Thursday, November 10, 2016

Artless Athlete


The queen of sports, I am not. But it does not mean that I never do any physical activities which require some sort of comfortable athletic clothing and sometimes shoes.

After many years of experimenting with all sorts of exercise (dance, yoga, tennis, step aerobics, power exercise and even kickboxing to name a few), I came to the conclusion that what I enjoy the most is not loud group programs with fast paced activities, but going solo, with my own free pace, not too fast and not too slow, just right for me, such as swimming and walking. I don't do it on any particular schedule. I would love to go outside for a more or less long walk once or twice a week, but it doesn't always work out that way. 

There are many places where I enjoy walking around here. Even a brisk walk in my neighborhood feels good if I don't feel like driving to a park or trail which are in abundance in the Puget Sound area. Last weekend, we drove to one of such trail called Grand View Trail (and the views of Puget Sound are really grand from there). I have many photos taken on that trail and its sister Sound View Trail, for instance in THIS POST from almost 3 years ago.

As you can see, I sometimes dress nicely for a walk - casual, but stylish. Other times, I feel like wearing special athlete clothing, designed for free movement, like yoga pants (the most comfortable pants in the world). I also love wearing this sporty jacket designed by talented Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant. I like the generous cut, but at the same time streamline design, and of course the bold colors and pattern of this jacket. It protects me from wind too. 

I typically don't carry a purse with me when I walk, but if there is a need for bringing a few things (a phone, car keys, lipstick, etc), then a little pouch will do the job. I like the dark floral design - it is from the same series as my laptop case from the previous post.

I typically have one or two pairs of comfortable walking shoes. These are from New Balance and I have owned them for a while. They are very lightweight and comfy - I almost don't notice them on my feet, that's the best sign of good shoes to me.

So here you have it - an artless athlete outfit for the artless athlete that I am. It is comfy, practical and stylish enough not only for taking a walk, but also for doing a little shopping afterwards and having sushi in a neighborhood Japanese restaurant.

Jacket - Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant
Yoga pants - Lane Bryant
Shoes - New Balance vis Nordstrom Rack
Pouch - Cynthia Rowley for Staples
Headband - so old I can't remember

* * *


  1. You look fabulous on your walk. This jacket have so wonderfull colours and stripes. I love yogapants and I wear them every day at home for relaxing. Ääähm couch-yoga :). For sports I ride bike and take the new crosstrainer at home. Outside I do little walks with Luna.
    I wish you a nice weekend, send much love an maaaany hugs, Tina

    1. Couch yoga is the best! Stretching our imagination!

  2. that jacket is very well designed! how the pattern is used at the front closure - this is not often seen in casual clothes - usually they cut into the pattern like it is not there - but here!! perfection :-)
    wonderful to see you walking out in the nature! you know that´s my fav kind of exercise too. the fresh air, the views and best with not much people around....
    but although i´m a yogi i don´t own yoga pants :-) to warm in the summer - i prefer shorts. if the shorts are not warm enough its already to cold for thin cotton stretch pants too. out- and indoors. if i do yoga i wear athletic shorts year round - long pants (and tops with sleeves) disturb the micro movements.
    wish you a happy weekend and both of us a good nature walk!

    1. I didn't even pay attention before you mentioned this detail. Yes, they did a great job!

  3. "usually they cut into the pattern" ... That's a very good point and I hadn't noticed before you mentioned. Excellent. :)

  4. Love the athletic gear, so pretty! What a great way to get exercise, walking in such beautiful areas, that is so ideal!
    xx, Elle

  5. lovely and genuine Real Life outfit!, your jacket has a really beautiful design, colorful and edgy!

  6. Thank you, Monica! It also has a hoodie :)