Monday, April 13, 2015

Where Have You Been All My Life


That's exactly what I said to this Skirt when she arrived on the doorstep of my house.
She has a good weight - not so light that you wonder from time to time whether you forgot to put a skirt on today.
Her color is divine (you may argue that it's mustard yellow, but they call it "Harvest Gold", and I'm sticking to it).
She is so comfortable - stretchy and soft at the waist.
She flows beautifully with every move.
She is fully lined.
She is luxurious.
She is a beauty.
She is perfect.
What did you say? 
There is no such thing?
Oh, but there is!

I can wear it in so many ways, from sweaters and jackets to shirts and tank tops.
I see it with so many brilliant colors, rusty red, teal, green, blue, as well as black and white.
But this time, I just had to pair it with my recent Goodwill find - the thrifted floral blouse. I just love how the skirt brings the gold out of it.

And wait till you see the swoosh! 

They also call it "a circle skirt" - not quite, but leaning that direction. 

If for whatever weird reason I had to limit my wardrobe to only one skirt, this would be it. 
(Thankfully, I don't have to. But it tells me what to look for in the future.)

Which is so much more than I can say about this adorable pair of platform sandals.
They are lovely and feminine, and I really like them. But I'm ready to separate with them.
The sole is quite comfortable, but the toe area just does not fit my wide feet - it quickly becomes unbearable to even just stand in them. I believe if you have medium width feet, this pair with Summery wicker weave platform might become a long time favorite in your shoe closet.
They are US size 9 Medium, Charles by Charles David (designer's shoes, but a more affordable line). The platform height is 4.5''.
I only tried to wear them 2 or 3 times, so they are in a nearly brand new condition.
If you are interested, feel free to email me at in the writers closet at gmail dot com. I only ask you to pay for shipping, and they are all yours!

 Skirt - Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant
Blouse and denim jacket - thrifted
Purse - B Makowsky (old)
Shoes - Charles by Charles David (my last attempt to love them)

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  1. oh yes! that skirt is perfekt for you!!! copy the pattern ;-)
    great pairing with your thrifted blouse and jacket - a summery, lightweight elegant combination! love the swirling photos!!!!!
    sad that the shoes pinch. they look like the perfect sandals - but look is not enough, eh?! i have a similar model in suede, my wedding shoes, a bit higher but they are surprisingly very comfy, danced a whole night in them :-) i have usually the opposed problem - narrow feet. and in most high sandal my feet slip up and down - hello blisters. but this actual pair has a extra buckle over the wrist to fit the shoe on the feet....
    lots of happy dances in your new skirt!!!!!
    hugses! xxxxx

  2. What a great skirt Natalia! It looks beautiful from all angles, also with lots of swoosh. And brilliant pairing with the patterned top. Sad about the shoes - with very difficult feet I have problems like yours all the time. Well, one pair of shoes out = a new pair in, right :-)

  3. I do love a good full skirt and this one is gorgeous! I can see why you're excited about it. Also I adore the colour. You are looking lovely!


  4. I agree, it's Harvest Gold, and oh how beautiful you look! Your outfit is completely in sync. Each piece is harmonious with the other. Sorry the shoes hurt. Aching feet can ruin your entire look. I hope you find a more comfortable pair that can sing with this look.

  5. Beautiful color and swoosh! I've always looked for that color in a cardigan but haven't quite found it yet.

  6. Isn't it a great feeling when you find a piece of clothing which is exactly right for you? And that skirt is just lovely, a fabulous colour and fit, and I can tell you love wearing it, Natalia! Yes, lots and lots of possibilities for great colour combinations, I'm looking forward to seeing them.
    As for the sandals - yes, they are very stylish but if they just aren't comfortable, then you won't wear them and it makes sense to move them along. Plenty more shoes on the racks! xxx

  7. Harvest gold sounds much more friendly than mustard yellow. Finding that one piece that we know we will live with for as long as it has threads holding it together is awesome! And you're right - magnificent swoosh factor. Isabel Toledo and her partner Ruben are wonderful artists. No wonder you picked her design.

  8. You look delighted to have found that skirt and I don't blame you!
    Life's too short for uncomfortable shoes! x

  9. It is a perfect skirt, and mustard yellow (or whatever you call it) is a great addition to your autumnal colour scheme: I bet you can wear this dress with a lot of your existing wardrobe, not just this one pretty blouse.

  10. How exciting! So happy for you, because we bloggers understand the joy of clothing. And perfect clothing?...just magic! xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Wonderful skirt for the spring.o)

  12. Love your fluid saffron skirt, and the bewitching navy ground floral blouse.I especially love the outfit as you move, that is the beauty of a skirt like this! Yes, perfect DOES exist! And that is how you look!
    xx, Elle

  13. harvest gold sounds better that mustrad yellow..and I also like what Elle above called it- saffron!
    the skirt looks divine on you...and the skirt is fabulous...great look!

  14. oh yes, that's a fabulous skirt, the lovely color, the cool shape, everything is fabulous!! and such a versatile piece!, I think that 'harvest gold' (such a pretty name!) looks amazing on you! Saffron shades look amazing on redhaired ladies, so I'm noting down it!

  15. Wonderful outfit. The skirt is truly great and I can see you like it a lot! I'm hugging you sooooo strong!:))