Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe. Part 2: Dressy


What kind of fanciness do you really want on your relaxing Summer vacation by the seaside? I would think, pretty much everyone agrees that as little fanciness as possible. And even though I love dressing up and casual everyday style isn't what tickles me the most,  and even though ideas of fantastically festive outfits were burning inside me, I still decided to choose more relaxing, more quiet outfits even when I wanted to look a little dressed-up. All I wanted - the old world charm, which is mostly in certain silhouettes and details. So here, in the 2nd (and final) part of my Summer Vacation capsule wardrobe posts, I will show my 3 fancy-ish vacation outfits created mostly from the same pieces I used for my casual outfits.
(Part 1 HERE.)

The pair of Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant sunglasses 
(still available on the web in two colors) dress up any outfit!

I pretty much dressed up only for two occasions: a stroll in town with a little fun shopping at local stores (twice), and live theater (once). The rest of the time I kept it simple.
The first two outfits are with the same linen pants I showed in my previous post, but I dressed them up by wearing my vintage blouses. I call them "vintage", though technically they aren't. The blue top is most probably hand-made from vintage fabric - there are absolutely no labels on it whatsoever. It was a Goodwill find during one of our previous trips to Seaside, by the way. I always have good luck there. Here is a tip if you think about vacationing in Oregon. There are thrift shops EVERYWHERE! Maybe I just did not pay that much attention, but I am not aware of that many thrift shops in Washington State. I mean, they are almost literally on every corner around Seaside, OR! My favorite find is a set of beautiful, high quality, made in England, 1970s vintage enamel cooking pots - I use them practically daily ever since I bought them.

The abalone shell silver earrings are a gift from a friend from a few years ago

Ocean shore by Seaside, OR

My other "vintage" top is made by a contemporary brand, but definitely using vintage fabric (I did  research). It's another Goodwill find, and it is originally a small size tunic/dress, but I just wear it as a top! I know that I shouldn't call them "vintage" - do forgive me, I really like to think of them as "my vintage blouses". I only have three of them (the third one is actually real vintage, I promise), and one genuine vintage skirt  - and that's pretty much it as far as my vintage clothing is concerned. So let me call them "my vintage clothes" - as it makes me happy!

The Promenade in Seaside, OR (built in 1921)

I do not know why, but I drew this Russian Beauty on my first day of vacation. 

We went on a little hike in the woods at the Oswald West State Park.

And now on to the last outfit that I wanted to share with you in this post. 
I wear this 100% cotton tiered boho maxi dress a lot! I even wear it at home - it is very lightweight and comfy. Here I am wearing it at the gorgeous Cannon Beach shore, during the day. A breezy day at that! And as I was sinking into the wet sand, I tried to prevent my floppy hat from leaving my head at the same time too. Not your average style blogging challenge. That made me giggle!

 These inexpensive earrings (faux stones) from a local garden shop - I bought them last year.

The Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR

Hydrangea by the Coaster Theatre Playhouse in Cannon Beach, OR

And later that day, we went to see a play in a wonderful community theater - Coaster Theatre Playhouse, so I dressed my frock up a bit with a crochet cardigan (which was very handy, at times even at the beach) and my African basket. I used the basket all the time for things like beach towels, picnics and just for fun and pretty pictures, of course! Anya called this outfit "A Bohemian Princess". The place smelled like heaven too - there was lavender all around me... 

If you need any pointers as to where to go and what to do in that part of the world, I'd be happy to answer your questions. But the best part is just free exploring! Cannon Beach is one of the most charming (if not the most charming) small towns I've ever visited. It's all about narrow streets, wood, tasteful architecture, flower beds everywhere you look! There is a little uniformity about it, but in the best possible way - sort of like those adorable old English villages I see in movies, only this one has a distinctly American charm. It is a gem! And it is absolutely unique for the West Coast too, I believe, and I am just utterly in love with it. As always, I want to move there! Permanently! Just live a quiet life, take long walks on the beach and write books... 

So where was I? Oh yes - exploring! Justin was pleasantly surprised to find out that even at the peak of the tourist season, these quaint towns weren't at all overcrowded. There was always a parking space for us, and no waiting at any restaurant. But maybe we just got lucky. If you decide to go there, prepare to do lots of walking, browsing, going to the many breathtakingly beautiful parks along the ocean shore for hiking and finding cozy coves, or maybe surfing if you are that kind of a vacationer, or just taking a stroll at the Promenade, feeding the cutest seals in the little Seaside Aquarium (who will make you laugh!), eating fresh seafood and enjoying yourselves and the people with whom you share your vacation. One of the most touching moments of our vacation was when all three of us were just watching a movie together, in our room, and Anya snuggled up next to me, hugging my knees, just as she did when she was little. I terribly miss those days, and that moment I will never forget. 

Our 5 days of vacation felt actually longer than that! Photos, as always, by Justin - and believe it or not, Anya was the main model this time, I was kind of humble compared to her! But don't tell her that please! She was so happy with the photos Justin took of her. Can you believe that she is already taller than me?

Vintage blouses - thrifted via Goodwill
Red Dress - Lane Bryant
Long cardigan- Torrid

* * *


  1. anya is right! totally boho-princess!!! that pic of you at the beach in the dress and hat - both almost blown away - just stunning!!! sooo beautiful!
    but the not so little anymore girl does a fab job too in front of the camera!
    @capsule: genius to lift up the casual pants with vintage-y blouses! you know i love both of them for their old school boho look :-) and the pretty cardi makes it all much more hippy and stylish! still - well packed!
    much love!!!! xxxxxx

  2. Stunning dress Natalia♥️♥️♥️ This picture with ocean and you in this maxidress and blown ... a dream!
    Wooohooo soooo wonderfull pictures. Anya is so amazing, too.
    wish you and your family a wonderfull weekend
    Hughs an kisses Tina

  3. ohhh, that pic on the ocean, your red dress blowing in the wind!, so gorgeous!!
    Love your accessories, and love particularly that crochet long cardi, which enhances every outfit!, beautiful!.

    1. I am glad you appreciate my crochet cardigan, dear Monica - I think it is exceptionally pretty and really lifts up many looks.

  4. I love that photo of you in the sea holding your hat on! Just lovely!
    Seaside sounds just my kind of place, hopefully it won't be too long until I get to Oregon, it's on the cards.
    WE have twin baskets! I bought mine from a Ghanian charity. xxx

    1. So glad you are planning a visit! It must happen! :)
      ps Love that basket. It's getting more popular here, I even saw a few in a shop in Seaside.

  5. Loving that red dress!!!

  6. Oh, that picture on the beach where you are wearing maxi dress is just gorgeous! It seems that you had beautiful family time.

    1. It's always a happy time for us in Seaside. :) Thanks, Anna!

  7. I so enjoyed this set of photos of such a beautiful area and of course you and Anya. Anya really is spot on with Bohemian Princess , you look just gorgeous. Glad you had such a special time together.

    1. Thank you, Jill! It was a wonderful vacation - and I've finally figured out the whole summer vacation wardrobe for myself. Now I must figure out the winter version as well. :)

  8. So lovely to see you had such a nice family vacation! I loved seeing these photos. Your outfits are all very stylish. I really like those linen pants....but the real star is that maxi dress. You look divine in that dress. I loved that photograph shot at the beach, almost in the wonderful!

  9. Hi Natalia,
    I haven't visited your blog for a while but something drew me here today. Your little girl is growing up, I love the silhouetted photo of her in the sea. It looks like you all had a fabulous holiday with special moments to treasure xx