Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Teal with Olive Accents

Now when the weather is back to mild (low to mid 50s F), and it is gray, wet and windy, I am playing dress up more. I came to love these kind of temperatures, from 50s to 60s, it is best for layering - not too cold, so you don't wear so many layers that you feel bulky, and yet you can add something interesting to a dress or a skirt, an extra layer for warmth, texture and color. Plus, it is a good temperature to wear all my polyester dresses (which I don't have so many that I can call myself Polyester Princess, wink wink), but still I like polyester for easy care, keeping good shape and bright colors even after many trips to a washer and dryer. So maybe I could be Polyester Duchess or something like that.

In any case, this dress is made of polyester, fully lined, and when is a better time to wear it if not now? I first introduced you to it back in FEBRUARY 2017, but this time you can see the vivid colors better due to better lighting. I love that the cut of the dress is very retro, but the bold leaf pattern placed almost randomly against bthe lack background, is very modern - it creates a dynamic design. I am playing with the pattern colors, by adding some olive accessories, including the velvet ribbon used as a necktie, and my old boiled wool teal jacket, perfect for these windy days. I bought it at the very beginning of this blog, so it'll be my 5th winter with it - and since it was a thrift store find, who knows how many winters it saw before me! I first wore it in the post back in DECEMBER 2013, it works well with my plaid skirt, as seen in the JANUARY 2016 post, and with my plaid dress in the OCTOBER 2016 post, but of course it had many, many more outings in these years, because it's oh so cozy!

I added my vintage hat brooch to the jacket (you can see a close-up photo in my previous post HERE), and grabbed my old time favorite - olive green purse made of very soft leather, and with lots of great details and high quality hardware, which I appreciate in a purse. I also decorated the purse with a faux fur olive green pompom. 

The boots are starting their 3rd season with me and my closet, and I appreciate them more than ever (they also have brown sister boots!). I first introduced them back in DECEMBER 2015, oddly enough in another teal combination! Visit that old post if you're a Kate Bush fan, and see how philosophical and poetic I got there. There is a book of such texts somewhere in me trying to get out. In the new 2018 year perhaps? Mmmm? Yes.

All is remixed from my wardrobe:

Dress - eShakti (last winter)
Wool jacket - thrifted (2013)
Boots - Naturalizer (2015)
Bracelet and watch - Chico's (old)
Clip-on earrings - vintage via antique mall
Velvet ribbon - via fabric shop on Bainbridge Island
Purse - B Makowsky via TJ MAXX (old)
Sunglasses - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (2016)

* * *

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  1. trés chic!!
    teal and olive are very good partners - as shown in the dress pattern already. very good idea to enhance this with teal & olive accessories - it makes a balanced yet interesting outfit. love those boots!
    now i´m off to read the linked post............ :-D
    much love! xxxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear! And thank you for your warm comment on the old post - I love that you love it! :)

  2. When I first saw your thumbnail I thought it said tea with olives and I felt hungry!!
    Teal and olive look wonderful together. I love the velvet ribbon tie especially, a really sweet touch and the boots are gorgeous, a great fit on the legs.
    We've got a mild day today - but very grey and damp. A welcome respite from the Baltic temperatures we had earlier this week! xxx

    1. You made me smile with your sweet comment about tea with olives! Bon Appetit! :)
      We both had strangely cold early November, it feels refreshing to get back to normal!

  3. Lovely dress Natalia!!!
    - www.inmyjoi.blogspot.com

  4. My dearest Polyester Duchess: what a fabulous dress you are wearing! It's got such an amazing print, and the colours are just right. Teal and olive go surprising well together. The velvet ribbon is a wonderful addition and indeed here it almost looks like a skinny tie. Very clever! The jacket looks warm and comfortable - and a great colour too - so I'm not surprised you've been wearing it for many winters! Thank you for linking to my post, Natalia, that really made my day! Hugest of hugs xxx

    1. Oh I am so glad you liked my playful referral! :) Thank you for your warm words, dear Ann!

  5. Natalia you look amazing. Great colours and this dress is so flattering. Love your jackett and these boots.
    Big hug, Tina

  6. I love these colours together. I will use it to inspire me today.
    That jacket has certainly served you (and others) well!
    The colours of these photos with your flame hair and the autumn foliage is simply magical. And I love the high neckline as well. Very classy.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Piękna sukienka:))super dodatki:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  8. Dearest Natalia,
    I also like layering-temperatures the most! :-))
    This dress is wonderfully beautiful - a great color combination, the fabric is perfect, the cut is very chic - and (even if I no longer buy polyester clothes and hardly own anymore) > I think I would have bought this dress as well if I was as beautiful in it as you are!

    PS: Sweeet seal!

  9. such a fabulous color combo, and your dress is so beautiful, fits you like a dream and I love that retro vibe and the cool print!
    Once more, you rock your accessorizing and look so lovely!. Your bag and boots are great pieces to keep on rocking!
    Polyester Duchess!! ;DD

  10. you are great looking mature. also i love yours boots