Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nautical in Tacoma

Nautical outfits are always appropriate in my town - not in the sense of "rightness", of course, but in the sense that they feel at home here. Tacoma is a port city, and in many places here you see and experience closeness to the water, boats and all things nautical. 

I wore my nautical dress (first time shown HERE) to my daughter's choir concert at the end of the school year, which believe it or not ended just earlier this week. Phew! Just as last year (HERE), all the choirs of their middle school worked on a few pieces to present to the audience their grown skills, and let me tell you we really were impressed by how much our kids learned and grew through music! I will work on videos from the concert and add them to my post at a later time, so make sure you come back and be amazed. They sang songs in a few foreign languages (I believe, 7 all together), including the most difficult Russian (my beloved Rachmaninoff) and a totally made-up language (a quirky composition by a contemporary Canadian composer Sid Rabinovitch). I am going to share them with you soon!


If you would like to learn about this magnificent building, one of landmarks of Tacoma, WA, please read my post "Finest" HERE. It is where my daughter would go to high school, had she not chosen an art school instead, and we are really looking forward to years of intense, passionate learning of the subjects she cares about the most. The focus of the school is on both visual and performing arts, as well as creative writing (which is what Anya submitted and got accepted for), and students will have both teachers and practicing professional artists (and writers) as their instructors. Their curriculum is very special, as well as the way school life is organized, it really feels more like college than high school. I'm so thrilled for Anya.

Only after looking at last year's photos, I realized I picked the same necklace as well as the same shoes for both outfits at the same event and location, which is puzzling, considering how many choices I have. The bracelet is new to me, a vintage piece from my recent antique mall visit. I try not to question myself why I pick this or that outfit or detail and just go with how I feel at the moment.


Good bye middle school! Hello high school! 
When they say children grow fast, they aren't kidding.
Growing too fast, kiddo!

Castle - Stadium High School, Tacoma, WA
Photos by Justin

Dress - Prabal Gurung for Lane Bryant
Necklace - Talbots (old)
Shoes - Rockport (old)
Bracelet - vintage
Earrings - Italian gold via ebay (old)
Wicker purse - via TJ MAXX (old)

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  1. This school is in a wonderful building. Sometimes I can't belive my children are 23 and 25 years old. And they go to school :)).
    You look amazing Natalia. Stripes always a good idea for me;)
    All the best wishes for you and your family, Natalia. Big hug and much love, Tina

    1. Thank you, my dear Tina! They grow too fast, it's a fact! <3

  2. this STUNNER OF A DRESS is far away from the cheapo striped tee with patched on anchors, worn with jeans and called "navy style" which about i moaned in my post :-D
    you´d even not wore an anchor as jewelry - hihi. instead that gorgeous necklace that i´m adore every time you wear it (on your blog...) and the new old bracelet is very trés chic!!!!! very good choice of shoes!
    anya looks soooo grown up! what a beautiful and talented girl! her new school and choice of classes sound exciting. so much wonderful possibilities!!
    much love and tons of hugs!!!! xxxxxx <3 <3 <3

    1. I am so glad you enjoy my nautical dress - phew! :)) It is one of my best dresses, I wish my whole wardrobe was filled with pieces like this one. Lots of love! <3

  3. What an interesting construction. I love the way the stripes highlight that.
    Anya is so much taller and her hair so much longer I think.
    Her new school sounds amazing, I'm so glad she got in,
    What fascinating architecture for a high school!
    Today our school contained one son potting and decorating a plant for his room, and the other son making prayer flags for a shrine he is constructing in the garden. So they go to an art school too!
    Love, xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yay to YOUR art school! :) They do grow, don't they? Get taller, more mature... amazing!! <3

  4. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your surroundings, your family and your fashion.

  5. I'm happy for your daughter! It seems like she's chosen a wonderful high school. It is such an important time in one's life- selecting and starting the right high school. It must be very exciting time for her. You all look lovely in that family photo.

    That striped dress is wonderful. I'm a big fan of stripes. This outfit of yours is very feminine, pretty and chic.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, Ivana! What's the most important about it is that she chose a place she loves - go to school with JOY, unheard of, huh? ;)

  6. You look so great in your nautical dress, dearest Natalia - and I love how the wind plays with the fabric! This school is a wonderful old building, just like a castle! The best wishes to your daugther for her future school career!
    Hugs from here,

  7. That dress is so feminine and lovely. It really suits you. Yes, appropriate for the port setting but definitely not appropriate in the fitting in sense!
    Isn't that a grand looking school (and a fab looking family in front of it!)
    Well done, Anya! xxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear! Sooo happy to have you back!! <3

  8. I love your dress, it's so fresh and summery, and you look gorgeous wearing it with some breeze playing with it too!. Lovely accessories too, you know how to create something inspiring!
    That's a fabulous building!

    1. Thank you, Monica, it's so sweet of you! I always strive to create something inspiring - for myself and others too! <3

  9. I admired your dress the first time around, and I am doing it again now, as it is so effortlessly chic. Love the necklace you accessorized it with, and what a coincidence you wore it last year for the same event as well! You and Justin must be really proud parents of such a talented daughter, who clearly knows her own mind! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! It's an easy dress if one wants to look chic! And I'm glad that my styling was to your liking! :)