Monday, February 6, 2017

Tender Transitioning

It was a rainy day in Seattle, and when I looked in my closet, I felt like I had nothing to... well, you know. Until I spotted this Spring-y dress under another dress (storage issues!) and thought to myself, what the heck! It isn't Spring yet. But it is coming. Camellia in our yard started opening its very first buds at the end of January. Birds are singing in a very Spring-y voice! It was snowing later, but so what? The snow melts here quickly anyway. It knows Spring is just around the corner - not behind the mountains, as we say in Russia.

So I wore this bold floral shirt dress with a fine piping detail from Melissa McCarthy. The dress is from last year, and I bought it on clearance, for only a fraction of the price. I had my doubts about the lemon-y yellow and bright true blue - I tend to look best in warm hues, so this dress was a little out of my comfort zone. But some little voice in me said, give it a chance, give it a chance! And I did - I gave it a chance. 

And the dress did not disappoint! I think it looks quite lovely with my rosy cheeks and red hair. I picked faux pearl earrings and a mother-of-pearl ring for my accessories, and sweater tights as a nod to the transitional period, this tender time between Winter and Spring, when it is "already not" and "not quite yet" at the same time.

I tried almost all the coats I own, and this bold stripy number (seen HERE) became a definite winner
 as soon as I put it on. 

Justin and I are experimenting with our photography lately - trying new locations (that day, it had to be indoors), different poses and not such a "catalog-y" feel, as I am not interested in documenting absolutely every one of my outfits (one of my early blog goals), as well as showcasing the "best bits" of my curvy body (another early goal - to convince myself that I was still an attractive woman). I am more interested in photos that reflect the real me, the me as I am now, both physically and spiritually, the beauty of daily life, as well as my (and Justin's) artistic imagination. We will see where this journey brings us.

Dress - Melissa McCarthy 
(last year purchase, but wearing for the first time)
Coat - Simply Be (old)
Tights - via Lane Bryant (old)
Booties - Aquatalia (old)
Purse - Michael Kors
Earrings, ring - old, from my collection
Umbrella - old, from Justin's collection

* * *


  1. it's a beautiful dress and you rock it!. I like all those flowers in bold colors and your springy mood. Also like that you added your striped coat, I think it goes nicely with your dress, you've created a cool ensemble!
    Love your attitude, 'the beauty of daily life' sounds really inspiring!

  2. I love the dress!! I think we are getting so much better at giving things a go---isn't it so fun??
    You look terrific!!

  3. What a beautiful blue dress! The patter is so pretty and I like those yellow bits. Interesting combo- yellow and blue....makes me think of the sun and the sky:) Interesting that we don't see more of this colour combo. Naturally I approve of you pairing this dress with a striped coat- it is always fabulous to see a mix of prints.

    You look very feminine and pretty in this dress. Tights are a great way to create transitional outfits. When we're wearing tights we can get away with wearing spring and summer dresses even when it is still cold. If you ask me, there is no need to wait for Spring/ Summer to wear these kind of dresses.

    I love what you wrote about the 'more natural and relax photography'. Today it has become so common to take photos only from certain 'flattering' angles, and really after a while it gets boring. It is good to know those 'look good' tricks and there is nothing wrong in wanting to look our best...I use flattering poses often- because they're easy.... but there is no need for our every photo to turn into trying to look as attractive as possible. I think we should be aware of that. Aware of the fact that it is a shame to limit ourselves to a handful of poses.

    Besides, what is really attractive? It depends on the person. For me kindness is attractive, humour is attractive. Being relaxed, being natural- that is attractive too. So, experimenting and coming up with creative photographs is great. I prefer to take my outfit photos in the nature because there I feel the most relaxed and that shows on photos. I usually don't like my urban shoots:) , in the nature it is somehow easier to capture joy- and that is something I try to do. Capture the joy of life.

    1. I agree with you, Ivana! Spirit - in-spiration - that what makes people really attractive, in my eyes! And yes to floral dresses year-round!

  4. Glad you chose this bright floral dress , a nod to Spring , it is lovely on you. Sometimes colours that we shy away from turn out to suit us perfectly and this dress is a fine example. Have fun with playing with your photography and poses.

  5. time to wear that gorgeous dress!!!!
    and you did a fabulous job styling it with the stripey coat! totally perfect! and of cause the umbrella!
    bravo to trying out new ways of photographing your looks. actually all the artistic, famous and beautiful fashion photos are not "catalog-y" - its always all about setting, mood, extrem poses to transport the spirit of the garment design. i used to stuck with my pic-taking a while ago - then i had a look in old vogues and vintage mags and remembered all the things i already knew : MOVE! :-)
    justin of cause is the perfect "brother in crime" to experiment and have fun with taking pictures! you´r such a cool team!
    here to more creative and arty fashion posts! <3
    much love! xxxxxx

    1. Thank you for all your kind words, my dear! And I couldn't agree more about artistic vs commercial. I've never been especially catalog-y, but with a goal to document each and every outfit, there comes a certain rush - just be done with it quickly. For art, one needs more time and feeling free to create. We've done it here on the blog before, so we are just coming back to this idea again! I love to see where it takes us. :)


    2. i´m too!! it is so gorgeous to watch you both from far - because i was so often on professional photo sets (as designer, stylist, model - although i was never confident in that role at a younger age) that i can imagine what´s happen at your´s. i can feel the creative energy that go in a photo.
      hugs to you and justin! xxxxx

    3. Wish you were here to play with us! :)

  6. That dress has a really cool 1980s vibe going on and to combine it with the striped cardi is just inspired.
    Your photos are wonderful. Great job! xxx

  7. You a like a messenger of Spring!:) The dress is very nice and you made awesome outfit adding this sweater. And the rainbow umbrella! I imagine that it brightens up even very rainy day:)


    1. What a lovely name - Messenger of Spring! Thank you for it!