Saturday, April 29, 2017

First Post in Russian // Мы и по-русски могём!


I wore this outfit yesterday for a lunch date and a bit of shopping with Justin, but its prototype was born a day before it, and as I hung it on a curtain rod to work my magic, I wrote a letter to my dear old girlfriends in Russia. It was such a light and inspired letter that I decided I would post it here (shortened by just a bit). And since I have been considering the idea to write in both English and Russian in this blog, I thought I'd post both the original in Russian and English translation.

Этот наряд я носила вчера на обед и небольшую прогулку с мужем по магазинам. Однако прототип наряда родился на день раньше: я вешала вещи на карниз, чтобы еще малость над нарядом поколдовать, и писала письмо моим старым добрым подругам в Россию. Письмо вышло таким легким и вдохновенным, что я решила опубликовать его здесь, чуток укоротив. И поскольку я уже давненько раздумываю над тем, чтобы вести этот блог и по-английски, и по-русски, я решила опубликовать и оригинал своего письма на русском, и английский перевод.

My outfits, like poems, come suddenly. I feel the call and run to hang, figure out, create! This one is just right for our changing weather, in terms of practicality. I wanted to use this jean jacket, where floral embroidery is the main decoration, and the red outfit simply becomes its background.

Наряды у меня, как стихи, приходят внезапно. Почувствовала зов - побежала что-то навешивать, прикидывать, творить! Этот сейчас в самый раз по нашей изменчивой погоде, с точки зрения практичности. Мне захотелось использовать вот этот джинсовый жакет, на котором цветочная вышивка - главное украшение, а красный наряд тогда становится для нее просто фоном. 

I like such ambiguous outfits, when it is not immediately obvious what style they are. Thanks to beads and embroidery - and of course the red color! - there is a folklore feel to it, so you could say it is boho. But at the same time, the pleated skirt (terribly fashionable right now) will fit into the office style, and the turtleneck will take it anywhere, but if you take the jacket off, you'll expose short sleeves, so it's clearly not a wintry garment, and a spicy little opening on the back will get you ready for a date!

Мне нравятся такие неоднозначные наряды, когда не сразу понятно, что за стиль. Благодаря вышивкам и бисеру - и, конечно, красному цвету! - ощущение такое фольклорное, то есть вроде бы бохо. Но и не бохо, ведь юбка в складку (кстати, страшно модная сейчас) и в офис подойдет, а уж водолазка вообще хоть куда, однако если снять жакет, то обнаружатся короткие рукавчики, то есть вещь явно не зимняя, а на спине пикантный небольшой вырез - так можно и на свидание!

If you wear comfortable flats, the outfit will take you for a walk or shopping. If you pick heels, ready for a night out. If you wear funky platforms, you immediately lift up your style to avant-garde or street style. With sneakers, it's a comfy and almost subtle casual style. There are lots of options! You can wear it even with tall boots - very sexy and classic at the same time.

Если надеть удобные туфли на плоской подошве, то вперед на прогулку или по магазинам. Если каблучки - то на выход. Если какие-нибудь забубенные сандалии на платформе - то сразу авангард и стрит стайл. Если кеды - то удобный и практически неброский повседневный стиль. Вариантов масса! Можно и с высокими сапогами, очень секси и в то же время классика.

And the main thing is that it doesn't cost anything - all things were purchased a long time ago, the turtleneck and skirt with a huge discount (I rarely buy otherwise); the embroidered jacket was from Goodwill, and a beaded necklace was hand-made for me by my colleague, a lovely girl named Marina, right before my leaving Russia 15 years ago, as a gift, though I paid her a little for her work - she was expecting her first child back then!
How do you like it? My outfit and my story?

И главное, не стоит ничего - вещи приобретены давно, водолазка с юбкой с огромной скидкой, иначе я очень редко что покупаю; вышитый жакет из б/ушного, а бисерное ожерелье мне коллега когда-то сплела, милая девочка Марина, уже перед моим отъездом, в подарок, хотя я ей все равно чуть-чуть за работу заплатила - она тогда как раз малыша ждала!
Как вам? И наряд, и мой рассказ?

Turtleneck and pleated skirt // водолазка и юбка - Lane Bryant (old, from different years)
Denim coat // жакет - secondhand (found at Goodwill with tags still attached)
Suede loafers // лоферы - old Adam Tucker Me Too
Beaded necklace // ожерелье - hand-made
Purse // сумка - via Eloquii
Sunglasses // очки - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (old)

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  1. like?? LOVE!! <3
    its a look after my heart! and what a great way to wear the pink slippers! fab!!!! i love it if an outfit offers a multitude of options to wear it to - and leaves space for interpretation. even if that is just for my own amusement - watching people "scatching their heads" because i do not fit in a ready labeled box :-D
    and if i was a better student i could read your russian text in the whole - not just identify a few words.....
    but its a lovely idea!!
    huge hugses! much love! xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, Beate! I guess at this stage I am learning about details, how much they really do change the feel of the outfit - both the details in design/construction, and the accessories we choose. It's fascinating to me.

  2. Ahhhh I love pink and red! At this time I am a great fan of red! You inspired me to wear my red dress again, today :)
    You look fabulous Natalia.
    I wish you a grea sunday,! Big hug and much love Tina

  3. I love your outfit and your poetic way of describing how it all came together. My first thought, right until the very end, is that it was a dress, so I was amazed to read it's a skirt and top! I love how you combined it with the denim coat and the unusual beaded necklace. What a wonderful present to receive! xxx

    1. It does look like a dress, doesn't it? Same color, but very different fabric! Thank you, Ann!

  4. Bardzo mi sie podoba Twój blog:))pięknie się ubierasz:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  5. Natalia
    Love the red pleated skirt and outfit as a foil to the lovely embroidered piece! I adore the pink flats and love how you describe how each different shoe choice would make the outfit read differently , how true! I am intrigued with that tassel bag, as well, BEAUTIFUL!
    I ENJOYED SEE THE RUSSIAN LETTERS ON THE PAGE, as well. The handmade necklace is a treasure!
    XX, ELLE

    1. Thank you, dearest Elle! It is fun to "deconstruct" our ideas sometimes. :)

  6. Wonderful look, so beautifully put together, down to the pink shoes! And I enjoyed seeing another language, although I cannot read a word. You are a talented lady! xo

  7. The top and skirt go so well together I though they were a dress, too. Love the contrasting slip-on shoes and the necklace, too.
    can't remember much from my year of studying Russian at school except for bar! xxx

  8. I absolutely LOVE this dress/color on you and the embroidered jacket knocks up the trend factor!

  9. such a lovely color combo, I like your fuchsia shoes with red skirt and top (they look like a dress, such a nice combo!), and the embroidered jacket looks amazing!. I think that the colors in your embroidered jacket and the colors in your fringed bag work nicely together and make everything look very coherent and cool!. So beautiful details!

    1. It's one of my most coherent outfits I think! :) Thank you, my dear! Pink and red are so good together!