Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Magic Formula

When I look at these pictures, all I see is 100% genuine me. I am not experimenting with new styles, not stretching myself outside of my so-called comfort zone, not channeling anyone, not imitating someone else's style, not feeling inspired by a certain thing or event or a person, and definitely not copying anybody else. This is authentic Natasha. I have worn similar feel outfits (at least, they feel similar to me) since I was very young.  But only now, having observed and absorbed so much in the world of style, I can do things I couldn't do before. It is a more refined genuine version of me, who matured and got seasoned a little, that's probably the best way to put it.

But if you ask me what is the magic formula, I wouldn't be able to answer. I can tell you that I wish I could do it each and every day - but I can't. Some days are better than others. Some days I live like a genius - not necessarily with my outfits. It could be with my writing or cooking, or listening to a beloved one and being the best listener in the world and speaking words of wisdom with astonishing ease, like an oracle. It doesn't matter to me, in which area this 100% genuine me is having a blast, all I care about is that some part of me does. 

The only new "ingredient" here is this pair of black velvet boots with lucite heels - LOVE THEM! Love them so much I bought in two colors (on 40% off sale). They really add to the 1960s feel of the outfit. The rest came almost randomly together, but I really like the result.

I don't think there is a magic formula. What I know is that in order to live the life I strive to live, I have to feel connected with the deepest part of me, and it's the most important thing on earth to me, it is my priority number one. Some call it inner self, others spiritual self, I call it soul. It is from that place all the best things that I am and I do are coming from. If I am not connected with my soul, I can be a tired, grumpy, sad, dissatisfied, stressed out, frustrated, angry, lost, clueless goofball, as much a the next person. When I am not connected, I sometimes even doubt that I have any talents and gifts, I doubt that I have done anything remotely good and relevant in my life. When I am connected, I feel such an enormous love and acceptance for life and anything and anyone in it, myself included, that there is no obstacle I cannot overcome, no task too difficult, no problem that can't be solved, and no pain that can't be healed. It is from that place of the deepest connection with my own soul I can create texts that touch others, cook dinners that are worthy of a gourmet chef menu, and put together outfits like this one, that feel harmonious, unique and 100% genuine me. 

Long vest - OTIS college students' design for Lane Bryant
Boots - Ashley Stewart (wide feet, wide calf)
Hat, scarf, dress - Lane Bryant
Sweater tights - Spanx
Laptop case used as a purse - Cynthia Rowley for Staples
Sunglasses - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant
Bracelets - one vintage via Citizen Rosebud, and another old from LB

* * *


  1. genius!!!! totally!
    text and ensemble! <3 <3 <3
    you wrote down what i feel! being lost if the connection to myself seems gone - feeling like i can´t do something wrong if i´m resting in myself.....
    same with outfits - one who knows me well can see how i feel this day in my looks - they´r always kinda chic and spezial no less - but on "bad" days they lack the genius part - which they have when i´m in connected modus :-)
    and yes - yours here today has it - the genius! in this case its the patterned tights and that clutch which is NOT black&white! this little things make the difference IMO.
    much love to you! xxxxxxx

    1. Beate, it means a lot to me, thank you my dear! Sending all my love! Stay cozy and connected! :)

  2. Unique, happy and confident. What could be better?
    Keep being you, you're fabulous! xxx
    PS Love those boots!

  3. What a beautiful and insprining text! Being genuine with ourselves and connecting with our soul is a life long task....it is something that can't be restricted to only one area of our life. If we're going to live our life fully and authentically, we must do so in all areas and in all times- less we lost the very idea of who we are. People sometimes make drastic cuts, saying that only day of the week (as is common in religions) or a day is intended for meditation, in the same way some areas of our life as considered shallow (for example dressing up) but such things only cut our personalities to pieces. We must find meaning in all things, or transfer meaning to all things...we must enrich ourselves and our surroundings every day, at least a little- or what is the point in living? Sometimes one sincere smile, a laughter shared, a moment of recollection---those things can change somebody's day (and our day as well).

    I absolutely love your outfit today...those boots are so gorgeous! love the transparent heels...and I'm always a fan of polka dots. You look lovely!!!!

    1. What an inspired, insightful comment, Ivana - brilliant piece of writing in itself!!

  4. I agree Natalie---there is no magic formula.
    It takes experimenting and trying things and really---hard work!
    But you look fabulous no matter what because your lovely insides work there way outside!!
    Love the polka dots for fun and those boots? Fantastic!!

  5. If only there was a magic formula , it would make it all so easy but then that ever changing journey of self awareness would not happen and for me at least that is a very rewarding journey. This outfit suits you so well and you do look so relaxed and comfortable. It is fun to play outside your comfort zone but somehow we return to favourite styles. Hope your joyous week continues.

    1. You are right of course, my dear Jill - it is a rewarding journey, and it wouldn't be the same without all those ups and downs. We need the contrast!

  6. I love the 100 % genuine Natalia Look. You are connected. It's maybee a little bit magic if we are completly satisfied fir a day and alle we do is good. I love these days.
    But I think on this blog all Outfits are Natalia. No copy :)
    Many hugs and wish you a very good day, Tina

  7. In sync is what I call it. When you are able to connect the dots between your soul and your wardrobe. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. This outfit is very reminiscent of 60s mod. Very cool. You and your outfit are one.

  8. ohhh, so fabulous and inspiring writting!, it's great that feeling of being connected to your inner self, and then create something, particularly because that's the way you express yourself, the way you share your soul with others!
    Love your monochromatic ensemble, that polka dot dress, the fab boots and cool accessorizing!, you look absolutely comfortable and elegant!
    besos & arte

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! I am happy that the text was inspiring to you!