Friday, April 14, 2017

New Friends for Old Friends

This bold jumpsuit is a good old friend, one of my favorite pieces, and I showed it twice on the blog (HERE and HERE). I tried to pair it with my long ivory vest (THIS ONE), but it didn't look quite right - you see, due to the uniquely cut sleeves it's not easy to find the right jacket to wear with it. It's a picky number, it likes to be a star and shine alone. Coupled with most partners it just looks random and goofy ... or plain ordinary. But if you find the right pair, then they both will shine, and so will their union - the whole ensemble will sing even more beautifully. It is true not only about this jumpsuit, of course! With other clothes too. And even with people! 

So I decided to go with an old favorite combination that I showed you a couple of years ago - the striped cardigan goes amazingly well with this jumpsuit, because it also has out-of-the-ordinary lines. Two boots make a pair, as we say in Russian (два сапога пара). And while the Spring weather is fickle, one minute it's sunshine, and the next one wind and rain - the umbrella came out to play along, a new friend to the two old friends.

And there were even more new friends there to play with! The new accessories really elevated the outfit and made it feel fresh to me. I bought this chunky necklace around last Christmas. I thought it would be perfect for this jumpsuit, and waited patiently for the warm weather to arrive to finally wear the whole ensemble. In a similar manner with my jumpsuit, this domino bracelet by Isabel Toledo was lonely without a compatible partner, and the new necklace just did it! Sometimes things need time to find each other to complete an outfit, much like people need time to find a good friend. 

I kept things simple in terms of the color palette, but I felt like adding some red to the mix, and my new nail polish was just the thing. I am very happy with this creation of mine, it feels very me, it feels authentic. Some time in the future, I want to challenge myself to create an ensemble with this jumpsuit that has more color, perhaps a bold color jacket or something like it. But for now, I really enjoy how all these pieces came together in black and white - new friends with old friends.

Jumpsuit and cardigan - Chico's (a couple of years ago)
Boots - Ecco via Nordstrom Rack (old)
Necklace - Chico's (last Christmas)
Bracelet - Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant (old)
Glasses - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (last year)
Purse - Michael Kors via TJ MAXX (last year)
Umbrella - via Nordstrom Rack
Nail polish - OPI The Thrill of Brazil

* * *


  1. Wow! This attire is quite a challenge for camera's autofocus :) But I like it anyway :) and umbrella is very classy too ;)

    1. Good to hear from you, Slava! This outfit is a bit like a puzzle, isn't it? Glad that you like it!

  2. How fab is that jumpsuit! I guess it's found its true companion in that cardigan. I love your accessories too: that necklace and bracelet are brilliant. Oh, and I love that 4th photo of you, looking dreamily into the distance. xxx

  3. I absolutely love this combination! Everything about it is perfect!

  4. This outfit is such a stunning display of images & accessories, Natalia!!
    Happy Easter!!

  5. totally perfect!!!
    natasha - you´d grow to a real fashion pro! it was always in you - i could see it in the very fist pics a saw here on the blog. but meanwhile you sharpened your tools very pointy, picking dreamy looks like the chef editor from vogue!!!
    what i saw first was how wonderful the nature colored shoes and bag played with your own colors of hair, eyes and skin - this makes the look very you and very very elegant!!
    and yes - this jumpsuit and cardi and jewelry pieces are made for each other! it just needed some time to collect :-)
    thanks to justin for that sweet portrait of you!!! <3

    1. Beate, thank you so much, my dear! You made me very very happy!!!! Especially coming from you, it means A LOT! This started as a way of learning how do dress my changed self, as I turned 40. All I wanted just to learn how to look my best (or at least, my good :) in the new stage of life. In the process, I discovered that there is a way to be an artist when dressing up. And since I am a creative one, I wanted to explore it. It is now beyond "looking good in your clothes" to me - it is a way to express who I am. And you, my dear, played a huge role in my fashion self-exploration - you have been always so supportive, encouraging, and you are a huge inspiration to me as a stylist and as a person! Thank you! I love you!

  6. You look soo amazing Natalia.Stunning pictures from you Natalia ! I love the accessoires to this great jumpsuit, which is so a highlight
    Happy Easter! Big hugh Tina

    1. Thank you, dearest Tina! Happy Easter and lots of love!!

  7. I always love black and white and this ensemble is no exception.
    The umbrella is the icing on the cake...even if my eyes play tricks with the lines!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Well find each other they did! Amazing love the jumpsuit + cape sweat + bracelet- dominoes- :) - and umbrella, if ever there was a Vogue cover, this was it!
    xx, Elle

  9. I can't imagine a better partner to that glorious jumpsuit than that cardi! The domino bracelet is gorgeous, I remember loving that the first time you wore it. Styled like a pro! x

  10. This is such an interesting look, Natalia! Bold and eye catching, a real head turner! All the pieces of this outfit seem to be made for each others. I simply love this look!

  11. ohhhh, such a fabulous combo, love it!!!, I'm loving your jumpsuit and cardi, such a genuine shape and design, and your fab accessories which enhances the whole ensemble!!! Gorgeous!!

  12. I'm a big fan of pairing stripes with stripes...there is no such thing as too much stripes if you ask me. That jumpsuit is beautiful. It's a pleasure to see it featured on your blog again.

    Sometimes the best outfits are the mix of old and the new...just like in life, we need to find a balance between or identity (our memories) and our desires (what we want in that moment).

    Have a lovely week my beautiful friend!