just really couldn't take my eyes off of her. You know IKEA - it's a maze, but we crossed paths again, somehow managing to pay at the same time, just at different cashier registers. And what do you know, she looked at me and said, "I like your outfit!" I was thrilled, and across the aisle, I yelled to her that I loved hers! And that little encounter really made my day. I don't dress to impress, but I do appreciate being recognized by another creative soul. 

Photos by Justin

Jacket - Chico's (old)
Jumpsuit - Old Navy
Sandals - Ecco (old)
Purse - Urban Expressions (old)
Necklace - Target
Sun glasses - Lane Bryant

* * *


  1. me too! :-)
    wonderful jacket! looks totally like a vintage ethno piece! and what a cute overall! the necklace is very chic and i can see the jacket and the necklace in many looks for fall - think black sweater, brown tweed, corduroy or velvet skirt..... a dark dress.... wool white..........or more ethno patterns!

    1. Those are all wonderful ideas, Beate! I also can see how this jacket goes into Fall, with such colors and loose fit.

  2. That seems to happen a lot with me, too. I see someone fabulously dressed and they inevitably tell me they love what I'm wearing - I suppose like attracts like!
    that jacket is lovely, I've got some similar 1970s and 1980s hippy style jackets on our rails and they always get snapped up by cool looking ladies just like you. xxx

  3. We are all many things, at the same time. That's what makes us unique, that we are never one-dimensional. That we blend all the influences we gather into a unique interpretation. Your outfit reflects that.

  4. so lovely that you received a nice comment from somebody whose style you love!, that's really something lovely!
    And I like your artistic elegance, that cool&comfy style you rock!!, and I love your jacket and fabulous accessories!

  5. /you look so errific. I love your confidence and easy glam. I usually try to hard or not at all.

    1. Thank you so much, I am happy to hear you think so!

      I think I just recently figured out this "casual chic" thing. It just means if you like to wear something comfy, then throw on just one "chic" thing - that's all there is to it. If you wear jeans, then grab fancy shoes or an elaborate jacket/blouse. I think that's all, really. Or if you like to wear a fancy dress or skirt, then go easy on shoes - wear converse or something like it.

      But I actually enjoy "effort" - the fun is in an "effort" to me.

  6. This jumpsuit is so lovely and I really like how you paired it with that jacket. This jacket is such a statement piece. Like Beate said, it looks vintage (and really special I would add). The denim jumpsuit looks nice on its own but together with that jacket and that amazing necklace, it looks even better.

    I like what you said about not dressing to impress, but still being happy if another creative soul likes our effort. I totally agree with that. It is so cute that the lady whose outfit you liked felt the same way about yours.

    I'm not sure have I ever been to Ikea but I've been to similar stores and I know they can be a maze! It is fun to get lost it that maze sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thank you, Ivana! I appreciate that you like my outfit. :) It's always a joy to hear from you, my dear!

  7. What a lovely moment to share, of course she admired your look! Love the denim jumpsuit and the necklace and jacket looks like a combo from a museum, I love the weave and the setting of the necklace together. I hate the buying experience at Ikea, but do love their products!
    Coat infused madness? Do tell! ( I think I have been there, too!)
    xx, Elle

    1. Soon, soon we will share with each other coat madness, yes? :)
      Thank you, dear Elle, it's such a high praise from you!